How to organize a giveaway on Instagram: the whole process step by step

Organizing a giveaway on Instagram has tremendous power.

It all started a year ago.

I found the house full of objects that I no longer knew where to put thanks to the collaborations I did on Instagram. I was starting to have a hard time growing my account ( but who doesn’t have one by now ?! ) when, at a certain point, I had a stroke of genius.

Was it possible to find a solution to my house full of stuff, to my Instagram account @ monicpirozzi that was struggling to grow and do something useful for my followers?

So I decided a giveaway was the solution for me.

Growing up on Instagram is getting harder and harder.

You can only continue to be successful if you give your followers something useful.

Not only information and daily inspiration on the topics that interest them most, but, why not, real gifts.

There are those who think that an Instagram giveaway is completely useless or that it is just a waste of time. I think differently.

In this article I want to tell you about my experience .

Not only explain to you how I managed to organize different giveaways on my Instagram profile @ monicpirozzi but also all the ways to make it work better and get the results you want.

I have decided to reveal the numbers and results obtained on my account that no one usually makes public.

If you want to find answers to all your questions on how to organize a truly effective Instagram giveaway, keep reading!

Monica Pirozzi con Vestito Verde Zara

First Step: Define the goal of your Instagram Giveaway

Doing something without a purpose is like walking aimlessly in the dark.

Before leaving, we need to know our destination well, otherwise it will all be a waste of time.

How do you know if a giveaway worked or not if we didn’t set a goal?

There’s really no way. And that’s a shame for an important reason.

A giveaway allows you to create a unique relationship with your followers.

Organizing a giveaway on Instagram is not easy, you need to waste some time as I will explain shortly. But I felt great satisfaction in doing it, so much so that I repeat it over and over again.

I’ll explain why.

I felt tremendous gratitude in sharing the fruits of my little success on Instagram with others.

It is common knowledge that a good thing that is not shared is only half as good. And how many times have I experienced this feeling in my life.

I often travel alone and find myself in front of a breathtaking view, on a crazy beach or in very special places. I am grateful for all this but I think how nice it would be to share it with someone else. With someone who appreciates the same things I do.

But if I continue to travel even without company, I decided to think differently on Instagram.

I’m so thankful for everything that’s happened to me. Of the collaborations I have made with brands and the wonderful products that I have the honor to try. Doing a giveaway on Instagram is a way to involve all the girls who follow me and share a piece of my little success with them.

To create something beyond a virtual relationship.

My followers have grown.

Word of mouth inevitably breaks out when you do something right. But that’s not all. As part of the participation rules I usually always include following my account.

In this way, I was able to grow by about 100 followers in the few days of the giveaway, which is absolutely impossible for me in a normal situation.

Seeing your efforts bring results is very satisfying, especially in this period when followers are very valuable and are bought by brands giving the opportunity to turn everything into a job.

I created a wonderful relationship with some of the girls who attended.

I know you’re thinking that most people who follow you just for the giveaway will be ready to press unfollow as soon as they see they’ve lost.

I thought the same thing too, but I had to change my mind.

The girls who started following me, grew fond of my content and decided to stay.

Not only that.

They kept interacting and read my blog content, creating a real relationship between us.

I’m not just talking about the winners but also about the girls who took part in more than one giveaway. I have often seen them later support me with a like under posts or in views of stories.

Thank you.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than hearing this word. Do something for someone and receive gratitude.

But it’s not all creativity. There are also numbers and results.

And that’s exactly why you need to set a specific goal for your giveaway.

For example, my first giveaways were aimed at growing my following on Instagram. Before starting, I wrote down the number of my followers on an excel sheet and did the same at the end.

By doing multiple giveaways, I could find the one that gave me the best results simply by comparing how many new followers I had gained.

What’s the point of knowing all this?

If I were to organize another giveaway, I would know what are the characteristics of the contest that allow me to maximize the result with respect to the goal I have set for myself .

At first we don’t know which way to go.

Anything can make the competition uninteresting: the product, the times and days of participation, the too complex registration procedures or any other problem.

