How to record videos on Instagram

How to record videos on Instagram? Here is a quick guide on how to record a video on Instagram, how to record videos on Instagram and how to record videos from Instagram in simple steps.

We all use Instagram every day, but there are some features that still remain unknown or at least little used. This is often due to the continuous updates of Instagram that every time bring news to the social network and often keeping up with it can be not particularly easy.

In any case, if you are never asked if it was possible to record videos from Instagram, the answer is absolutely yes and what we would like to do is simply give you some indications on how to use the social network to produce your videos that you will then publish.

Remember that thanks to the app and external sources, you will be able to create truly unique videos.

In short, if we have aroused your interest a little, there is nothing left to do but proceed with the reading this little guide.

Record videos on Instagram in posts


Before explaining how to record videos on Instagram we would like to clarify a step that perhaps you would consider almost obvious. You must first have downloaded the Instagram application on your mobile device. You can do it from any store on your smartphone whether it is Android or iOS. no difference.

So you want to record a video with Instagram to post? Then open the app and log into your account> (+)> Video> round button to start the camera and record the video.

Don’t forget that alternatively you can use one of the videos you have already recorded and saved in your library. Select the movie> Next> Next. Set your caption and share the video in your posts. A real breeze that will allow you to share with your followers a truly unique moment or whatever you wanted to record.

Record videos on Instagram in stories

You can also record videos with Instagram by accessing the stories.

Instagram stories are taking up a lot of space in the use of social media as they have proved to be an instant means of sharing something. They have become so much used that they have outclassed the classic posts that are generally reserved for the publication of more studied and planned images .

In the stories, instead, more space is left to spontaneity and sharing a particular moment or daily life.

So what you should know is that you can record videos with Instagram stories, but you have to keep in mind that, unless you decide to put them in evidence, will only be visible for 24 hours. At this point you should access the application and log in to your account.

Tap the camera icon> record the video by clicking on the circle in the center of the screen. Don’t forget that you can use special effects or stickers, gifs and hashtags to complete your movie.

If you want to use a video that is already in the gallery to create a story , then you can decide to select it and then publish it exactly as you would for a video shot directly from the story.

Record an Instagram video with music

How many times looking at the stories of other users have you somehow admired them because they are beautiful and funny, often accompanied by lively music, able to attract the attention of anyone who looks at them. Those songs have the being able to remember the story you were watching as well.

But how do you record a video with music? Simple, you just need to take advantage of the music feature that is available at the time of creating the stories. So as usual, proceed by starting the social network app and log in to your account> camera icon> square face> music> choose the song> end.

In this so you can have your story accompanied by the music of your choice.

Record an Instagram video screen

come registrare video da instagram 4

One of the methods to save a story from Instagram is to make a screen recording while the video is playing on Instagram. To be able to do this, however, you must have a mobile phone that allows it, otherwise you will not be able to complete your purpose.

If you have a smartphone with Android technology you must know that the possibility of recording the screen is present only on some models, the top of the range and the most recent of production. In case you have an iPhone, the possibility of recording the screen has been translated with iOS 11.

But returning to Android, if your smartphone does not have this feature, do not be discouraged because you can always use apps that you can download from third parties.

Android smartphone with screen recording

As mentioned above, only some of the Android smartphones have the screen recording function. In case yours is one of the lucky few, activation is extremely simple in this one just hold down the Volume Up + Off keys for a few seconds.

Alternatively you can use the appropriate screen recording icon, usually located in the Notification Center.

Record the video and when you are done stop and save the video in the memory of your device. Remember that after doing this, you will be able to edit the recording and trim it to the length you want, or decide the part you are interested in.

Screen recording with iPhone

With iOS technology the recording function of the screen is done with the Rec button located in the control center which you can access by swiping down from the top right corner.

After recording, press on the bar or on the red dot at the top > Stop> save.

The same procedure can be used to record a YouTube video on Instagram even if it is good to remember that this cannot be done directly, but only by sharing on Instagram , the link in private messages.

As already mentioned above, alternatively, if your Android or Apple smartphone does not have the f screen recording functionality, you can download external applications such as:

With both, recording Instagram videos will be extremely simple, intuitive and fast.

