How to open a Facebook page?

Why open a company page or for a shop on Facebook? If you own an online business, surely you know very well that the image is very important and what are you waiting for to open a Facebook page?

In this way you can sponsor all your products also on social.

With a well done page you can reach a very wide and varied audience, which can become your luck! Read on to discover all the secrets of Facebook pages.

If you have come across this article, you will surely be looking for information on Facebook pages. In particular, you may be wondering what are the advantages that opening a page could bring you and why you should open one.

Before answering these questions, let’s make some clarifications. Facebook pages are not a new product and have already been present on the social network for some time .

This function has been created for all those people, companies, professionals, enthusiasts who want to share their posts with as many people as possible. We all know Facebook is the most used social network in the world and also the most popular, many have tried to dethrone it but so far no one has succeeded.

Facebook is certainly an important social network that allows everyone to interact with everyone around the world and this also applies to its pages .

It goes without saying that the first advantage in opening a page Facebook is precisely this possibility. Think of a company that wants to open up to the foreign market can create a single post on Facebook that can travel around the world.

Opening a Facebook page is therefore an advantage in any case as long as you know how to make the most of it.

How to open a Facebook page: give visibility to your business! Why open one?

There are so many differences you need to know and, to do this, you have to start from the difference between a personal profile and a page. In fact, you must keep in mind that using your private account to do business could seriously compromise your work and, with it, all your social friendships .

aprire una pagina facebook per un negozio

Many wonder why what is the right choice to make and what are the constraints and obligations of each of the two based on the objectives. Your personal profile represents a private personal space granted to the user in order to interact with friends and acquaintances .

It is not, therefore, a public place where it is recommended to advertise or present to users their products. Facebook, in fact, was born with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsocializing with others, finding old friends and acquaintances and entertaining.

Opening a Facebook page instead, has aims business and promotion of an activity or brand. A page must allow users to specify your goals, what you want to sell and promote almost as if you were opening a real business.

Opening a Facebook page, therefore, is equivalent to virtually opening the shop you would open with a physical location .

This makes us understand that using a personal account for purposes other than those that a private user should have, is a violation of the declaration and the rights of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg .

How to open a Facebook page: the reasons why you absolutely must have one

As you understand opening a Facebook page is essential for the success of the visibility of your company and / or profession. Facebook is the place of conversation par excellence, it is the social network of groups and shares. It can be considered the first social network that has revolutionized the way people communicate, but also companies .

aprire una pagina aziendale su facebook

If you have decided to open a Facebook page remember to follow these simple tips to have a quality and successful page:

  • Create a captivating cover page thanks to editing and photo retouching programs. On the web you can find sites like Canva that have pre-designed templates for cover images. Here you can indulge your creativity .
  • Choose an image representative profile of your company as a well-made logo can be .
  • Use an informal tone and remember that on social networks you speak to people and you cannot use technical and formal language. People want to trust you and take their trust .

  • When sharing a post check that the preview image is clearly visible and not cropped .
  • Write the post with the help of emoticons and break down the description into paragraphs. Formatting helps the reader to have a complete view of the post .
  • Use up to three hashtags after the description.
  • Publish at most times attendance as it can be in the morning before work, at lunchtime, after work and in the evening after dinner .

How to open a Facebook page: turbo start your page

Now that you know how to set up your page Facebook invites all your friends to like the page in order to give it a nice boost of visibility. Then rely on sponsored posts to get interactions and likes on your favorite post .

Each like that receives your post is a potential additional follower; click on the name that has left the like and invite him to like your Facebook page.

aprire una pagina Facebook

The Facebook page can be managed by a dedicated app that you can download from Play Store which is called “page manager”. Here at the time of login you can publish directly in the name of the page and also interact with other pages with the same name of the page . It is a very useful application if you tend to use your smartphone to publish content on Facebook.

How to start a social page and use a personal profile, the risks

Continuing to use your personal profile to represent a different subject than yourself, could result in the loss of your account permanently. The social team, in fact, may decide to delete your account forever. You would lose everything from friends to content. Is it really worth it for giving up an option as simple as opening a page ?

Keep in mind that it is always good to divide the professional from the private: on your profile you can post whatever you want while on the page you will only put work stuff and you will attract people who will know you for this reason.

