How to promote a local company on Instagram

Come promuovere un'azienda locale su Instagram

Thanks to the recent innovations made to Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, Instagram has become an indispensable tool for promoting or enhancing the products or services of a local business beyond its geographical borders.

In fact, through this platform, very small companies can reach all those users geographically far from their commercial headquarters and who may potentially be interested in the products or services offered by the same company.

To promote a local company on Instagram, it is necessary to respect some rules that characterize the social network and all those social media marketing activities implemented on the platform controlled by Facebook.

Promote a local company on Instagram: create a company account

First you need to convert your private profile into a corporate account as in this way each user can contact the company by email or phone.

In addition, the same user will have the opportunity to receive directions to reach the company headquarters and visit the website to find out more about the products or services offered.

All this data can be entered in the profile section which currently represents the business card of every business.

Once the company profile has been completed, the contents can be published.

Promote a local company on Instagram: publish content

The publication must be governed by an editorial calendar which will indicate: topics to be treated, days of publication and hashtag to use.

It is the hashtags that represent another key element for enhancing a business locally. In fact, through the use of territorial hashtags, it is possible to promote the products or services of a company in the surrounding municipalities to the one within its competence.

Let’s take an example. Company X operates in Municipality B and we know that Municipality B borders on A and C. For this reason, during the strategic phase, all those hashtags that characterize Municipalities A, B and C.

Of course the community, reached by our posts, may not be interested in our products but through this strategy we will certainly improve the reputation of the brand in the local area. All this could be decisive for our commercial activity since notoriety and word of mouth are two fundamental elements for the survival of the same company .

Once the topics and hashtags to be used on their company profile have been defined, each company can decide independently to use Instagram Stories to implement corporate storytelling strategies.

Promote a local company on Instagram: take advantage of Stories

The Stories will be a faithful ally for all those businesses that want to show their human side or for all those companies that want to make their company headquarters known.

Furthermore, with Instagram Stories it is possible to create live videos with followers, launch thematic surveys or share folkloristic events that recall the culture and heritage of a specific territory.

So once again, Instagram Stories can be decisive for local businesses as by putting in place an effective territorial marketing strategy it will be possible to stimulate the interest of the local communities.


As we have seen, local companies can promote their entrepreneurial activity not only with the classic traditional marketing activities but also through social media and in particular with Instagram.

To get good results with this platform, you need to convert your private profile into a business account, choose the content and hashtags to share, and identify the topics to post on Instagram Stories.

It is this last phase that is decisive for the promotion of a local business as each company will be able to enhance the territory, the events and the culture of that geographical area in such a way as to consolidate the link with your community of reference

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