How to put stickers on Instagram

You would like to give a personal touch to the stories you post on Instagram by inserting personalized stickers , maybe they represent you in a cartoon version? Well, it seems like a really nice idea; the thing is absolutely feasible: all you have to do to do it is to create stickers using apps designed for this purpose and paste the final result into the stories of the famous photographic social network.

How do you say? Would you like to have a practical demonstration of how to do this? I’ll settle you immediately. In the next paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will explain how to put stickers on Instagram quickly and easily. Contrary to what you might think, completing this operation is anything but complicated.

I would say, therefore, to put aside the chatter and get down to business. So, if you haven’t already done so, make yourself comfortable and take the time to read this article, so you know exactly how to move. All I have to do is wish you good reading and a good time!


How to put stickers on Instagram: Android

Mettere adesivi su Instagram da Android

Let’s start this discussion by seeing how to put stickers on Instagram from Android . As I told you in the introductory jokes of the article, to do this just turn to one of the many apps that allow you to create custom stickers, such as the excellent Bitmoji , which is free and allows you to create stickers in an extremely simple fast, which can then be shared in the main messaging apps and the main social networks, such as Instagram.

To install Bitmoji on your device, open the app store on your device (eg Play Store or an alternative store, if you have a device without Google services ), search for the application within the latter and first tap on its icon in the search results and then on the download / install button.

At the end of the download, once Bitmoji is started on your device, press the button Register via email , specify your date of birth , click on Continue and indicate, in the appropriate text fields, the email address and the password with you intend to register in the app. Then press the Register button and follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the registration procedure.

Later , tap on the man or woman icon, to specify your gender, press the Continue and buttons Allow and take a selfie, taking care that your face falls within the dotted circle that appeared on the screen. By doing so, the app will be able to create the “base” of the character that will be the protagonist of your sticker pack.

Now, customize the character that was created automatically, customizing complexion , hair , hair , eyes , eyebrows , nose , glasses , face , etc. As soon as you have obtained the desired result, press the green button Save located at the top right.

Then press on button Yes, so you can go to the screen that allows you to customize your character’s outfit as well. Once on the latter, decide which clothes to wear to the avatar that will be present in your stickers and, when you have also finished this operation, press the Save button located always at the top right.

Once this is done, access Instagram from its official app, press the icon of the house located at the bottom left, tap on the camera symbol at the top left and create your story. If you want to take a photo or record a video at the moment, use the white circular button in the center of the screen or upload content already saved in the Gallery, by pressing the icon small square located at the bottom left and choose the photo or video of your interest.

Then press the button Aa located at the top right, so as to call up the keyboard , tap on the symbol of the smiling emoji , located at the bottom left, and press on the ‘ Bitmoji icon (to be clear, that of the square sticker that smiles ). Once this is done, scroll through the list of available stickers and tap on the one you are interested in.

Finally, drag the sticker to the desired point and eventually resize it , opening or closing two fingers on it. Finally, tap the Your Story button (bottom left), so as to publish the story with personalized stickers on Instagram. Easier than that ?!

How to put stickers on Instagram: iPhone

Mettere gli sticker su Instagram da iPhone

You have an iPhone and would like to know how to put stickers on Instagram ? Well, in this case you can take advantage of Apple’s Memoji function, through which you can create stickers with which to represent yourself and which can be used not only in messaging apps, but can also be shared in Instagram stories in an extremely simple way. Let me explain how to proceed.

First, you need to create the stickers. Then open the Messages app “standard” on your iPhone, tap the pencil symbol with the sheet located at the top right and press the

Use the buttons and menus that allow you to define complexion , haircut , eyebrows , eyes , head , nose , mouth , ears , beard , glasses and headgear . Once you are satisfied with the sticker pack you just created, click on the Finish item located at the top right. If you encounter any difficulties in the procedure in question or if you simply want to deepen the matter, feel free to read my guide on how to create Memoji on iPhone because it will surely be useful to you.

After making the stickers with the Memoji function, you can finally move on to the next step: share them on Instagram. How you do it? Basically, just start creating a new story, bring up the keyboard and paste the sticker you want to use.

Therefore, log in to Instagram from its official application, tap on the house symbol in the lower left corner and press the camera symbol, located at the top left. Then, make the story by taking the photo or recording the video to share on Instagram, using the shutter / record button placed in the center of the screen or, if you prefer, take a content from the iOS roll by pressing on the square located at the bottom left and selecting the photo or video of your interest.

Now, click on Aa button located at the top right, so as to call up the keyboard , and press on the smiling emoji symbol located at the bottom left . Now, swipe from left to right (if necessary), so that the Frequently used section appears, tap the (…) button located at the bottom and tap on the sticker you want to include in the story. By repeating the steps just mentioned, you can also insert more than one sticker.

At this point, drag the sticker to the point where you want to insert it and, if necessary, resize it by spreading or shrinking two fingers on it. Finally, share the story you made by pressing Your story, located in the lower left corner. Admit it: being able to insert custom stickers on Instagram was easier than I imagined, wasn’t it?

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