Measuring everything allowed me to be very efficient in organizing the next ones.

Increasing followers isn’t the only reason why you can organize a giveaway on Instagram. Here are a few but remember to creatively pursue whatever purpose you can think of, not only online but also offline:

  • Grow valuable comments and interactions under the post
  • Create loyal followers
  • Like your Facebook page or other social networks
  • Increase newsletter subscribers
  • Bringing people to an offline event

Have you already chosen the one that’s right for you? Then we can move on to the organizational phase!

come organizzare un giveaway instagram

6 Steps to Organizing an Instagram Giveaway That Goes Smoothly

I decided to share with YOU my lineup of organizing a giveaway on Instagram, which I built after a few experiences and things gone wrong.

Follow it step by step with your goal in mind and you will see something great will come out!

1/6) Get a Reward

The first thing to do is figure out what we can offer our followers. Nobody does anything to receive anything in return. That’s why this is a super delicate phase.

I’ll tell you how it went for me the first time.

I have never giveaways with super expensive things, quite the contrary. The most I got is a € 100 voucher for the purchase of posters. The most successful products were worth a few tens of euros but these are things that all of us girls crave, like a hair straightener!

I didn’t buy the prizes myself but I used the ones that the brands sent me for collaborations.

I thought it might be nice to share what my Instagram journey was like offline. So I decided to package all the gifts received from the brands, taking care of the shipping costs.

In other cases, however, when I identified an interesting brand , I myself contacted them to evaluate the possibility of organizing a competition together. This way, I not only had a free product to give as a gift but also saved on shipping costs because they took care of everything.

The brands were happy because they received almost free notoriety and also had someone ( me! ) who took care of all the hassles related to organizing the contest.

It’s not the only alternative though.

If you have a small profile and still want to do something for your followers, you can always give something of your own or buy something.

You don’t have to have thousands of euros available, 20-30 € is enough to make someone happy and encourage them to participate.

But the main rule is… choose something that really interests your audience or your niche on Instagram.

You will never move anyone with products costing thousands of euros that are of no interest, but you can bring many people to action for ten euros if you guess what they like.

The same thing works with birthday gifts.

You can get a super expensive gift that won’t make you happy anyway, or be the happiest person in the world with a really stupid thought.

Or not?

2/6) Establish the rules of the Instagram Giveaway

At this point you need to structure a few things well.

The start date, end date and duration.

I usually organize giveaways that last three days, where I bomb and bother my followers in stories. I also contact in direct or in the comments account that may be interested.

You can even think about sponsoring the giveaway post if you want to get a bombshell effect!

This is because I noticed that 3 days is the maximum time, beyond which I no longer get a significant increase in attendees. Every day I have the hassle of making a story and worrying that everything is going well, while the subscribers are few.

You can try different durations anyway, but I don’t recommend that you make it last more than a week otherwise you may get the effect then I sign up and nobody will!

How to participate.

Describe clearly and precisely what people need to do in order to participate. I usually write a numbered bulleted list and never go beyond 3 .

This is because I don’t want to make an endless list of things to do for attendees so that they no longer see a profit from participating but I just want to give them a small commitment to earn the prize.

Usually, the first rule is closely related to my goal . If I want to increase my followers, then the first will be:

“1. Follow my profile @monicpirozzi ”.

And the second will be something that will allow me to accomplish not only a secondary goal but also a way to collect the names of the winners.

For example I could write:

“2. Comment below this post with your hair color and tag 3 friends. ”

That way, I will not only get word of mouth from attendees and comments under my post, but I will know that the winner will have to go and extract from the comments.

3/6) Make your Instagram Giveaway LEGAL

Everything I’ve explained to you so far is not entirely legal.

Oh yes, you got it right!

In theory we cannot organize prize competitions if we have not first followed a particular bureaucratic procedure given by the laws of the State.

So all those who do a Giveaway on Instagram, even if small, follow a legal procedure?

Not all, of course. You should know, however, that there can be fines and penalties if you don’t do things in order.

