How to permanently delete an Instagram account

Instagram is a social platform that has become more and more important over the years, so much so that it has also created specific job profiles. Today you will learn how to permanently delete an Instagram account and more and how to delete an Instagram account quickly and easily.

Millions of users try their hand at photos, videos, lately Reels, and still IGTV and direct, but maybe, it might not be for you. It is not a crime, of course, also because nowadays there are social applications with which to approach; you can use Facebook, or the young Tik Tok, but also Twitter and so on.

After downloading the Instagram application, maybe even after making some stories and posting some photos, you get tired of this social network. Maybe you can’t dedicate the right time to it (if you want to use this app professionally, obviously you need work and dedication), or maybe you want to delete your profile to create it a new one, start from scratch and try another experience.

Well, if you’re here for one of these reasons, then you’ve come to the right place.

come si elimina un account instagram

How to permanently delete an Instagram account

Just in case, remember how to permanently delete an Instagram account ; but it can be just as useful to know how to disable the account temporarily . Deactivating the account allows you to hide your profile from everyone, for a period of time chosen by you; will therefore be hidden including photos, stories, “likes” and all content never published on your profile.

But don’t worry, as we said, this isn’t a permanent solution. In fact, it is possible to recover your account by logging in to the social network again simply by entering the credentials you usually use: you will therefore have to remember your username and password. Therefore, if, at a later time, you decide to proceed with the reactivation of your profile, you will find all the contents unchanged, and therefore not only the photos, but also all the other actions carried out previously, such as comments, followed and “like”, which will be visible again to everyone .

This option, in practice, allows you to make your presence invisible on Instagram . No one, by writing your profile name, will be able to find a single track that proves your presence on the app. This is a very useful option, because it allows you to disconnect from social media, but still keep all content shared over time.

We are talking about how to permanently delete an Instagram account

It will be possible to recover your account by running the ” access to the social network via credentials: username and password. If you decide to proceed with the reactivation, not only the photos will be unchanged, but also all the other actions previously carried out, such as comments and “likes”, which will become visible again to everyone .

This option allows you to make your presence on Instagram invisible. If the exaggerated number of notifications you receive from this application creates problems, then you could only Turn off notifications.

For mobile devices, just enter the device Settings and turn off notifications for that particular application. It is possible to choose the type of notifications you want to receive through the Instagram application.

Just log in to the account via the app, enter the profile via the button in bottom right, and then change the settings, selecting the stylized gear symbol located at the top right, next to the profile picture, scroll through the items until you find the one that concerns the “Push Notifications” and select it. In the new window that will appear, select the notifications you wish to receive .

come eliminare un account da instagram

Block notifications

If, on the other hand, it is the ‘exaggerated number of notifications you receive every day from this application, you will not necessarily have to know how to permanently delete an Instagram account, but then you can easily only use the deactivation of notifications.

Obviously, once I entered the app, I took them to see them all, but they won’t be there to clog up your phone’s home screen. For mobile devices, whether Android or iOS, just access the device Settings and simply turn off notifications for that particular application.

You can then choose the type of notifications you want to receive through the Instagram application. You can then decide whether to receive only notifications relating to likes, or only those that report a live stream in progress, or decide to be notified only in the case of a private message.

Just log into your personal account via the app on your phone; from here, go to your profile using the button at the bottom right that contains your photo chosen for the Instagram icon. Q

ui you will see all the published contents, while at the top right there will be the menu button, represented by three horizontal lines; by clicking on a drop-down will appear, and among the available options you will have to go to Settings, selecting the stylized gear symbol located at the bottom right, next to the profile image.

Here you will be able to change your profile as you see fit, but in our case we need to disable notifications; then you have to scroll through the items until you find the one concerning “Push Notifications” and select it. In the new window that will appear you will have to select the notifications you wish to receive , and that’s it.

Temporarily deactivate the account from the browser

Well, we have seen how to temporarily deactivate from the app the Instagram profile and how to select the notifications we want to receive. But how does it move if you want to perform these actions via the browser?

Well, of course, you must necessarily access from the browser on your computer or from the browser on your mobile device . Then, you will have to search Instagram from your favorite search engine, and enter the platform from there.

Also in this case you will have to enter your username and password, so as in the application. Or, if you have always logged in through your Facebook account, you will need to click on the words ‘Log in via Facebook’.

Now, once you have logged into the social network, you will need to access your profile by selecting the stylized man icon at the top right and click on Edit Profile . From here, among the various options, you will find the words ‘Temporarily disable my account’, and once you click on it, you will have deactivated your profile.

In case, after a while time spent without the social network, should you then miss it, and then decide you want to regain possession of the account and reactivate it, you simply have to log in again. This action can be carried out on the mobile application, both through the browser. In both cases, access will then be automatic everywhere.

