How to post on Instagram? 4 ways to do it

How to post on instagram from pc, how to post photos on instagram How to post on Instagram? Surely it might seem like a somewhat trivial question, but there are many people who ask themselves. Instagram is the social of the moment, and more and more people sign up on this platform where it is possible to share a myriad of contents.

So, especially in the early stages, we could ask how to post photos on instagram to share them with all your friends. On the other hand, posting, publishing and uploading content is the main feature of any self-respecting social network.

In particular, by posting and sharing photos and videos it is possible to interact with many people close to us. They can be friends, acquaintances, or people we have never seen but with whom we could have many things in common.

Here, then, that understanding how to post on instagram is really essential . In addition, companies also need to post on social media, so that they can increase their visibility. In fact, even the important businesses are located within the platform.

This is because it is a real meeting point between customers and companies. The former can find everything that meets their needs, while the latter can dramatically increase their sales and promotion of their services.

Among other things, there are several ways of how post on instagram, each of which is suitable for a different type of content.

You can post stories, photos on your profile, videos, reels, live content and much more. So, let’s dive right into the topic and let’s find out how to post on instagram!

Before you even find out how to post on Instagram, you will need to download the official application and register, if you don’t have an account yet.

Then, go to the Play Store or the App Store and type Instagram in the search bar. Download the first application you will find in the tips and open it.

Once inside the login page, you will find the “register” button. Click on it and follow the whole procedure. Once completed, log in and you will be on the Home page.

Let’s start with the first method: how to post on Instagram.

How to create a post

A post would be a video or content that , once uploaded, it will be visible in your profile. This will also pop up on your followers’ feed, which is their home.

It will remain in the feed for some time (depending on interactions obtained), and then can only be viewed when a user visits your profile. In these cases, many are used to create posts linked together, in order to have a well-organized and beautiful profile, like a real showcase.

come fare un post su instagram 4

There are also predefined templates available through third-party apps that allow you to donate a look even more attractive to your profile. So, let’s see how to make a post on Instagram.

First go to the home and, at the top of right, you will find a button with the symbol (+). Click on it and you will be sent back to your gallery. On Android, you will see that at the bottom you will have a bar that says “Publish, History, Reel, Live”.

Then, stay on Publish, and select the photo you like. By clicking on the select multiple items button, you can choose multiple photos and upload them all within a single post.

You can also mix photos and videos according to your needs. Instead, if you want to take a photo on the spot and post it immediately, then you have to click on the camera icon.

Here’s the explanation to make the post

When you have made your choice, click on the Next button at the top right. You will then land on a page where you can edit the image or video by inserting effects, via the Filter section, or retouching it, via the Edit section below.

How to post on instagram perfectly? Simple. Retouch your photo to the fullest, play with brightness, contrast, texture, hue, highlights, shadows and everything else you find in Edit. Filters can make a difference too, so take your time to do so.

Click again on the arrow pointing to right (top right) and you will arrive at the last step: add caption, tags and places.

Here you can indulge yourself by inserting phrases in the caption , as well as hashtags. With tags you can mention your friends in the photo, while with Place you can specify the place where the photo was taken.

It will also be possible to create fundraisers, promote (sponsor) the post and share it immediately on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr using the appropriate levers.

Here you have discovered how to post on Instagram!

How to post on Instagram: le stories

Now that you know how to post on instagram, you are surely wondering how to post photos on instagram stories. Well, there is nothing simpler and more immediate! On the other hand, the stories are perhaps the characteristic for which instagram has achieved success over the years.

Let’s start now! Go to your Home and, as usual, click on the (+) button at the top right. How to post on instagram from pc.

come postare foto su instagram 3

This time, rather than staying in the Publish section, drag the bar moving it towards the Stories section. The Instagram Stories camera will then open.

If you have already taken a photo or recorded a video, drag to the other and you will find yourself in your gallery, where you can select the content to upload.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have the content, then you can use the platform’s camera directly. Once the photo or video is taken, the page will remain the same, but you will notice that some very useful buttons will pop up at the top.

Add stickers

With these, you can add stickers, scribble, edit and retouch the photo to your liking. You can also add texts with various fonts, one more personalized than the other.

Then click on the “send to” button at the bottom right. Now you will have two options: send the story as a private message to your follower, or publish it in your Stories section.

The first option is executable by clicking on “send” next to the name of one of your followers. If you don’t find it right away, you can use the small search bar in the menu that appeared.

