How to optimize your company’s LinkedIn page

From looking for old friends, to sharing morning coffees and kittens on water under the bridges social networks, a lot has gone by. Social media are born to network and stay connected with the people we care about, but they have increasingly become a means of corporate communication. It is true that Facebook, Instagram and now TikTok sometimes do not give the desired results, despite their performances are significantly better than in the past. In any case, they remain a tool to be used especially for the B2C sector .

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As far as B2B is concerned, however, the social network that works most of all is undoubtedly LinkedIn . Yes, precisely the most serious and set one, which however is fundamental when you want to make a corporate communication worthy of the name. LinkedIn is perfect for anyone who wants to broaden their circle of knowledge in a particular industry or is looking for new professional opportunities. And it is the only one who has the numbers that matter when it comes to lead generation . If we talk with data in hand, in fact, we see that 97% of the leads coming from social networks come from Linkedin. This makes us understand how important it is not to neglect this social network when it comes to business strategy.

How to integrate LinkedIn into your business strategy

As in all things, even on LinkedIn you can’t improvise. First, even if it is obvious, it is good to create a company account. This is in order to make the most of all available resources.

Certainly, more than others, LinkedIn can be seen as a sort of extension of your website and for this reason it should be optimized as if it were a sort of landing page, with all that comes with it. Translated, you need to have a curated LinkedIn page, with for example an image of the header capable of capturing the attention of the customer or prospect . But not only. What matters is also a clear and simple description of the company, to make people understand immediately who we are and what we offer. On LinkedIn only the first few lines appear and to be able to read everything you have to click on “other”: this highlights how fundamental the very first words are .

Of course, that’s not enough. And the next step is to be consistently present and have a up-to-date and active feed .

LinkedIn also gives companies the opportunity to use a variety of tools to enhance their strategy. Which? For example, it has recently introduced showcase pages, which are so-called showcase pages useful for promoting brands and being able to target incoming traffic. This is because each showcase page is directly linked to a target and therefore can be customized ad hoc.

In addition to waiting for customers to come to us, we can also go and look for them through the “ advanced search ” function and, once the prospects have been identified, we can create a report to expand the our network in an intelligent and targeted way. We can achieve the same goal with the many existing groups on LinkedIn, both by searching for the right ones through coherent keywords and participating in discussions, and by creating others from scratch, in order to emerge in the network as an authoritative voice in a given field.

In recent years, the value of content has emerged predominantly and this can also be seen from the very use of social media, when we talk about brands and companies. LinkedIn is no exception, in fact it strengthens that rule. In fact, within this social network there is a part dedicated to the contents. LinkedIn Pulse was born with this purpose. To give the opportunity to write articles within the platform, which can talk about us, tell about our company and develop a personal branding able to show others the competence of our brand in the sector of interest. Unfortunately, we often copy-paste content already used elsewhere, such as in the company blog. The advice is to always create original and specific content , in order to reward our knowledge also on search engines, which, we know, do not particularly like duplicates.

This, in summary, is a smattering of what can be done by optimizing the company LinkedIn page. Notwithstanding the fact that there are a whole other series of opportunities, even for a fee, such as LinkedIn Ads, and underline how LinkedIn is the corporate social network par excellence and represents a world in itself, worthy of being known and detailed in detail.

Giulia Salis

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