How to manage your social networks with Sendible

Sendible is a social management and monitoring tool, thanks to which you can control all your accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube) and have direct access to Canva, Google Drive, YouTube and Dropbox .

The tool is the result of the work of a team of London engineers who have managed to develop a tool used throughout Europe and even in the United States and Australia.

The first advantage is certainly that of being able to have a single tool to control all the social networks of a brand or a brand , without switching from one tool to another or from one report to another .

Without neglecting the instantaneousness of data collection. Reports are available in minutes and can be sent to customers via email, choosing format and characteristics from the predefined templates. Sendible offers many different formats that will help to develop reports that are increasingly readable and clear for customers, saving you time and effort in complicated explanations.

Why choose Sendible for your business

Sendible features numerous tools and features. The strong point, however, is in the sending of emails and text messages. You can even create email marketing campaigns by inserting a subscription widget to your blog in order to boost the number of subscribers.

The graphic part is not neglected at all . In other words, Sendible allows you to send emails by choosing from multiple newsletter templates in order to create effective messages with attention to the smallest details, from fonts to colors to images.

SMS can be sent to specific customers, but once the threshold of 100 messages per month has been exceeded, an SMS token must be purchased.
Here are some other functions in favor of the adoption of Sendible:

  • scheduling posts, images and videos simultaneously on multiple social accounts
  • creation of an interactive editorial calendar with all the different activities in progress
  • availability of a platform for automated content curation through content suggestion capable of generating greater engagement
  • possibility of monitoring feelings about a brand or a company thanks to the specific Sendible function
  • integrated analysis of the best moments or time slots most suitable for posting
  • direct publishing with WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr thanks to the other level of integration of the tool

Another very important function is social listening , that is, listening to users on various social networks. Sendible tracks conversions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google + regarding companies and brands.

In this way it is possible to intervene immediately with comments and answers and to be able to build a more direct relationship with users. Social listening becomes even more important in case of complaints and negative messages . The immediate response from the company favors overcoming the crisis situation and also prepares the discontented or controversial user in a positive way.

As soon as Sendible intercepts a comment in which the company / account holder is mentioned, it sends a specific alert via email. It is also possible to monitoring keywords that are important for your business . This is an excellent opportunity to beat the competition over time, responding in record time to the user and thus winning new leads thanks to the speed of interaction.

Free trial and subscription costs

Currently, around 20,000 companies around the world use Sendible. You can test the various features with a free 30-day trial.
If you like it, you have several formulas available:

  • Micro subscription at $ 24 per month for a single user
  • Subscription Small at $ 94 per month for 3 users with 48 tools / services
  • Subscription Medium at $ 184 per month for 7 users with 105 tools / services
  • Subscription Large at $ 274 per month for 12 used with 195 tools / services

There is therefore the possibility of choosing different solutions depending on whether you are managing a freelance business, an agency or a small or large company. Not only that, Sendible offers a discount on every single subscription in case of annual duration . The Micro, for example, goes from $ 24 to $ 20 per month, the Small from $ 94 to $ 79 per month, the Medium from $ 184 to $ 156 and the Large from $ 274 to $ 232 per month.

Another positive aspect is the support provided and the number of information made available for using the platform. Sendible, in fact, offers a series of video tutorials and a portal dedicated entirely to customer support .

If you have any problems, you can also send an email. The operators respond with times ranging from 12 to 48 hours from receipt of the request. The availability of live chat and telephone assistance, on the other hand, depends on the different subscription plans subscribed.

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