How to put Animoji on Instagram

Browsing the Instagram feed and watching your friends’ stories on the famous social network photographic, you noticed that some of them have published videos with Animoji , the animated and customizable smileys that can be created with Apple devices. Intrigued by it and eager to do the same, you then rushed to the Web in search of information about it and ended up on this guide of mine on the subject.

How do you say? The situation is precisely this and would you like to understand if I can explain to you how to put Animoji on Instagram ? Of course yes, God forbid. In fact, if you dedicate a few minutes of your precious time to me, I can illustrate, in a simple but not lacking in detail way, how to publish the contents in question both in posts and in stories, not only acting from iPhone but also from Android.

I already tell you that, contrary to what you might think, it is not a complicated operation, quite the contrary. Come on then: position yourself comfortably and immediately start concentrating on reading what is reported below. I wish you good reading and have fun!


Preliminary information


Before entering the alive of the tutorial, going to explain how to put Animoji on Instagram , there is some preliminary information about it that I have to give you.

To begin with, let’s try to understand what exactly Animoji are. As anticipated at the beginning, these are animated emojis available “as standard” on the most recent Apple-branded mobile devices: iPhone X and later models and 11 / 12.9-inch iPad Pro and later models.

Facial recognition is used to create them, through the front camera of the device, as they trace the user’s expressions. They can depict both animals and fictional characters. In short, it is a dynamic and animated version of Memoji , the “static” smileys always present on the devices of the “bitten apple”.

Once created, the Animoji can then be shared on Instagram in the form of video , so it is possible to insert them both within the posts and of stories , as usual with any other movie.

To create an Animoji and record a video with it, just open the Messages app of the iPhone, tap on the icon icon with the sheet and the pencil located at the top right, in order to start a new conversation with a sender of your choice (if you do not want to send the video with the Animoji to third parties, you can also choose your own contact) or select an existing conversation and tap the “A” stylized and then up that of the face with glasses on a black background .

At this point, you have to choose the Animoji you prefer or create a custom one by tapping the (+) button, bring the iPhone to face height to frame yourself with the front camera and record the video, pressing the button with the round red circle .

At the end of the recording, tap on the arrow icon, to send the Animoji in the selected conversation. Subsequently, save the video with the newly created Animoji in the smartphone Gallery, so that you can then use it on Instagram, by making a long tap on the relative preview and choosing the item Save from the menu that appears. For more details, you can refer to my specific guide on how to make videos with Animoji.

On Android , instead , it is not possible to have the exact same animated smileys, but you can still achieve something similar using a feature integrated in the Camera app of some smartphones, for example the Samsung Galaxy S9 and later models, but also using apps used for this purpose , such as VideoMoji and EMOJI Face Recorder, which are free (but with in-app purchases) and which can be downloaded directly from the Play Store (possibly they are also available on alternative stores) . For more information, I refer you to reading my guide on how to make Animoji on Android.

How to insert Animoji on Instagram

Animoji post Instagram

Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally take action and find out how to insert Animoji on Instagram . If what you want to do is insert the Animoji in a post, the first step you need to take is to start the Instagram app for Android or iOS, press the (+) button > located in the lower center and select the video with the Animoji you created earlier, as I explained to you in the previous chapter.

This will show you the preview of the movie at the top of the screen. Press, therefore, on the voice Next located at the top right and, if you want, make any changes to the video: you can set a filter by choosing it from the Filter section, you can cut the video using the Cut section > and you can select the cover from the Cover section. Then decide whether to leave the audio active or not, by pressing the button with the speaker at the top, and tap again on the Next item.

Finally, insert an accompanying caption for the image, in the field Write a caption ; decide whether to tag other Instagram users, by tapping on the Tag people item, and whether to add a position, choosing it from the Add place section.

Then decide whether to publish the photo also on the other supported social networks ( Facebook , Twitter and Tumblr ), by moving the relative switches from OFF to ON , and press on the item Share located at the top right, in order to perform the publication of the content and, therefore, complete the procedure to put Animoji on Instagram.

How to put Animoji in Instagram stories

Animoji storia Instagram

You are wondering how to put the Animoji in Instagram stories ? I’ll settle you immediately. First, open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device and press the camera icon located at the top left or on the thumbnail of your avatar with the (+) button next to found on the main application screen.

Next, check that the History option is selected at the bottom of the new screen (otherwise you can do it by swiping on the screen) and download the video of the Animoji you created earlier, as I explained to you in the step at the beginning of the guide, and which is saved in the Gallery of your mobile phone, by previously tapping on the preview which is at the bottom left.

Afterwards, you will be shown the selected video on the Instagram screen. If you deem it necessary, you can edit it using the tools for editing the stories integrated in the app, by clicking on the icons located at the top: the one with the face with the stars allows you to apply filters and effects, the one with the sticker to insert gifs, stickers, music tracks etc., the one with the stroke to draw and the Aa icon allows you to insert texts .

Finally, go ahead and publish the video with the Animoji, by tapping the Send button to which is located at the bottom right and then deciding whether to share the story on Instagram and possibly also on Facebook or only with close friends, by touching the relative button Share that you find in the next screen.

For more information on how to make stories on Instagram, I invite you to read the tutorial I have dedicated entirely to the topic.

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