How to put Instagram black?

Today we will talk about how to put the dark mode on Instagram. To be clear, we will explain how to put Instagram black on both Android and iOS devices!

Don’t you know the Android Instagram dark mode? Not even the iOS one? Well, then you have come to the right place!

You will surely have seen the dark setting on your friends’ phones and you have wondered “But how do you put it?” In this article we will show you how it can be set on Instagram.

This is the latest innovation implemented on the platform. Indeed, it is possible to obtain a decidedly captivating look that, at the same time, helps not to tire the eyes when the external light is very poor.

After the farewell to the setting on “follow already”, now comes the new one, the “dark mode Instagram”, born following in the footsteps of Twitter.

The most famous visual social network in the world, now allows its users, therefore, to change the background of the application, creating an optical effect that is truly appreciated by many people. From white to black .

How to put Instagram black, i steps for Android and iOS

Activating the dark mode on Instagram is really simple. This mode is gaining ground now, both on Android and iOS smartphones. There are many advantages, starting from not straining your eyes, mainly if you use your mobile phone in an environment with reduced lighting.

Instagram, on the other hand, is one of those constantly updated platforms that, even if it reaches the pinnacle of success, it never stops implementing new functions. This is why it has managed to position itself as one of the best social networks in the world.

In fact, in the new version only the name of a friend who clicked on the heart to show his appreciation is visible, without other users being able to see the number next to it.

After that, the team that takes care of social updates decided to remove the classic table that showed the following. So, now, it is no longer possible to spy on the activities of those you follow, such as their comments or likes on posts.

Its novelty, therefore, this time concerns the graphic style, which serves users to keep their eyes more and more rested and bring a great battery saving to the device of your device smartphone .

dark mode instagram ios

Before of all, what is dark mode on Instagram?

First of all, dark mode is a setting, available for devices updated to Ios 13 and Android 10. This allows you to show you the screens of your social networks blacks instead of white.

Its development was immediately appreciated by the users of the most famous social network apps. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the Gmail messaging app and the Google Chrome search engine immediately joined.

In an era like ours, using social media is at the agenda, so as to create a real “addiction”. We surf more and more often late at night.

The risk, however, becomes that of straining your eyes . The black mode, however, allows us to tire our eyes less by reducing the famous blue light compared to normal standards.

Furthermore, it allows a lower battery consumption especially for devices with of OLED screen.

come mettere instagram nero

Few steps, how to put instagram black?

  • If you have an Iphone updated to Ios 13, just go to the settings of the phone, select the item Screen. P oi go to the Brightness item and select the Appearance item. Finally, on the screen that opens you can choose the dark / Dark mode.
  • If you have a Smartphone updated to Android 10, the procedure will be as follows. Click on Settings of the phone, choose the item Display. I nfine by clicking on Tema you can set Dark as the mode of your phone.

After these operations, the dark mode will be applied to all apps that support it independently. So you just need to open Instagram to find the black background .

If, however, you notice that despite the steps taken they will not get you the dark setting, check for app updates directly from Play Store .

dark mode instagram android

How to put instagram black if phone doesn’t support it?

If you don’t have an old mobile phone model that doesn’t support Ios 13 or Android 10 you can install the dark mode on instagram directly from your browser.

For what concerns your Android smartphone, you must know that the first thing to do is go to the Google Chrome . The search engine has a native dark theme that also works on Instagram.

You will need to type Crome://flags and use the bar at the top to search for “dark mode”. A box will appear with the words “default” : clicking on it, select Enabled and after you have done, press on blue button Relaunch Now .

Afterwards, just open Instagram, again via the browser. Add Instagram on your home and if you have done everything correctly you will find the themes option in the settings to be able to select dark mode .

With the Iphone the procedure is simpler: you can get the dark version also on Ios 11 or 12.

Just go to Settings , and follow the items General / Accessibility / Screen adjustment / Invert colors. By doing this you can set dark mode on all applications and system screens.

However, as this is simply a color inversion, don’t be surprised if you don’t see the black mode when taking a screenshot.

Of course, there are also less legitimate methods for get dark mode, through APK packages or hacks of various kinds . These modes are however not recommended as they could compromise the security of your phone.

dark mode android

Tell the truth: you have tried the dark mode Instagram but you want to remove it because you are bored.

It must be said, in fact, that seeing the dark mode on Instagram, for those used to seeing it white, may not like it at all. So let’s see in this article how to remove black Instagram from Android.

In conclusion, the new look of Instagram, dark, therefore serves to improve readability, managing to minimize eye strain, especially when in poorly lit environments.

Useful, especially for those used to using the application at night, before falling asleep. The positive note is that it works with Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices .

So, beyond the aesthetic aspect, the most obvious and absolutely not accidental advantage, of the dark mode on Instagram, is to be able to use your smartphone at any time without being dazzled by the blinding white of the screen.

This novelty, therefore, can be important for all its users .

How to have black Instagram: other tips

To have black Instagram on your Android or Ios, you must first know that this mode is activated automatically, only when your device has also been authorized to enable black mode. So, no enabling of your smartphone, no party!

