How to promote a restaurant on Facebook

But where are you going if you don’t have Facebook ?! This has now become the rhyme of recent years. Coffee and kittens are shared on Facebook, but more and more businesses use it as if it were the ideal alternative to the most classic of websites. This is because users, in addition to using it for private and social purposes, have become accustomed over time to scrolling their message boards in search of information of all kinds. Even before, for example, booking a table in a restaurant. In fact, over the years Facebook has become almost a search engine and a great way to look for the menu of the day of our favorite restaurant or make a reservation without bothering with a phone call, but by simply sending a request via Messenger .
Easy to use, immediate, no need for who knows what graphic skills, Facebook has undoubtedly become the most convenient and fastest way to advertise your business and your restaurant. However, it is not always used in the correct way. Because, if it is true that it is a tool within everyone’s reach, it is equally true that it is still a marketing tool and should be considered as such.
So let’s see together what are the potential of Facebook in the sector food and how to best use it to find ourselves admiring the tables in our restaurant occupied by many happy and satisfied people.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

The starting point is always the same and applies to any marketing action we want to take. There is no tool that can be used without a basic strategy. The statement “everyone is on Facebook” is always true, but before starting a journey for our restaurant on Facebook, let’s ask ourselves if it really makes sense, why and how. In other words, without strategy we are not going anywhere . We first need to assess what our Facebook marketing goals are and what audience we’re targeting. Let’s take a very simple example: if our ideal customer is a high school kid, because we sell sandwiches at super advantageous prices in a young and playful environment, then perhaps it is better to consider opening an account on Tik Tok rather than on Facebook, as our target audience is there. At this moment, however, we will assume that these concepts are already well understood and that we can proceed with the promotion of our restaurant on Facebook.

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How to open a restaurant account on Facebook

Let’s start with a simple but not trivial assumption: a restaurant’s Facebook account cannot and must not be a profile, but a business page . This is in fact the first step to take when deciding to Facebook marketing for our restaurant . The platform allows us, during the account opening phase, to choose the category that best suits our business and this will be useful to us as it opens up the possibility to customize our page to the maximum. Another fundamental step is to fill in all the required fields: business name, address, opening and closing times, a beautiful cover image and a profile image. In short, all those data able to make us identify clearly and precisely by our customers and, above all, to be found. During the creation phase, Facebook also gives us the possibility to link our page to the Whatsapp account. It goes without saying that this detail is fundamental, if we think about how it will be easier for our customers to send us a message and stay in touch with us. Also at this time, we can also go and fill the page with other information, to be filled in accurately. Like the menu, for example, essential to facilitate customers in the choice and booking phase.

Facebook Marketing = Content Marketing

Facebook is a wonderful box in which to collect our content. True, we have said that our customers search Facebook for information that is useful and relevant to their needs, but if we want to attract those customers then we must try to make them fall in love with us. How? Through the contents. As you know, image is everything for a restaurant and it is also for social media, a tool created to entertain people and stimulate their interest. When we talk about image we are not talking about glossy and perfect visions, but about coordinated image and set of values. Those that our restaurant possesses and wants to convey.

In fact, we often make the mistake of communicating our business in the same way we would do a promotional campaign in print or TV. Selling becomes the first goal to be cut and we try to reach it by overwhelming users with old-fashioned promotional messages, the same, repetitive and monotonous. On Facebook this approach doesn’t work. The story becomes the keystone of language, along with a whole series of elements, such as information, emotion and entertainment, in short, content marketing . Customers are not interested in being constantly harassed with the offer of the day. If we want to be followed and become something indispensable for them, we must offer other types of content.
For this reason, as in everything related to content marketing, it will be necessary to have a editorial calendar , where you can schedule content and create posts that are always different and related to our sector. We must, in a nutshell, customize the very entity of our restaurant . How? We can show pictures of what happens in the kitchen, tell the raw materials used, make known the story of the cheese supplier who has a very small goat farm, show how we serve our best recipe. Talking about oneself is the watchword. And we need to do it in an engaging and empathetic way .

User contend generated

Creating content that is always interesting and new can get complicated and even frustrating. But we often don’t think our customers are working for us in this regard. Why not use their own content? In 2021 it is unthinkable to go to a restaurant and not photograph the dishes. It is something related to the same act of eating with someone. Those contents can become our salvation. Sharing on the Facebook page the photo of the girl who eats our risotto with asparagus happy and with a satisfied look will make that same girl proud and create for us a magnificent content of real life.

Sponsored on Facebook

Facebook is not free . Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. And shamelessly. On Facebook it is essential to invest the budget in sponsored ads. The beauty of Facebook, however, is that advertising is highly performing and, with a little study and training, it is possible to learn how to invest our money in the right way. Here, in fact, you can choose between various objectives and, above all, you can perform a very precise targeting. During the winter season, for example, we can decide to focus our efforts on people who dine outside the home, if we have a business lunch on the menu. Or again, in summer, choose to attract as many tourists as possible in our city. Also in this case, always eyes on strategy: objective and target .

Customer care also goes to social networks

Mr. Mario sent a message on Monday to find out if we had room for dinner. Too bad that, among the thousand things to do, we only read his message the next day. Translated: one less table and a possible customer who will start the relationship with us already dissatisfied and who has begun to speak negatively about our restaurant. If we choose to “put” our restaurant on Facebook, then we must be sure that we can always use it. This does not mean being attached to your smartphone or computer. However, it means giving due weight to the messages we receive or to the comments posted under our contents. Relationship, this is the key word that we must always keep in mind when it comes to social networks.

These, in summary, are some tips that can be put into practice to promote our restaurant on Facebook. Do you already apply some of them? Tell us about them.

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