How to put music in Instagram posts

You use Instagram on a daily basis but, despite this, you feel you still have a lot to learn in terms of creating captivating content, able to capture the attention of users. In particular, you would like to create engaging music videos to publish in the posts of the well-known photographic social network, but you don’t know how to do it.

If things are exactly right. so, don’t worry: if you want, I can give you some advice – hopefully useful – on how to put music in Instagram posts . In the next chapters of this guide, in fact, I will show you in detail the operation of Reels , the default tool of Instagram that allows you to create videos, including music, to be posted in the feed, and then I will recommend some third-party apps that allow you to make videos with music to be published on Instagram.

So if you can’t wait to find more, take a few minutes of free time, read this guide calmly and put in place the procedures that I am about to give you. You will see that, by following my instructions carefully, you will easily and quickly succeed in the intent you have proposed. Having said that, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


How to put music in Instagram posts

Come si mette la musica nei post di Instagram

The first solution you can use to put Instagram post music is the Reels feature of the well-known photo social network, available through the official app for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iPhone, which allows you to create short-length videos with background music, to be published in the Reels section of Instagram but also in the classic post feed.

To use it, start the Instagram app on your device and log in to your account. Then, on the main screen, press the (+) button located in the upper left corner and then tap on the Reel item.

Now, choose the duration of the video to record (minimum 15 seconds and maximum 30 seconds ), using the appropriate button, and tap on the music note icon to select the music track to add to the movie. After that, optionally customize the other video settings, choosing the playback speed (the arrow icon ), setting a countdown (the stopwatch icon ) and adding all the effects you prefer (via the smiley face icon ).

When you are ready to record, press the round button located in the center, in order to record the movie. You can record the video all at once or in several times, splitting it into several clips, as I explained to you in my tutorial on Instagram Reels.

At the end of the creation of the video, press on the arrow icon for two consecutive times and, after having written the caption accompanying the video, make sure that the lever located in correspondence Share also in Feed is set to ON .

Finally, to publish the video in the section Reels of Instagram (the clapperboard icon ) and in your posts , click on the Share button. Easy, right?

How to put music video post Instagram

To put music in videos to publish in Instagram posts , you can also use third-party apps, thanks to which you can access more feature-rich editors than that of the Reels. For more details, read on.

InShot (Android / iOS)

InShot (Android/iOS)

The app that I recommend you use to make videos with music to be published in Instagram posts is inShot , available both on Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS. It’s free, but gives you the ability to make in-app purchases to remove ads and use additional transactions, effects and stickers.

To take advantage of it, after downloading it on your device (searching for it in the reference store, pressing on its icon, then on the Install / Get button and possibly verifying your identity), start it by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the app menu, and agree to all the requests that are shown to you (to ensure proper functioning).

Now, click on the button Video located on the main screen and select, via the Gallery of your device, the videos / photos to import into the timeline. Then press the icon, to add them to the timeline.

Once this is done, all you have to do is use all the tools for editing videos in the app, such as the Canvas tool, which is used to adjust the resolution of the movie (useful for selecting the 1: 1 setting relating to posts of Instagram ) or the Text button, through which you can add overlays.

To add a soundtrack to the movie, instead , press on the musical note icon and, through the songs section, select the song of your interest, using the copy button.

At the end of the changes, click on the share icon located in the upper right corner and tap the button Save , to automatically save the exported video to your device’s Gallery. Once this is done, all you have to do is upload the video to Instagram posts, as you usually do, through the appropriate function of the social network (the [+] button).

In case of doubts or problems, or for more information regarding the operation of InShot , you can read my guide in which I tell you about the apps for edit video.

Other apps to make video with music

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There are also other useful apps for making videos with music intended for Instagram. I refer, for example, to Quick by GoPro (Android / iOS) or VideoShow (Android / iOS) which are all excellent solutions of immediate use available for free and with the possibility , in many cases, to unlock the use of additional tools and content through in-app purchases.

Apps of this type allow you to mount videos in a really immediate way. In Viva Video , for example, just press the Create button, select the videos to add to the timeline and use the app editor to create the video to post on Instagram.

In the latter, using the Tele and wallpapers button, you can select the 1: 1 format for Instagram posts, while using the Music button you can add a soundtrack to the movie, and then save the result in the device Gallery (using the Save option).

For more information on Viva Video and other tips on similar apps that you can use, I recommend you read my tutorial on apps for making videos with music or the one on how to create videos with music.

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