So, read our guide and get back on the road.

Opening a Facebook page: all the advantages

First of all, the public page was created with the aim of allowing you to promote your business in a completely legal way. Furthermore, through the insights, you will be able to study the statistics that will allow you to read the progress of your business and understand the weaknesses of your strategy .

You will then be able to take advantage of the options geo tagging and, taking advantage of advertising campaigns, you can create some ad hoc that will allow you to perfectly locate your product towards the audience you need .

What is even more positive is the indexing that the social network offers to your content. So, you will have a lot of chances to see your product on search engines .

So, better still use your personal profile or create a Facebook page all for yourself?

Here are all the advantages of opening a page on social media:

We are talking about opening a company page or for a shop on Facebook.

  • Ability to promote your website, products or services
  • Ability to take advantage of the detailed statistics that the social network
  • We have the possibility to expand our sales
  • We can increase our sales territory
  • We can export our products overseas
  • Enhance your online presence

To get these benefits we need to maximize our Facebook page and to do that, besides organizing it well and producing an editorial calendar, we need a push to go.

The right push can be given to us by the Visibility Reseller platform that allows us to buy shares, likes, comments, followers to give initial credit to our page.

The packages sold to us by the platform are made up of real and really active users on FB. The purchasing mechanism is simple, we choose the product we need, we buy it within 24 hours we receive our purchase .

Why should we buy a package on this platform to open a company Facebook page or a store and

The answer is very simple, only 10% of our followers see the organic posts on our page. With organic posts we mean the posts that have not been put into paid promotion directly on the social network.

Thanks to the purchase of a package, our posts can run in the world.

P we can show facebook that our page is up and running and will be rewarded for this. In fact, we tend to give much more space to posts produced by pages where interaction exists and is constant.

What we have to do is just get help with the first step which is certainly the hardest part .

Plus the your page will be alive, more users will arrive: none of us go to pages that are not updated, without comments or that do not have a minimum of movement.

So why should your page be any different? With a package you are guaranteed an initial movement that will be your luck in the long run.

How to open a company Facebook page: the scenarios

If you have understood how to open a Facebook page you will have understood strength it has as a communication tool. He thinks that Facebook is also used as a search engine.

It is becoming the habit of people to search for information on Facebook.

What are people looking for on Facebook? Anything. A classic example is when they are recommended a place by a friend, they immediately open Facebook and search for the page of the recommended place. At this point the scenario that is formed is as follows:

  • They find the page and look for detailed information : last published post and publication date, photos and videos. If the last publication date is far enough, they immediately discredit the company and close the page. Same thing goes for photos and videos because if they are of poor quality and with few likes they lose credibility;
  • They find the page and look for the reviews of Facebook users : the reviews on Facebook pages are considered by users to be very truthful and have great communication power.
  • They don’t find the Facebook page and they think that the place isn’t really as beautiful as their friend recommended because it doesn’t exist on the web.

So after reading the three scenarios that can be envisaged, the only thing you can do is work on them point by point. Let’s start in order:

  • Do not publish occasionally and use quality smartphones and cameras; always try to have lots of likes and reactions on posts in in order to have visibility but also more credibility.
  • Ask friends, former customers, collaborators to leave a review on your Facebook page in order to gain the trust of your followers and potential ones.
  • If you don’t already do it, open a Facebook page immediately and take care of it in every detail otherwise you risk losing a considerable market share for your business or business .

Did you know that Facebook pages can be linked to Instagram business profiles? Well now you’ve found out! If you use social media in a professional way, linking them together can be very useful.

Remember, however, that they should be used in a different way: what works for Facebook doesn’t necessarily work for Instagram. / strong>

For example, you can use facebook to indicate your services, explain how you work and what path you follow. While on Instagram you can insert posts in which you make customers talk or videos in which you show your work.

Q his social is very visual, so you’ll have to focus on impactful things and limit your words. Instead you can freely use for Facebook page.

Learn to use social media with our guides and nobody will stop you anymore!

We talked about why open a page even corporate or for a shop on Facebook.

Discover all the news on Facebook and find all the answers to your questions in the dedicated section of our blog, or on our social channels.

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Come aprire una pagina Facebook?

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Why open a company page or for a shop on Facebook? If you own an online business, you surely know very well that …


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