Conversely, click on “send” next to your name, and the story will be viewable from your profile.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to publish the story but you only wanted to use the instagram camera as it is slightly better than that of other apps, you will not have to click on Send. Vice versa, once taken, you will notice at the top a button with an arrow icon pointing downwards.

By clicking on it, the content will be saved on your device without be published. Here in a few minutes you have discovered both how to post on Instagram Stories and how to save the photo without publishing it!

How to post on Instagram: the Reels

Even for the Reels the process is really simple. First, however, we should underline the definition of Reels so that you fully understand what type of content we are talking about.

Reels are a recent novelty of Instagram, and they go to replace the classic 15 second videos that could be posted once. In fact, previously it was not possible to post videos that were too long, as they would have been cut.

So, those who wanted to publish a longer video were forced to stream or upload stories one after the other, cutting the video into several pieces. Now, however, the Reels always last 15 seconds, but they are recorded differently.

In fact, when you record and press the record button again, the video will pause. This allows you to record a video in several pieces that will connect with each other. This feature is very useful because the creator of the content has the freedom to show whatever he wants without any time limit.

How is this possible? Simple, let’s say you want to record a one-minute scene, but you know that it doesn’t take 60 seconds to capture the highlights. Then, start recording, pause, restart, pause and so on.

Here after the recording

You will have recorded a minute of scene by compressing it in 15 seconds. In this sense, Reels are widely used by influencers, online personal trainers, service providers and many other digital entrepreneurs. This is why knowing how to post on Instagram Reels is of fundamental importance.

So, as always, go to Home and click our (+) button. Go to Reels by dragging the small bar at the bottom.

You will notice that you will be inside the Instagram camera, but the button at the bottom will depict the classic Reels icon. Click on it to start recording the video. When you want to stop, click it again to pause.

If you click one more time, the video will restart, and will be merged with the previous scene piece. Once finished, you can also see a preview using the appropriate button at the bottom right. Instead, using the button on the left depicted by a small arrow you can retouch and crop the video to your liking.

After you view the preview, which you can always edit just as if it were a story, click on Next. Here, as with posts, you can always write a caption, tag people and so on. Also, you will see two buttons at the top: Reels and Stories.

With the first one, the content will be loaded into the Reels section of your profile. The second, on the other hand, will send the video directly to your Stories. Here in a few steps we have discovered how to post on Instagram Reels!

How to post on Instagram from PC

How to post on instagram from PC. Even though most users are used to using their mobile devices to post photos, videos, stories and reels, many of you may be wondering how to post on Instagram from PC. Well, you should know that here too the process is very simple, and you don’t need who knows what technical skills.

First of all, you will have to go to the official Instagram page via your browser favorite. It doesn’t matter whether you use Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Windows Edge or other browsers, the process will always be the same.

Then log into the platform, and you will immediately be ready to find out how to post on Instagram via your computer . On the other hand, this can be very useful if you work from a computer and, during a break, want to upload content to share with your friends.

Furthermore, there are many entrepreneurs digital who organize their work on Instagram via computer. In fact, it is possible to have everything at hand, organize editorial calendars through other platforms and use some features that can be inconvenient from Smartphone.

The procedure

That’s why knowing how to post on instagram from a PC is basic. So, here we are inside our home, after you have logged in.

The problem, however, is that you will not be able to upload your photo directly from Instagram. This is because the social network wants to keep the focus on the version of the mobile application. However, it is possible to do it through a platform connected to it, also useful for automatically publishing the photos of your editorial calendar. Instagram and Facebook that most digital marketers use to post their content in a totally automatic way. We recommend using this service because, if you use third-party software, you could be penalized by Instagram itself.

Log in to Facebook Creator Studio, and click on the Start button that you will find in the main screen. You will find the Next buttons, which will make you skip the initial tutorial.

Next, click on the Instagram icon located in the top menu, in order to connect the account relating to the photographic social network: to do so, click on the Connect your account button and then on OK. After this preliminary step you can publish multimedia content within Instagram from PC .

Click on the official Instagram icon so you can connect your personal account. You will then find the various buttons for publishing, which are very intuitive even for those who have never used the platform.


In this article we have seen not only how to post photos on instagram, how to post on instagram from pc, how to post on instagram, but also how to post photos on instagram via computer even if it is not possible to do it on the official website.

We are sure that we know how making an instagram post in the right way is of fundamental importance, both for those who use it only to entertain themselves and for those who have done their job.

Social networks have enormous potential , and if you want to know more you just have to visit our blog, or visit our social channels!

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