In case you fail to view Instagr am black, it means that the app of your social network has not been updated.

In this case, go to Play Store, go to My apps in the side panel, click on Updates and if is available, start the Instagram update and you will see that your smartphone has also evolved getting the black Instagram mode.

If you are a lazy person, or if you don’t want to manually worry about updates of your apps. You can set and activate the automatic update. Just go to your Play Store settings (I remind you that you should check the option “only via wifi”, so your Giga are safe).

The Dark Mode Instagram: utility

Have you wondered why I told you about Instagram’s Dark Mode? If you have come this far to read this article, perhaps you have asked yourself (or you are just an avid reader, devourer of articles on social networks).

If you use Instagram very often, your eyes they may leave you at any moment. I’m not talking about a sudden loss of organs useful for sight or even a call from Morpheus who calls you back into his arms, until you fall asleep.

No! None of this … I’m talking about how tiring it can be to spend hours staring at the display of your smartphone (or your computer), for work or just for fun. So, I would like to avoid making you spend money on an eye examination and a consequent purchase of eyeglasses.

The dark theme, in this case of Instagram, but I can refer to any other type of app and social, like Facebook, Twitter, even the Gmail app, is often preferred by users. This is why they are developed by teams of developers, to allow users to rest their eyes, especially when using mobile devices in low light environments.

In addition, the dark theme, the instagram dark mode ios, allows you to save battery, s especially with regard to smartphones that mount an OLED panel (OLED technology, for those who do not know, helps to make more realistic images and videos).

So, having an instagram dark mode ios for Instagram at your fingertips can be very useful both for the user’s health, and for the functionality of your smartphone (or tablet or pc).

How to have black Instagram: other tips

To have instagram dark mode ios, you must first know that this mode is activated automatically, only when your device has also been authorized to enable black mode; therefore, no enabling of your smartphone, no party!

After completing the procedures I indicated and listed above, the black background will be applied and, therefore, automatically displayed, to all apps that support this mode. In case you are unable to view black Instagram, it means that your social app has not been updated.

In this case, go to Play Store, go on My apps in the side panel, click on Updates and if it is available, start the Instagram update and you will see that your smartphone will also have evolved getting the black Instagram mode.

If you are a lazy person, or if you don’t want to manually worry about the updates of your apps, you can set and activate the automatic update, always from the settings of your Play Store (I remind you that you should check the option ” only via wifi ”, so your Giga are safe).

Dark Mode Instagram: Is black a good idea or not?

I told you about the usefulness of Dark Mode Instagram, now t i would also like to talk about the other side of the coin.

We know that black has now become part of the cybernetic everyday “dress”; in fact, many web designers also create websites with themes in dark, dark colors, or use black as a background color to give greater prominence to the contents, which consequently are light in color .

These arguments were made because light text on a dark background stands out much more than dark text on a light background. In addition, black is elegant, sophisticated and minimal. Despite this, a black or dark site is a bad choice because it decreases the chances of a user buying your products or contacting you for a job.

This is not the case with instagram dark mode ios, because this social network is not a trading site, but it is only a showcase; however, I wanted to point out that, Instagram black has its pros, but also its cons, a bit like a website.

The most complained flaw by users as far as regarding dark designs is definitely readability. In fact, it is not always easy to read content carefully against a black background, especially if it contains very long sentences and not broken between them.

Black, therefore, is cool, as today’s kids would say, but it could immediately make the user escape.

Not Have you ever wondered why all the big web portals haven’t adopted Dark Mode? Arcane revealed! With all of this, I’m not saying that the Dark Mode Instagram version isn’t useful, I mentioned the benefits on purpose before.

I just wanted to point out that Dark Mode is not a “style of vita ”adopted by everyone: black is stylish, but have you wondered if it’s just all smoke and no roast?

Instagram Nero: conclusions

I’ve listed the pros and cons on Instagram Nero; it’s up to you whether to treasure it or throw my words to the wind. In my simple and humble opinion the dark mode instagram android is a trend of the moment, it is something that does not change your life. It does not change the functionality of the social app and it does not make you grab more followers .

Yes, it helps to keep your eyes from getting tired in the evening, but have you ever thought of reading a good book? They say it helps to reconcile sleep, better than the old grandmother’s method who told us to count sheep (I’ve never dreamed of them, I’ve always preferred to read a few pages of a paper or drink a nice relaxing herbal tea).

Instagram Nero is just appearance; I’m not saying it was a silly gimmick. Attention, this is not my aim. Indeed, the dark mode instagram android was a very popular option for various users . I just said that if it goes beyond the appearance of the Dark theme, Instagram works the same way.

The Black version hasn’t changed anything, except the background; has not changed the purpose of Instagram: people continue to use this social network, whether it is in Dark Mode or White Mode, for advertising, to meet people or just for pure and simple entertainment.

The fact remains that, you user, who have applied the dark mode instagram android version, you are no better than what is left to the white version, just because it is more traditional.

Discover all the news on Instagram in the dedicated section of our blog.


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