How to prevent Instagram profile from being hacked

come evitare che il profilo Instagram venga hackerato

On Instagram, hacking attempts are more and more frequent and this means that every user is potentially in danger.

To defend against hackers, but also from the usual “crafty” of the web, you can adopt different solutions that will allow all igers to improve the overall security level of their account and avoid, at the same time, any tampering.

A good part of these gimmicks can be applied directly from the Instagram settings, while the other solutions are nothing more than a set of rules inherent to the correct use of Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

Instagram account security: create a strong password

The first step to prevent your Instagram profile from being hacked is to create a strong password.

The password can be created manually or through an automatic password generator (there are many on the web).

In any case, the password must consist of: numbers, letters and special characters, and must be used only for your Instagram account.

Furthermore, the same password must not be shared with other igers and must be changed periodically in order to cancel the automatic saving of data on the various digital devices.

Instagram account security: no automatic login

Automatic data saving can be very dangerous if the same devices are used by several people.

Instagram, as well as many other social networks, allows you to store username and password in order to speed up login and access to the platform.

This procedure, which can be activated directly from the Instagram settings, is only useful if the smartphone is used by the rightful owner.

On the other hand, if the electronic device was used for business purposes – just think of the marketing department within the company – it is advisable to deactivate the automatic login so as to enter the access data manually.

In this case it is a small trick that can be very useful to avoid unauthorized access attempts.

Instagram account security: two-factor authentication

To increase the overall security level of an Instagram profile, you can also adopt another solution: activate two-factor authentication (from your profile settings).

Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, is a security feature that allows you to protect an account even when the hacker knows the login details of the Instagram profile.

In fact, to access the social network it will be necessary to enter: username, password and verification code sent via sms.

So only those who have their smartphones at hand will have the opportunity to log in to Instagram and publish the related contents.

Instagram account security: beware of third-party apps

Most identity theft on Instagram stems from misuse of third-party apps.

Third-party apps are all those applications designed for:

– Find out who deleted you from friends;

– Publish content automatically;

– Leave comments and likes automatically (bot);

These apps must be used with intelligence as scammers and hackers often hide behind these applications.

So to evaluate the security of a third-party app it is necessary: ​​

– Monitor the application release date;

– Rate the reviews of other users;

– Identify the headquarters of the founding company (pay attention to Eastern European countries);

Only if our analyzes were more than positive, could the application be integrated into your marketing strategies.

Instagram account security: ignore spam

Ignoring spam – personalized messages sent by email or text message – is the last essential step to prevent your Instagram profile from being hacked.

Generally hackers use the email (or possibly the phone number) entered on Instagram to send automatic messages containing dangerous links.

Just click on the attached link to encourage the theft of access data.

So every time a strange email arrives, you should delete it instantly without clicking on the hyperlinks inserted within the same message.


So to prevent your Instagram profile from being hacked, you need to:

– Generate a strong password;

– Avoid automatic saving of login data;

– Enable two-factor authentication;

– Use secure third-party apps;

– Avoid clicking on spam emails;

According to these simple rules, it will be possible to increase the overall security level of your Instagram account and prevent your data from ending up in the hands of web cunning.

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