How to publish a story on the company Facebook page

A story is worth a thousand words. No, you have not read it wrong, we are talking about stories. Those that we find in social networks of course. Because it is pure reality, a fact. Stories are and will be the fuel of social media marketing. Why? Simple, they offer a completely engaging and immersive experience in a matter of seconds. For this reason, social networks are investing more and more in the possibility of storytelling with stories: small videos, which have a limited duration and life, or images that capture the immediacy of the moment. And after the success of Snapchat first and the Instagram stories later, the most famous social network in the world could not be left behind and, in fact, even on Facebook there is the possibility of using this tool. But how does it work? And can it also be useful for company pages? Let’s go find out.

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What is a Facebook Story and what are its main features?

A story is a form of immediate and direct communication that can be shared with your contacts in the form of an image or a short video of about 20 seconds. Its main feature is that it only lasts 24 hours . From the moment of its publication this will remain visible to contacts only for a limited time.

immediacy is a fundamental feature of stories as they describe and communicate something that is happening at that precise moment; give the opportunity to get in touch and interact with their followers, who can respond to the story through private messages.

The smartphone camera is used to create stories, directly from the Facebook application. Once the content has been created, it can be modified with the use of filters made available by the application. But there are many actions that can be taken to edit the photos and videos, which are shared in the stories. It is possible to add text, enter the location, tag people, insert emoticons, cut videos. Those who are already familiar with Instagram stories will find them very similar. And to demonstrate how connected the two social networks are, if you have an Instagram account connected to the Facebook company page, you can share the stories published on Instagram also on Facebook . To do this, simply go to the Instagram settings and tick share your story on Facebook in the options section relating to stories.

How to create and publish a story on the company Facebook page

As we’ve already mentioned, posting a story is very simple. You do it directly from your smartphone, through the Facebook application. Initially, the function was only allowed for personal profiles. We know well, in fact, that for some time Facebook has implemented a clear distinction between personal profiles and company pages. Now this function has also been implemented for pages. To publish a story on Facebook company pages, the process to follow is very simple:

You will have to go to the page of your company , scroll until the item appears create a story and click it. At this point you can create the story by taking a photo or video live or choose, through the icon at the bottom left, a content from your gallery. Once the story has been created, you can immediately publish it in the stories section, save the content in the gallery or add filters to the photo or video. The forward button also allows you to choose to publish the story on another page, if multiple Facebook pages are managed, and to publish the content of the story in the news at the same time, creating a post.

For the moment, not all company pages or all profiles have the option to create stories enabled. But it’s only a matter of timeā€¦ Soon this feature will be implemented in all profiles. In the meantime, there is a trick you can use to bypass this failed update. That is, go and publish a story in your profile, enter the story and click on the “add” button. At this point you can upload another story and, by clicking on the “next” button, publish it on the company page, following the procedure illustrated above. Just a tip: remember to delete the story in your personal profile immediately.

Why it is important for your business to use Facebook Stories

As we have seen, stories are an immediate way to share content and get in direct contact with your followers. The latest changes to the Facebook algorithm have penalized the visibility of business profiles, giving priority to interactions between friends and family. Investing in new forms of communication, which always make it easy to reach users and give the possibility to create stronger links with the community , is a good strategy to help the page and therefore your business to grow. .

Stories are an alternative way to tell what is hidden behind your brand, they are the opportunity to show another side of your company, that which concerns everyday life to become more and more intimate with followers and increase visibility .

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