How to optimize a business profile on Pinterest

come ottimizzare un profilo business su Pinterest

The latest statistics from America confirmed an objective fact: Pinterest is constantly growing.

In fact, the social network dedicated to the collection and sharing of visual content, has reached 250 million active users per month and this represents a strong point for those who want to do social media marketing on this platform.

As you can well remember, on Pinterest it is possible to manage a medium and large ecommerce (read here) or sell products or services strictly connected with the female world.

All these business activities can be conducted through the creation and management of a company account, as well as through well-prudent advertising investments.

How to optimize a business account on Pinterest

To create a company profile on Pinterest, you need to access the section dedicated to companies (see here) and enter the data relating to the commercial activity.

Once the registration phase is complete, the one relating to the optimization of the company account begins.

During this phase, each professional should:

– Enter the company name;

– Upload your company logo;

– Choose your username;

– Enter a detailed description of the commercial activity;

– Indicate the place where the business is located;

Enter company information, the optimization process continues with the organization and management of Pinterest boards.

How to manage boards on Pinterest

Message boards are digital containers that allow each user to organize content based on a specific topic.

So every business activity can create one or more boards and save one or more pins.

In addition, mini boards can be created in each bulletin board in order to manage the contents in a more schematic way.

Starting from this feature, every professional will be able to create a bulletin board for each product category and organize, within each board, the sub-categories of the same products.

To better understand this important function, I’ll give a short example.

Company X sells underwear for men, women and children. Since he wants to extend his business also on the web, he has decided to invest in social networks and in particular on Pinterest.

Therefore, the company’s social media manager will create three boards: men’s underwear, women’s underwear, children’s underwear.

In each board there will be product sub-categories, such as socks for women, in order to group the goods according to the real needs of the customers.

Once the Pinterest boards have been created and optimized, each professional can decide to highlight the most important boards (maximum 5 ed.).

This is a very relevant feature for those who manage an ecommerce on Pinterest, since the same social network will show the boards automatically.

After organizing the boards, each company will need to verify their business account.

Why verify a business account on Pinterest

To verify a company profile on Pinterest, you need to access the social network settings and choose the verification item.

Here we can connect the business account with the company website, or possibly with ecommerce, or connect the Pinterest profile with that of Instagram, Youtube or Etsy.

As for the other corporate business platforms, the verification procedure is very simple and takes just a few minutes to complete.

On the other hand, the verification process becomes more complex for websites.

In fact, in this case, it will be necessary to understand which Cms hosts our platform and choose the most immediate solution.

For example, those who have created a website with WordPress, will be able to verify the account using Yoast or some other plugin dedicated to SEO.

Once the company profile has been verified, each administrator must activate two-factor authentication.

Improving the security of a business account on Pinterest

Making a company account on Pinterest more secure is a must for all those companies that want to do social media marketing on the American platform.

In fact, by increasing the level of security of the profile, the data of followers and of the company itself will be protected from possible hacking attempts.

To improve the security of a business account on Pinterest, we can access the company profile settings and activate “request code at login”.

With this function, every time you log in, you will need to enter your email, password and verification code sent by text message.

Advertising on Pinterest

The last step in optimizing a business profile on Pinterest is to make targeted investments in digital advertising.

In fact, always in the business section of the social network, advertising campaigns can be designed to achieve corporate objectives.

Each advertisement must be optimized for different devices and must be enriched with captivating images and descriptions.

Only in this way will it be possible to engage followers and turn them into buyers.


The optimization of a business account on Pinterest involves entering company data, creating and managing boards, verifying the company profile and increasing the security level of the same account.

Furthermore, every business will have to start investing in advertising, in order to capture the attention of potential buyers.

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