If you have to reactivate your account immediately after deactivating it, you may encounter difficulties. In fact, once you have completed all the procedure to make the profile active again, an error message may appear . But don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time; in fact, after a few hours everything will be back to normal and you can finally reuse your Instagram account as if nothing had happened.

Are you sure you want to delete your Instagram account permanently?

I explained how to delete your Instagram account temporarily and definitively. Based on your needs, you decide the best choice. What I would like to tell you is that it is better to opt for the temporary deactivation of the Instagram account. This choice to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account is dictated by several reasons :

  • In a month or a year you can decide to reopen your Instagram profile because you thought you did the wrong choice.
  • You had a brilliant idea and the Instagram account you closed is just right for you.
  • You have a bad moment where everything seems black to you and you want to close all your social networks.

As you can see, the reasons for deciding to permanently close an Instagram account can be really different, but it is always good to disable it temporarily, so as not to run into problems ..

Even if you have backed up your content leaving the Instagram profile in a sort of wait, in your mind you always shot to be able to reopen your profile whenever you want, without having to start over, you can always count on having an account ready to use, perhaps for a future project.

Anything can happen in life, and it’s always a good thing to be ready for any eventuality. Now, of course, it’s up to you to make the right choice and try to look beyond, to the future; if you decide to permanently delete an Instagram account, however, know that one day you may regret it. Man forewarned, means saved.

Reopen a temporarily disabled Instagram account and give it new life

Let’s say you temporarily deactivated your Instagram account, and maybe you had more than 5000 followers, quite a few published posts, many interactions, in short, a lot of positive feedback …

For example, you have managed for a while an Instagram account with a discreet following, which deals with travel issues, places to visit, and even tutorials and lifestyle tips . Maybe, after using it for a long time, you realized that you were tired, that you could no longer keep up with a project that, day after day, was getting bigger and more demanding.

Well, today you realize that you want to reopen it because you had a great idea to create your digital profession or to sell holiday packages also through your Instagram account.

After sleeping on it you understand that this is a really good idea, and you realize that closing your account was a bad choice . Is there no way to reopen your Instagram profile? Of course yes, the methods we have explained to you so far are more than effective!

Reactivate the Instagram profile and decide to give it a new look (you can do it) by renaming the profile with a new name, a new bio, a new username, a new mission, in short, a good breath of fresh air for a new project!

Let’s look at the bright side

The ‘positive aspect of having temporarily deactivated the Instagram account is that now that you have decided to undertake a new project you do not start from zero but from a good base of followers and statistics .

You will not have to start from scratch, struggling to reach decent numbers, because you will already have a solid base of followers who were waiting for nothing more than review the active profile.

In this case you are very advantaged because you can use the visibility of your Instagram profile because it already exists even if it has been stopped for a while. You can make the first posts all black or colored in order to create a sort of line that delimits the old posts from the new ones. You can start posting quietly and if you want you can delete the featured stories because you do not consider them suitable .

Many people, very cleverly, create profiles of well-known characters, such as famous actors and singers, to then change the username and their profile picture, making it a very popular private profile. Taking advantage of the notoriety of these famous people unaware of all this, these people will have a highly indexed profile in no time. Sure, it’s not a very ethical thing, but there are those who do.

come eliminare definitivamente un account instagram

Delete an Instagram account

After trying to use Instagram, after deactivating the notifications, in short, after distancing yourself from the social network, you realize that you really don’t want to have anything to do and you want to delete your account permanently.

Well, first you need to know that this is an irreversible action, which involves deleting all photos, comments, stories, published content and “likes” . Once the Instagram profile has been deleted, it will no longer be possible to reactivate or create a new one with the same username used previously. It will not be possible to assign the same username to another account.

We would like to advise you, before deleting your account permanently, to carry out a trial period through temporary deactivation, to see how you would be without your profile.

It is advisable to make a backup of the photos, so as not to lose them after the definitive deletion of the account. There are various online tools to make a backup complete, one of these is provided by Instagram.

Delete an Instagram account from the browser

When you decide you want to delete an Instagram account it must be said that, unfortunately, this operation cannot be done through the application downloaded on mobile devices, but must be done from the browser on the computer or from the browser on the mobile device.

Once you have entered your username and password, you will be asked to specify why you have decided to delete your account. There are several, just choose the one closer to the cause that led you to make this choice.

Once you have selected the answer that comes closest to your motivation, you will be asked again for your password, which can be entered in the text string below and if you are really sure, press the button: “ Delete my account permanently “.

Well, we have reached the end of this article on how to delete a profile on Instagram permanently, and we hope you found it useful. ong> If you have other curiosities about this application, or about other social networks, do not hesitate and read the other articles you will find on the blog.


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