How to post updates in multiple languages ​​on Facebook pages

The network has brought us enormous benefits. From all points of view. The Internet is a beautiful world to live in. One can keep in touch with old youth companions. You can do research and study new topics. Even becoming a doctor if necessary, but I clearly do not recommend this in the most absolute way.

With the internet you can do this and much more and with social media it becomes even easier and, at times, fun. And above all it can be useful for your business. Let’s talk about Facebook, a platform where we can find private profiles and company pages. For any brand not being in this type of channel can be penalizing. Because on Facebook there are not only large companies, but also small traders, small businesses, artisans. Anyone who wants to communicate (and sell products or services) with their audience.

Programmazione pagina Facebook

What happens if at a certain point your company begins to have contacts with the foreign market? No, it is not something that particular and distant. Let’s think of a city hotel, maybe a small three-star hotel or even a B&B. Customers will certainly not always be people of Italian nationality, but most likely they will come from Spain, England or Brazil. In this case, managing a Facebook page with content written only in Italian can become a limitation in our institutional communication. That’s why today we want to explain, in a few simple steps, how to post updates in different languages ​​.

It goes without saying that if you are the head of a large multinational company, you may have a staff specialized in social media marketing for each country in which your brand is present. This would be, for obvious reasons, the optimal situation. But in this case we are turning to the smaller realities. Those who have to juggle the most diverse activities every day and who, perhaps, don’t even have a social media manager. The possibility of communicating to multiple audiences exists. Let’s see it together.

One Facebook post, multiple languages ​​

With this feature, you’ll be able to post content in multiple languages ​​with just one update. In order to do this, you must first go to “ Page Settings ” and activate the item “ Post in multiple languages ​​”.

At this post you can write your post, first in Italian and then click on the + “Write the post in another language” symbol.

post lingue facebook

A menu will open where you can select the language that interests you most.

post multilingua facebook

Facebook will automatically propose you a translation , but it is useless to tell you that you shouldn’t use it. Indeed, my advice, of course, is that if you are unable to express yourself perfectly in a language other than your own, that language should not be used. At that point, only Italian is better. In any case, you can add the languages ​​you want.

Using this system users will see your content based on the language they use Facebook and, in this way, you can group all the data of that post together. Unfortunately, it is not possible to insert several links or images at the same time. So if you want to share, for example, a newspaper article written in one language, that link will be displayed exactly that way even by those who signed up in a different language.

Another limitation is that if a user has not set one of the ones you are using as the default language, they will only see the update in the original version. So, if your audience is mostly of foreign nationality, the advice is to put English as the default language on your page , so that anyone can read it, without setting problems in the your profile.

Sure, creating content in different languages ​​can help your brand grow. Even when sponsoring on Facebook Ads. Indeed, it is necessary to work in this direction. It is certain, however, that first of all, as in any other web marketing action, it is necessary to start from one’s own objectives and target. If the audience you are targeting is in Italy and you have no intention of opening up to foreign markets, it is useless to choose a feature of this type. Upstream there is always a strategy with clear objectives, always keep this in mind.

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