How to put your business profile on Instagram

How do you put your company profile on instagram without facebook. And here we are in another guide to the world of social media!

What will we discover today? Today we will talk about how to put your company profile on instagram quickly and easily.

Don’t you know what a company profile is? Well, you should know that many people conduct their business activities within social networks. Of these, instagram is one of the most popular channels ever.

Why? Well, not only does it have a very high number of users, but most of them are active every single day. In addition, there are numerous features that allow you to increase your sales or the sponsorship of your services.

For example, you can open a real showcase, complete with products that, once clicked, show their price. Still, there are targeted advertising campaigns that, if conducted in the right way, can skyrocket your business.

This is why knowing how to put your company profile on instagram becomes a fundamental aspect within the social network. In fact, below we will discover all the reasons why it can be useful to do so.

On the other hand, we are talking about a platform whose number of downloads abundantly exceeds one billion, so much so that it is now difficult to see people not registered on the social network.

How to put the company profile on instagram? We’ll find out right away, but first let’s see the reasons why we should do it!

Why should I know how to put my company profile on instagram?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why knowing how to put your company profile on instagram is important. First, let’s say you have a digital business started.

If you have a private profile, not everyone could see your content. Since the goal is precisely to reach as many people as possible, it goes without saying that having an open profile is much more convenient.

A company profile , in fact, it will allow you to make the contents visible to anyone.

People do not necessarily have to follow you, but they can contact you at any time, put like and interact with you. Furthermore, a company profile allows you to have access to a whole series of very important data for conducting your business.


For example, you will have the opportunity to see the number of followers who have started following you and those who have stopped following you. In addition, you will find data related to the habits of your followers, such as the times they are active, the number of impressions obtained from your posts and much more.

In this sense, knowing how to put your company profile on instagram is essential. On the other hand, having access to statistical data is the key to constantly improving over time.

Conversely, you may simply want an account in which, however, you want to show all your post. Maybe you do it just for fun or to entertain others but, surely, having an open profile rather than a closed one will make you much more visible.

You must know, however, that before find out how to put your company profile on instagram, you will need a Facebook page to link to it. This, in fact, is the only constraint you will have.

How do you create a Facebook page that you can connect to Instagram

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Before discovering how to put your company profile on Instagram, let’s see how to connect your Facebook page, if you already have one. Open the settings menu by accessing the three lines at the top right when you go to your profile.

To go to the profile, you will need to click on the circle-shaped thumbnail at the bottom of right. After entering the settings, then, go to account and, consequently, to “sharing on other apps”. You will find a lot of mobile buttons to activate or deactivate.

Then activate the Facebook entry. In this way, your instagram account will be linked to your Facebook page that you created earlier. Don’t have one? Very well!

Log in to Facebook with your profile and click on the page item that you will find in your personal menu. Vice versa, after you are on pages, click on the create button .

You will be offered a series of options relating to the type of page, the name you want to give it, and its category , the official address of the page, the profile photo and much more. You can also put a cover photo, its location and so on.

Once you have completed all the various steps, you can click Save. You will also notice that you will have some sort of second account represented by your page. With it, you can also comment on others’ photos and content by checking your brand name.

This action may be useful in the future to further increase your visibility. But now we have to focus on how to put the company profile on Instagram!

So, let’s go back inside the application and, after having activated the Facebook lever that we have seen before, you can link your personal page!

How to put your company profile on Instagram

Here we are, now you have everything ready to find out how to put your company profile on Instagram in a few simple steps ! All you have to do, as usual, is to go to the settings section of your account.

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So, rather than go to the Account item, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will notice the entry changes the account type. Then, click on it and you will land on a sub-section dedicated to the company, creator, private or professional profile.

You must know, in fact, that there is not only the business profile, but also that of creator (creator and creator of contents) and the professional one, that is what can be of a consultant or a professional. So, based on what you want to create, choose the one that suits you best.

In our case, we will show you how to put your business profile on Instagram, but the process is pretty much the same for other types of accounts as well.

The procedure

Then, click on company and you will be sent to a further procedure in which you will have to enter the appropriate data of your company. You can decide which category you belong to, the sector you work in, the possibility of showing or not your categories and much more.

Choose everything you prefer and, once finished, tap the End button. Did you have a private account? No fear. Instagram will ask you if you want to make it a public account or not. You agree, and immediately everyone will be able to see your content even if they are not among your followers.

We also consider it appropriate to remind you that you will need your company information, such as email, company telephone number, office address etc. If you don’t have a physical company, then open an account as a professional or content creator, who are much more versatile.

Also, even if you don’t have the Facebook page yet, you can skip the link step and do everything later. The Facebook page, even if you know how to put your business profile on Instagram, will allow you to run targeted advertising campaigns, essential for any type of activity.

Is it possible to switch from a company account to a private one?

The answer, of course, is yes. On the other hand, the reasons why you want to bring your account back from business to private can be numerous. In fact, even if you know how to put your business profile on Instagram, your business does not necessarily have to be successful.

In these cases, after weeks, months or years of effort for your business, you may decide to stop and throw in the towel, but walk away with your head held high. So, let’s see how you put your company profile on instagram again private.

First of all, as for the reverse process, go to settings and scroll down. To do this, always click on your icon at the bottom right and then on the symbol (≡) at the top right. Once inside, scroll to the bottom as you did before and look for the item change account type.

In this case, you will have to choose switch to a personal account. Once clicked, you can follow the various steps and, within a few seconds, you will be visible only to your followers!

However, you might be wondering how to put your business profile on Instagram without Facebook. Let’s see how it’s done!

How to put the company profile on Instagram without Facebook

Tell the truth, you don’t care about Facebook but you still want to know how to put your company profile on instagram because you want to make yourself visible to everyone. Well, the process, even if in principle it is not executable, can be done in a few simple steps.

In fact, this step was necessarily mandatory long ago, and could not be avoided in any way. Now, however, Instagram has made updates that have made millions of users around the world happy, especially influencers and content creators.


Come mettere il profilo aziendale su Instagram

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