How to promote an Instagram post

In an ideal world, posting a great photo on Instagram should be enough to reach as many users as possible, but we know that’s not the case. Indeed, what users are complaining about is organic account growth in free fall and lower and lower coverage of individual posts .

How is that possible? Very simple, it is an economic question. Instagram has become a platform with a billion monthly active users, where the race for visibility in the middle of the jungle of posts has become a very lucrative activity. What to do then? Give up your space on this social network and exclude a whole slice of potential buyers? No, what we have to do is use all the tools that the social network makes available to increase the visibility and coverage of posts , allowing us to reach a large number of active users and increase interactions in our account .

What are sponsorships on Instagram

Sponsorships are the means made available by Instagram to advertise on the social network . They allow you to be shown to a wider audience than normal and to reach a greater number of potential customers. Their sponsorship strength lies in their perfect integration into the social network. Sometimes it is hard to realize that what we are looking at is a sponsored product and not a post from an account that we follow.

There are several sponsorship options, you can decide to use one, or simply promote a single post. Another positive side is that they are very simple to use, all we need is to have a business account connected to a Facebook page. Until recently, sponsorship operations could only be carried out through the FB page connected to the Instagram account, but now there is a quick option that can be activated directly from the Instagram app.

How to promote a post on Instagram

The first thing to do to start promoting posts is to make sure you have a business account. To check the type of account, just open the settings from the top menu, go to Account and, if you have a personal profile, click on Switch to company profile , at this point you will be asked to link the profile to a Facebook business page.

In possession of our business profile we are able to sponsor posts with simple steps. Just scroll through the photo gallery and choose the one to promote. We open the post that interests us and click on the promote button that appears under the photo on the right. From this moment on, we must work to set up the promotion campaign and then choose the goal we intend to achieve, for example getting likes or profile visits, selecting the target to be reached, the call to action, the budget and the duration of the promotion. Last transaction the payment. We activated the promotion on an Instagram post.

A no-brainer right? Actually promoting a post on Instagram is very simple, but it is equally true that the options that we can use in the application are very limited. Of course, the operations are fast and rapid and can also lead to good results, but to activate more precise campaigns, in terms of objectives and targets to be achieved, it is always recommended to use the Facebook Business Manager , a real management software that has a whole series of very useful and effective professional tools for carrying out advertising campaigns.

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