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Facebook has changed, at least from mobile, its search engine and this can be an advantage for those who manage a personal blog.

In fact, with the new search engine, just type a few keywords into the automatic system to retrieve the content shared by friends or users who use the social network on a daily basis.

Through this new mechanism, it is possible to trace all those posts, characterized by public privacy, shared on company pages, within the groups to which you are subscribed or published on the message boards of our Facebook friends.

This is a real revolution for those who work on the web since for the first time we can talk about Facebook Engine Optimization ( Feo ).

Of course, Feo will never replace SEO since the latter is a technique used by computer experts to index and position content within the predefined internet search engines, but it will represent a new technique that will allow bloggers to place articles within the social network controlled by Mark Zuckerberg.

To manage Feo accurately, it is necessary to optimize the articles of your blog or alternatively improve the manual sharing of our posts or those of our blogger friends.

Optimize your blog articles to share on Facebook

Optimizing your blog posts involves choosing a short and captivating title, a concise and effective description and an image that complies with Facebook standards.

Before explaining how to position an article on Facebook by optimizing the title and its description, I want to focus for a moment on the choice of the image that will characterize our article.

We can opt for a free credits image, that is, free from copyright restrictions, downloaded from an ad hoc site or create our own with Photoshop or Canva.

With this last tool, we can create different types of works, including a post image to share on Facebook.

As you well remember, the works on Canva can be saved in such a way as to transform this tool into a real work portfolio.

If you haven’t read my post on how to turn Canva into a portfolio, you can do it now (read here)

Once we have created the image to attach to our post, we can finally optimize the title and description of the article through the use of one of the most famous WordPress plugins or Yoast Seo also known as Seo By Yoast .

How to position an article on Facebook by optimizing the title and description

To place a blog post on Facebook, we can optimize the title and description of our post by downloading and activating Yoast Seo.

As for the title, as I have already anticipated, it must be short and captivating and must contain one or more keywords in order to facilitate the search for the post within the search engine of the social network.

To choose keywords, we can use some free tools on the web such as Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool.

Once the keywords and their synonyms have been identified, we must elaborate the title that will characterize our article and its description, possibly using the remaining keywords.

All this can be managed in the appropriate section of Yoast Seo located at the bottom of our article. In this space it is also possible to fix, using the url, a specific image that will be displayed every time the article is shared on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

If we do not write the title or description, the plugin will retrieve all the data saved in the titles and metadata section and this could affect our Facebook Engine Optimization activity.

In fact, with automatic sharing, the positioning will be determined by the keywords present in the title and description of our article. For these reasons it is better to insert a title and description relevant to the article content each time.

Of course, the positioning of the post within the search engine can also be determined through a simple manual sharing of the content.

How to place a blog article on Facebook through manual sharing

As we all know, sharing a blog post on social networks can be done either by using the sharing buttons on most websites or by copying and pasting the URL of the article.

In this last case we can customize the url and attach the chosen image.

I recommend you read my post on how to customize a url (read here).

With manual sharing, we must necessarily include a short presentation of our article in order to capture the attention of our contacts.

Also in this case, the description must contain one or more keywords and possibly the hashtags that will facilitate the positioning of the graphic image within the search engine.


So, as we have seen, at the moment the mobile Feo can be managed through the choice of one or more keywords to be included in the title and description of our article, from the use of one or more hashtags to be placed in the description or presentation of the post and from the optimization of the images to attach to our content.

But surely over time, this new function will also be extended to the desk version and will be improved by new techniques that will allow you to place content within the social network. But the first steps for Facebook Engine Optimization have been taken.

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