How to promote a Youtube channel: 6 simple steps

In this article we will talk about the evolution of how to promote a musical YouTube channel and not on social media from 2019 to the present day.

With the frightening number of users who use it daily to search for content to devour (Estimates around 5 billion per month), Youtube is considered the second most used search engine after Google.

And in fact it has become one of the most powerful marketing tools used by marketers all over the world; hundreds of thousands of brands use the video streaming platform to raise awareness to users their products and increase sales.

Yet sometimes despite the quality content, it is not possible to gain visibility and consequently the campaigns fail. How to properly promote a Youtube channel then?

We have tried to answer this question by listing some rules that every company or brand should adopt when promoting on Youtube.

How promote a Youtube channel in a few steps …

We are talking about the evolution of how to promote a musical and non-musical Youtube channel on social networks from 2019 to the present day.

Binding the contents together by following a thread advertise the channel on the social

For a Youtube channel it is very important to have a logical thread to follow, so that g Users don’t have to jump from one video to another to follow a specific guide or step by step how to . Jumping between the various topics can be deleterious, so try to create connections between your videos through conductors.

youtube come promuovere musicale 2019

It is very important that users get to know you step by step and understand that you are the experts in that specific topic.

You need to think of your Youtube channel as a container of guides, that your subscribers will use to get more information and clarity on topics they don’t know, or little, and about which they want to know more.

Use playlists to promote your YouTube channel!

Then create playlists of specific videos by dividing the various topics you cover; in this way anyone interested in a particular topic will have to follow the videos of a specific playlist without jumping from one video to another, losing the logical thread of the speech or topic you were facing.

Use the same graphics for each category, in this way the user will get used to your style and will always know what you are talking about and what specific topic; this will serve to increase the Brand Awareness that people perceive of you.

When creating videos, try to offer titles that capture attention, and above all that resolve a problem or a need they feel; if for example you want to create an informative video about infographics, use the same Youtube search to understand what people are looking for.

youtube come promuovere un canale musicale

You could then create a video on how to create Infographics with Illustrator, or with Canva, or with Adobe; this is what the Youtube search “suggests” to you.

This means that by placing your videos to address those needs, users looking for a way to create infographics can find you and connect with your Youtube channel. And that’s not cheap! Because from there they can also decide to follow you, and who knows, even to become your customers.

We are talking about the evolution of how to promote a musical Youtube channel and not on social media from 2019 to the present day.

Use adequate end screens to boost and advertise your channel

Our little guide on how to promote a Youtube channel could not miss a section dedicated to final screens to be placed at the end of the video; the latter are very important as they allow you to advertise your Youtube channel directly from your videos.

But what are the final screens?

The final screens are tools made available by Youtube itself and which were created to replace the old squares that appeared at the end of the video and that allowed you to connect a video to another.

These are practical graphic elements of variable duration (from 5 to 20 seconds) that are inserted at the end of the video and are mainly intended to direct viewers to another video of the channel, to invite viewers to subscribe to the channel, or to browse to an external website.

So very useful not to waste your users, but rather to give them a ‘ idea of ​​what to do once the video is finished, with a well-defined Call to Action : go to the next video, is subscribe to our channel, or visit the website . Great!

Very simple! You must enter the Youtube Studio section that you find in the drop-down menu that appears by clicking on the thumbnail of your account at the top right.

Once you have entered the video section, next to the Edit button you will find the option Final screens and annotations “; note however that to be able to insert them you will need to be part of the Youtube Partner program ( PPY), otherwise you will have to use a different method to increase subscribers and followers.

To be part of the PPY you must have at least 1000 followers and more than 40,000 hours of views. Once your channel will have been authorized, you can insert end screens.

Why are end screens so important? Because they allow you to stay in touch with your viewer and to be able to guide them through other videos on your channel, making them loyal.

Let’s continue with the next point of this guide on how to promote a Youtube channel.

Do you have a company blog where you talk about your products or services? Well one of the best tactics to promote your Youtube channel is to put videos on your channel.

Why? Very simple, because this allows you to get an increase in views and users who from the blog will start to follow you on Youtube, and because inserting videos into a website / blog increases the ranking with which Google indexes you.

It is certainly no mystery that original video content is highly rated by the number one search engine in the world.

A better ranking of your site and consequently a higher ranking of your site. -toc-section-end “>

You can also ask friend sites or related blogs if they can post your video on their web departments, but keep in consider the idea that not everyone will do it and you will not be able to understand or control who really works to insert your videos.

Not to mention that if there are limitations in the embedding for external sites, the process becomes more complex; so before complicating our life we ​​check the settings of our account to see if there are or not this kind of limitations.

Although it can be difficult to find external sites that host your video, it is always good to try, to avoid eliminating a part of the reach that would come from sites related to yours.

Contact those who work in your sector and show them your videos YouTube channel

I know what you are going to tell me; but if I show videos to those who work in my sector, am I not helping my competitor?

It is possible, but you have to look for youtube or social channels that can give a boost to you in exchange for an added value to them. Let me explain:

If a site similar to yours, friend, in his blog writes about how to do a certain thing, on which you have produced a video, you can offer this site the possibility to insert your video, enriching its blog. This makes both parties gain in terms of visibility, and this is how the collaborations with other professionals in the sector.

So don’t get stuck on the idea that you could help a competitor; rather try to make advantageous deals that will push him to publish your videos and to have greater visibility, even on an audience that does not currently know you and does not follow you.

Be an added value nto for him and he will be for you.

