How to promote a hotel on Instagram

With one billion registered users and 44 million active users in Italy alone, Instagram, eleven years after its birth, continues to prove to be one of the most successful platforms. Simple to use, immediate in its use, Instagram represents, above all, the one linked to beauty and emotions and encompasses a large audience of people, where the hard core are millennials . For a hotel or any other accommodation facility, therefore, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the perfect tools to be included in your marketing strategy.
If we go and see, in fact, in addition to the classic users who use it for personal purposes or to the so-called influencers and various instagrammers, Instagram is increasingly frequented by companies and brands, who use it to increase awareness around their brand and stay in touch with their target audience. As with all social platforms, in fact, even on Instagram the most important value for everyone, people or brands, always remains that of the interaction between users. Of a humanized connection that shortens distances and builds relationships and relationships.

The three actions to pursue on Instagram

The travel world loves Instagram . Travelers love it, those who have not traveled for a while, those who organize holidays. For this reason tourism owes a lot to this social of images, as it lends itself to being used with great results. As long as you use it correctly. Glossy photos and daily and forced sales are banned, green light for beautiful and interesting content. So first, when we ask ourselves how to promote our hotel on Instagram, let’s keep these three words or actions in mind: entertain, inform and inspire. The contents, the images we post, everything must have relevance to these three fundamental purposes. In fact, this will help people to empathize with us on the one hand and make us sympathetic to the famous Instagram algorithm, which loves profiles that can keep users inside the platform.

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Humanizing the hotel

We said glossy photos don’t work too much here. Better to leave them to the catalogs and travel agencies. People on Instagram want to see the soul of a brand and this can only happen if we go beyond the stereotypes of the hotel image . Seeing a beautiful, untouched bedroom or super clean, luxurious bathroom may be okay once, but then people need and want to find out more. Let’s think about it when we go to put our hand to the editorial calendar, a tool without which we cannot work … This is clear, isn’t it? Who is our staff composed of? With how much care and dedication do we prepare the cakes for breakfast? What name have we given to the fox that peeps out of the nearby woods every day? These are all aspects that work on Instagram precisely because they go beyond the classic hotel story.

Destination first

I’ve been saying this for years: You don’t sell a hotel, you sell the destination. We try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. When we organize a vacation, do we leave from the hotel where we would like to stay or from the place we would like to visit? The answer is obvious. For this reason it is essential that in the editorial calendar of our hotel an important part is occupied by the story of the destination. Things to do, surrounding villages to see, typical and traditional cuisine, a list of places to shop. We create a sort of tour guide of our own, trying to best blend the ingredients of our hotel with the territory in which we operate. If we supervise this aspect, Instagram users will be facilitated in recognizing our structure and we will stimulate their memory when they are at the time of booking for a holiday in our city. And, let’s not forget that giving interesting tips and advice on the destination can also be a good way of providing concierge service for customers already at home and perhaps carrying out some cross-selling , for example by selling the tour of the parks with the tour guide we work with.

Instagram tools

Instagram offers an almost endless array of tools you can use to promote a hotel. There are the classic posts that build our feed (our page, so to speak), which must follow rhythm and structure to be pleasant and interesting. Then there are the stories , a very strong tool to increase visibility, which appear as something more spontaneous and alive and can be used to create an even stronger relationship with your users. The reels , borrowed from the world of Tok Tok, which beyond classic teenage ballets, can be used to make funny or viral mini videos. There are hashtags, to be used sparingly and not uselessly, but which can become aggregators of our brand: let’s create our own and invite people to use it. Another wonderful tool, in my opinion, is the latest addition to Instagram, the Guides , real content collectors that enrich our editorial idea and that can give necessary information to those who find themselves in traveling in our area: the list of restaurants where to eat in the evening, the works of art in the museum of our city … The limit is only given by our imagination and creativity.

How to use other people’s content

Staff and guests are an essential part of the life of our hotel. Why not take advantage of it? In a good way, of course, huh ?! If we go and see, in fact, who better than those who work in hotels or customers can grasp the true and authentic soul of our business ? A shot of the loving couple looking out on the balcony while sipping an aperitif or the receptionist who talks about his entry to work are all contents that can also be used by us. Not to mention the fact that it is a sort of word of mouth and a customer’s emotion is much more reliable than what we can express about ourselves.

Small tips that are always useful to promote our hotel on Instagram. Provided they are included in a structured and functional strategy. And how do you promote the hotel on Instagram? We look forward to seeing you in the comments below… constructive discussions can always arise from comments.

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