How to post on Instagram from PC or MAC

Instagram is certainly one of the most interesting social networks on the world stage. To date, about 1 billion profiles use this social network every day. Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to upload content through a device other than a mobile phone or smartphone.

This is clearly not a bug of the platform, but a behavior sought by the developers. The goal is to encourage the exchange of real content, taken on the spot. That’s why there is this limitation which, however, can be easily circumvented.

In fact, those who would not like to use a much larger monitor and a comfortable keyboard to post their photos. Maybe even after doing some post-shot processing to improve colors and sharpness and eliminate some imperfections from our photos before publishing them. That’s why, in today’s guide, I’ll briefly explain how to post on Instagram from PC or MAC .

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Inflact (ex Ingramer)

The first solution that I am going to introduce to you is called Inflact. To say that this software only takes care of the scheduling of posts on Instagram is somewhat simplistic.

Among other things, however, it is also able to make you schedule the scheduling of your posts on Instagram directly from PC. This operation saves on average 300 minutes of working time / month. Posting from the phone, in fact, can be quick on some specific occasions, but it is definitely inconvenient (especially if you want to facilitate the work of the week by scheduling posts).

It is also very useful for those who manage different social profiles. With Inflact you will have the ability to share both posts and stories by managing multiple profiles at the same time, all through a single dashboard.

programmare post su Inflact

The procedure is very simple, just:

  • Sign up for Inflact.
  • Add photos, videos, carousels or stories .
  • Enter description and hashtag
  • Add the place where the photo was taken
  • Set the publication time
  • Save the publication

You will also have an interesting preview that will to see your post before actually publishing it. If you have other doubts about Inflact (formerly Ingramer) or want to know the detailed features, I invite you to read this introductory guide.

Hopper HQ

The second tool I’m going to introduce you is called Hopper HQ . Using Hopper HQ, you will have the ability to post photos and videos on Instagram directly from your PC. Also with this little program, moreover, you can decide whether to publish the post immediately or schedule it for a later time.

The first thing you will have to do is create an account on Hopper HQ and log in. At this point you will be inside your dashboard. From here you can enjoy a simple overview of the posts you have created in the last few hours arranged within a convenient grid.

hopper hq

By clicking on the Create Posts which is located in the upper left part. You will be able to upload up to 50 photos at a time . You can post content on your hard drive, or choose to upload it from Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox or other similar tools.

If the images are not in a correct format for Instagram, you will have the possibility to edit them directly from the Hopper HQ dashboard. The editor is very simple and intuitive and has predefined settings for portrait and landscape photographs. You can also take advantage of filters, in addition to those of Instagram that you surely already know.

Once you’ve edited your photo, you just have to write a description and the related hashtags, including any emojis. Now you can decide whether to publish now your shot or do it later scheduling the post .

Developer tools

The third method, much more homemade, is to use the developer tools of your browser, then going to change the user agent and then doing believe Instagram that you are on an iPad or smartphone.

This way you can unlock some keys, including those for sharing and creating posts, which are not visible in the desktop version of Instagram.

The process is very simple and can be done from both Chrome and Safari. Here, below, on Chrome how to publish a post on Instagram from PC by changing user agent :

  • Go to the Instagram website

    vai su instagram

  • Click anywhere on the page with the right button of the mouse and select inspect or, if you prefer, press F12 ispeziona elemento
  • Click on the device icon in the developer bar
    cambiare device
  • From the top menu select iPhone X
  • Refresh the page by clicking F5

Here, as you can see the Instagram interface, now, it will be exactly identical to that of the app. You will then have the option to post stories or photos. Of course it’s not super easy to do and the window isn’t huge, but it’s a free way to do it.

I usually use it in emergency situations, when I really need to. post something, but I may have already passed the content to my PC.


As we have seen, it is possible to publish content on Instagram even without having a smartphone available. We can do this both through third-party software such as Inflact and / or Hopper HQ, but it is also possible to do it by taking advantage of some lesser-known features of our browser.

My advice, however, is always that of respect the rules . Instagram was born as a social that allows you to immortalize moments of your life while you are living them. Think how cool it is to take a photo of a sunset and share it with your followers right away. Therefore, you should never go overboard with scheduling and manipulations, otherwise you would soon lose the desire to post new content.

If you know other methods to schedule posts on Instagram from your PC, feel free to write me and I’ll be happy to insert them in this short guide.

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