Share your video on social media and have it shared to enhance your channel on YouTube

We are talking about the evolution of how promote a musical and non-musical Youtube channel on social media from 2019 to the present day.

Social media are of vital importance in terms of visibility; how many videos have been spread on the various Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and so on, becoming viral in no time?

Social networks are a great amplifier for your business and for this they must be exploited; so if you have a Facebook company page for example, share the videos you have produced, obviously by inserting the link of the Youtube channel, to increase the number of subscribers to the channel and get new views (and potential customers).

Social networks are a very important tool and for this they must be used correctly, especially as regards publishing the contents. In fact, you cannot share all the videos you made in a single day, which is also detrimental to visibility, as you would have dozens of videos in a single day and then total nothing .

You should rather plan your publications and ensure that your page is always active and updated with new content , to attract more and more new people. Planning is important, so draw up a real editorial plan in which you will perfectly schedule the contents to be published, to avoid creating too many videos in a very short period of time.

We are talking about the evolution of how to promote a musical Youtube channel and not on social media from 2019 to the present day.

Seo Youtube – optimize videos for search and advertising of your channel

If you thought you could only talk about SEO for Google, guess what, you were wrong. And certainly could not miss a section related to SEO in this guide on how to promote a Youtube channel.

After all, as we have already said several times, Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world, right after Google.

But what is SEO ? SEO is Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization. It is a procedure that follows the various algorithms (be it that of Google, Bing, FB, Youtube … Etc.) to correctly index your content and draw up a sort of ranking of the best.

Having SEO-optimized content on Google means finding that content in the first search results after entering the keywords you are looking for.

And Youtube is not exempt from this procedure. You will surely have noticed that looking for particular keywords on Google among the results we can also easily find Youtube videos , this is because the famous search engine also prefers optimized videos among the results.

And therefore we must make sure to be able to optimize your videos so that they are visible on Youtube and on Google, in short, that they are optimized for search.

How to advertise on the member L? Let’s see some effective strategies:

We are talking about the evolution of how to promote a musical Youtube channel and not on social media since 2019 today.

First of all we need to analyze effective and relevant keywords with the content of our video. Once you understand which ones to use, we insert them in the title of our video. Howto videos are usually very effective as they are useful in solving a problem; use the words “ how to … ” to attract not only the attention of the public, but also of Google itself.

The same keywords must also be inserted several times in the description of the video; we can even make a transcript of what is said in the video, if we do not want to insert subtitles.

We put the video in the right categories, since Youtube does not always choose the best one for us. Better to enter them manually.

And finally we use the tags, in which we will insert the keywords to make the search engines understand the keywords for which we want to position our videos .

Another tip is to respond to all the comments we receive in the video, not just to interact with our audience, who will perceive us more as ‘human’, but also to increase the credibility of our channel to search engines.

But why do SEO to advertise our Youtube channel?

Simple; every day there are 3.5 billion people looking for something on Google. And if you managed to create a strong presence with your videos, you could intercept all those users who are looking for an immediate (and perhaps visible, solution) not only readable) to any of their problems.

Numbers that should not be underestimated, but not overestimated: remember that not everyone will look for a solution to the problem that you solve. So choose carefully the keywords to rank for, especially those that have a higher search volume in your sector.

How to promote a Youtube channel, using paid advertising?

F so far we have talked about methods that take different amounts of time to work; they are not immediate, require a lot of work and obviously also a lot of patience.

If you want to have more results in a short time, you can choose to sponsor your Youtube channel through paid ads that allow you to have greater visibility within the Google streaming platform.

All this is possible by connecting Google Ads with Youtube, and using specific tools that the parent company of Mountain View provides. Google Ads allows you to create real campaigns that can increase the visibility of your videos on Youtube.

When we create ad, we can choose whether to use three different types of strategy:

  • TrueView Ads , in which you pay only if the user interacts with your video;
  • Bumper Ads , are those types of ads that appear before, during or after a videos, and which cannot be ignored;
  • Outstream Ads , which are specially designed for mobile and the user can decide whether to click on them or silence them.

Keep in mind that when you go to set the budget this will have to be substantial. Thinking about small amounts, try to spend at least 5 euros a day, otherwise in terms of visibility you will get very few results.

Sponsoring a channel is a very quick method to reach a particularly large and even targeted audience. So if you are in a hurry to get results, Google Ads may be the solution for you. But be careful to choose your options well, or you will lose a lot of money.

We conclude the guide on how to promote a Youtube channel

In this simple guide we have described 7 fundamental steps on how to promote a Youtube channel .

Behind all this work there is a large part of market analysis, analysis of the target audience and obviously also the competition you will be dealing with.

  • Remember the fundamental points; try to create a logical thread for your videos, enclosing them in dedicated playlists.
  • Use the end screens to connect them to each other in order to increase engagement of your channel.
  • Insert your videos into your blog and contact those who work in your same sector; be the added value and you will all earn.
  • Social networks are important, share your videos on the various company profiles to also increase the views on the Youtube channel.
  • Optimize your content for search engines with SEO to make it appear in the top positions for the keywords you want.
  • And finally , if you have the economic possibility, sponsor your videos to get maximum and immediate visibility.

We are sure that with these little tips you will be able to increase the notoriety of the your Youtube channel and your brand.

For this guide on the evolution of how to promote a musical and non-musical Youtube channel on social media from 2019 to the present day, see the next article!

Want to know more on Youtube? Follow the dedicated section of our blog.


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How to promote a Youtube channel: 6 simple steps


In this article we will talk about the evolution of how to promote a musical Youtube channel and not on social media from 2019 to the present day …


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