The main problem of contests organized in an amateur way and without the support of an external tool is the acquisition of data.

The names of your participants are saved on Facebook and Instagram servers in Ireland, where the company is based, while, according to Italian law, these data must remain in Italy.

So how do you organize a contest legally without risking a fine?

You can use an external platform, such as Leevia’s Instagram Giveaway, which transfers the data of the participants immediately to the Ministry of Economic Development.

Within Leevia you can, in a very simple way, set your rules, follow all the progress of the giveaway without having to worry about transferring the data to the Ministry of Economic Development because Leevia’s Instagram Giveaway will do everything automatically for you .

Now that we’ve taken care of making the contest legal under Italian law, let’s move on to the next operational step.

4/6) Write the Description

This step must be done carefully.

You need to make sure that everything is very simple, clear and written in as few words as possible. I have already told you about how to write an effective Instagram caption and here I will resume more or less the same structure.

>> I like to start with a catchy phrase, visible immediately below the photo as Giveaway Hair Straightener . Then I write two quick lines to describe the prize and this point I put the numbered list with the 2-3 rules for participating.

>> At the bottom I insert other secondary rules that can help me to make the competition more regular and save me trouble when choosing the winner.

>> In the end, I write when it expires and how to draw the winner.

I take beautiful photos of the product, paste the description and publish!

5/6) Monitor and follow the Instagram Giveaway

The first few hours are crucial.

I’m there to check all the comments and people who tag me in the stories to see if there are any problems, irregularities and if everyone has understood what needs to be done.

Someone may contact you privately asking for further explanations about the rules, so also keep an eye on hidden messages .

In case you see that something is going wrong, change the rules or add more to save the day. Remember the giveaway with stories and on all your channels also in the following days, until the deadline.

6/6) How to finish the Giveaway

We have to finish the giveaway after a week or so.

It’s sure to happen to you too. There will be people who will continue to comment even after the deadline, but you must enter a clear term to avoid misunderstandings.

I usually write CLOSED at the top of the post description to make it immediate that it is no longer possible to participate.

Extract the winner of your Instagram Giveaway

I’m sure you’ve found an effective way to group everyone on your Instagram givwaway. If you haven’t, I suggest you think about it because at this point you will have a lot of trouble.

If you’ve used Leevia’s Instagram Giveaway, you’ll already have all the comments and participants grouped together.

What I prefer to do, is to use comments as a collector.

Usually, I obligatorily make all participants comment under the giveaway post and, at the end of the contest, I mark all the participants in an excel sheet.

Another way to group participants is to use a hashtag that they will have to insert under a photo of them. Or, even a hashtag in the stories if it is a giveaway that lasts a maximum of 24 hours.

How many attendees should you expect?

The number varied greatly depending on the prize, so expect the same. I went from a minimum of 40 for a pair of very special pink sunglasses to over 150 for a hair straightener!

At this point, number all the participants.

Then I go to this random number extraction site. I enter 1 as the starting number and as the final number that of the participants I have on the excel sheet. I click on Extract and the number that appears corresponds to that of the winner!

I’ll rush to contact the lucky one to see if she’s a regular account, if she answers me and if she’s interested. I’ve never received a NO , but always better check.

If not, I will proceed with a new extraction.

I also like to record the procedure, if you have participated in any of my giveaways you will surely know.

I care about transparency and showing my followers that the choice is completely random.

But you don’t necessarily have to do it this way. You may also choose the winner at your discretion. For example, who completes a certain sentence in the most creative way or who proposes the most original solution to a problem.

You choose!

Monica Pirozzi Vestito Verde Zara Milano

Have you ever tried to organize a Giveaway on Instagram?

I would be curious to know in the comments what rules you have established for participation, the prize and the number of participants. But also all the results you have achieved!

Doing something for your followers I think is the best way to be appreciated and create a relationship which, at the moment, is the only thing that distinguishes successful Instagram accounts.

If you know someone who wants to organize a giveaway on a regular basis but doesn’t know which tools and which rules to choose, share this article with the buttons below.

See you next time!

Namasté, Monica
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