How to organize a giveaway in Italy

The giveaway is one of the hottest marketing strategies in recent years. It is very effective and used a lot by brands and influencers, because it gives very satisfying and measurable results in a short period of time. It is also very popular with users, who have the chance to win something by doing little or almost nothing.

The objectives that can be achieved with a giveaway are varied and depend on where it is organized. For an Instagram account, for example, it can be a useful tool to increase your followers and retain them even more. For a brand it can be an opportunity to exploit to increase its awareness , but also to obtain a large number of well-profiled contacts or to promote an event or advertise the launch of a new product.

Organizing a giveaway doesn’t seem too complicated from an organizational point of view. First of all it is important to ask yourself what are the objectives you want to achieve. Once identified, it will be easier to organize the rules.

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Usually a giveaway takes place over a set period of time , at the end of which the winner will be drawn. On the basis of the objectives identified above, the methods of participation will also be chosen. So, if our goal is to grow the community, we could ask participants to like our page and tag some friends to follow us. This is just a practical example, a giveaway can have multiple objectives and can be used as a tool in different digital channels. Usually these sweepstakes in the digital world are organized with partnerships. It often happens that a brand chooses a famous influencer to advertise it or that several Instagrammers get together to exploit their catchment area and expand the possibilities for growth exponentially.

In summary, from an organizational point of view, it is necessary to identify the objectives to be achieved, therefore which channels to use (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, website), choose the gift to be given away, the time frame keep it active and the rules to participate. It is very important to carefully choose and describe the rules and procedures for participation. Don’t forget to also identify and add in detail how the winner will be chosen. Being clear and acting as transparently as possible is very important in order not to undermine the confidence of the participants.

The organization of a giveaway, however, does not end here, because to do it correctly it is important that the laws governing it are also respected. The giveaways in Italy, in fact, are subject to compliance with a regulation, governed by the rules concerning prize competitions regardless of the value of the object up for grabs. Let’s do some clarity.

Until recently, giveaways were used as a marketing tool without any problems. There is no specific legislation dedicated to them and therefore they have always been considered perfectly legal. When the phenomenon began to grow exponentially, the need was felt for them to be regulated in some way and in Italy they were placed under the aegis of the discipline that regulates prize competitions. For this reason to organize a giveaway it is necessary :

  • Draw up a regulation;
  • Declare the competition to the Ministry of Economic Development at least fifteen days before the communication of the competition and fill in the PREMA CO / 1 form;
  • Pay a deposit of 100% of the premium to the Ministry of Economic Development;
  • Use the figure of a notary to draw the winner.

If until 2018, it was thought that all these rules were valid only for prizes worth less than 25.82 euros, further clarifications have specified that the minimum value, identified in order not to be considered a prize competition , is around 1 euro. Furthermore, only subjects registered in the Business Register have the right to call a giveaway . Individual subjects with VAT no. To these rules are also added those of the individual social networks, which place further limits on the creation of this type of competitions. The procedures are complex, but this does not detract from the giveaway system which, if done well, is a very valid marketing tool.

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