How to promote a tourist event on Facebook

Promuovere un evento turistico su Facebook

In summer, but also in winter, a series of tourist events are organized throughout the Italian territory with the aim of enhancing the uses, customs and traditions of local communities.

Before the birth and spread of social media, to obtain a good turnout of the public, in one or more tourist events, it was sufficient to distribute flyers, posters or brochures in strategic points of the territory.

Today this is no longer the case, as tourism has also been revolutionized by digital platforms.

In fact, traditional advertising, which for decades represented a gold mine for tourism marketing, has been “replaced” by more interactive forms of communication with the aim of improving the overall number of presences and notoriety. of the same event.

Among the numerous digital marketing initiatives implemented by the organizers of tourism events, we can mention: Google display advertising, travel bloggers’ content marketing or storytelling on large social media such as Facebook .

It is Mark Zuckerberg’s social network that represents that useful, but also indispensable tool for achieving the objectives set in the strategic phase.

Promoting a tourist event on Facebook: where to start

To start promoting a tourist event on Facebook, it is necessary to “transform” the same event into a product to be enhanced.

For this reason, the first step is to create a Facebook page where you can enter all the information relating to the tourism initiative.

Among the different models of pages offered by the American platform, I recommend opting for the event version since tourist events are part of this category.

Entering data will be very fast, since those who choose this layout will have to indicate:

– Purpose of the event;

– Place where the event will be organized;

– Messenger link for customer support;

– Email;

– Website;

If you opt for a Facebook page template other than the one I recommended – in the settings there are about 10 layouts – we can configure some predefined tabs in order to involve potential tourists.

Promote a tourist event on Facebook: the events tab

The first tab that can be used to promote a tourist event on Facebook is that event.

For those involved in marketing and communication for companies, the event tab can be extremely relevant to achieve strategic objectives (find out how to do marketing with Facebook tabs).

In fact, after activating it, the administrators of the page can click on create new event so as to:

– Enter the name of the event;

– The place where it will be organized;

– The dates of the event;

– The promotional images of the event;

– Any details;

In short, with the event tab it is possible to summarize all the information of the tourist event, or to highlight the most relevant aspects of the same event.

Promote a tourist event on Facebook: live video

The other essential tab for promoting a tourist event on Facebook is: live video.

As it is easy to guess, with this tool you can highlight the live broadcasts recorded on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

Live videos are very important for storytelling and for showing the organizational aspects of the entire event.

In fact with the direct on Facebook we can:

– Show the preparations needed to organize the event;

– Show the live broadcast of the event;

– Telling little anecdotes;

– Interview the organizers;

So with this interactive communication technique you can reduce the “geographical” distances between the territory and the tourist, or enhance the strengths of that same geographical area.

Promote a tourist event on Facebook: do content marketing

Promoting a tourist event on Facebook also means doing content marketing.

The administrators of the page, together with the organizers of the tourist event, have the duty to develop an editorial calendar through which to organize the publication of the contents on the Facebook page.

The editorial calendar must be centered on territorial contents in order to promote the customs and traditions of the local community.

It is an indispensable decision on the part of the organizers as only in this way will it be possible to transform the event into something unique and extraordinary.

The emotions, sensations and curiosity arising from the sharing of content will represent the input to persuade the potential tourist to visit that particular event.

Of course, the tourist experience – determined by the combination of numerous factors endogenous and exogenous to the territory – will be a source of persuasion for other users.

In fact, in tourism marketing, word of mouth is essential for the survival of a given offer.

Promote a tourist event on Facebook: word of mouth and tourist assistance

Since buzz is one of the most relevant marketing techniques for tourism, organizers can promote the event through Facebook reviews.

All the reviews, released by the most enthusiastic tourists, can be shared on the different digital platforms in order to increase the level of trust in those concerned.

This level of trust must also be improved with adequate digital tourist assistance.

For example with Facebook, page administrators can configure a bot on Messenger (find out how to configure a bot in Italian on Messenger) to distribute a digital brochure or any other advertising material.

The same bot can be used to provide information relating to the tourist event or to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Many solutions with one goal: to satisfy potential tourists.


To promote a tourist event on Facebook, you need to open a company page with an event format.

Alternatively we can opt for a services page and take advantage of all the potential of the Facebook tab.

In both cases, you will have to focus on three cornerstones of digital communication: content marketing, word of mouth and assistance in real time.

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