Record screen from pc

For Instagram lovers from pc, there is also for you is a solution.

There are few, we admit it and in general they are people who work on social networks, but there are those who prefer to use Instagram from their computer and even in this case we they are very convenient solutions that allow you to record videos from the platform.

These are software and internet pages that allow you to perform this particular function. Below you will find some of the best solutions offered by the internet, very easy to use even by non-experts.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

When it comes to FoneLab it refers to a third party program that you can use on your computer. This program allows you to proceed with the recording: video, audio, voice, webcam, etc. taking a screenshot on your computer and possibly adding colored words or images is extremely simple.

Using it is very simple. First of all you will have to download from the official website and then install the files that allow use> choose video recorder> go to the Instagram page> start recording> play the story> stop recording at the end> ​​cut unwanted parts> save.

FoneLab can be used on Windows computers, for Mac you will need to use different software and we will see it below.

Mac and Screen Recording

FoneLab also offers a version suitable for Mac operation, although we must specify that Apple branded PCs are able to proceed with screen recording also with other methods, which we would dare to define as special.

As far as FoneLab is concerned, the software is even easier to use, thanks to the extremely intuitive use that the Mac allows for any action. In any case, you can also connect to the official website of FoneLab and proceed with the download, this time the files suitable for your Mac.

Proceed to install the files you just downloaded > select video recorder> open your Instagram page> select the recording area> recording> start playing the story you want to record> stop recording when finished.

The operation of FoneLab on Mac is not only simple, but also extremely effective and generally users say that the program never crashes and also allows you to do video conferences and online meetings with the maximum efficiency.

But the means to be able to record the screen with Mac do not end there, in fact an excellent solution is QuickTime which we will talk about below


Another tool you can use to record the screen with the your Mac is QuickTime, a tool built into your laptop. You can use it for both playing videos, compressing them and recording screenshots. Using it is also very simple because you will not have to download any software.

Start QuickTime> fill in the> new screen recording> Recording> play the Instagram story> stop recording when the video of your interest has ended.

How to record videos for Instagram

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The videos you see on Instagram might seem to you almost random productions, which are done in a completely spontaneous way, but in reality behind the publications, there is often a real job .

This happens especially on the part of who aspires to become an influencer, or who already is. The same goes for those who use social photography to sponsor their business or brand.

So how to record a video for Instagram? First of all we would like to tell you that to carry out this type of activity you can also use the camera of your mobile phone, simply by recording a video using the camera functionality present in all devices.

Once the registration is complete, all you have to do is publish it on Instagram, publishing it or in posts or stories.

Do not forget, however, to proceed with a sort of post production, intervening to modify the video by cutting it if necessary and inserting, when you upload it to Instagram, music, or stickers at will.

Also keep in mind that one of the keys to success on Instagram is to insert captions below videos. This is a very important move, taking into account that many Instagram users see videos in silent mode and therefore without audio, to be able to see them even among people.

Record an Instagram video with apps

But if you want to post videos particularly beautiful as those you see from your favorites then you may decide to use editing apps for smartphones and tablets such as the well-known Adobe Premiere Risa and inShot, applications widely used by all those who decide to make their way on Instagram or to advertise their brand and their business.

Thanks to these applications you can process videos like true multimedia professionals . A simple interface and a very intuitive use are what distinguish these applications and are also the same reasons that lead us to recommend them to create your Instagram videos.

Does Instagram warn you when you record a story?

come registrare i video su instagram 3

The question everyone asks when browsing other people’s profiles is whether Instagram sends a notification that alerts when there has been a visitor. First of all we have to warn you that Instagram notices when you start recording the screen on someone’s story. This happens with the pure purpose of protecting the privacy of each user of the social network.

At the same time we would like to reassure you, your snooping will remain totally anonymous, as Instagram does not notify anyone users way of when you start recording your screen. So the owner of the account in question will not receive any notification about it, but this does not mean that the registration you are going to make you will not be able to use it as you wish.

Remember that in case you want to reshare the history of a certain subject you must obtain permission, otherwise you will not be able to do so. It is possible that the subject of the recorded video does not want to make his image public on other social networks or on other platforms in general, in which case sharing the video could put you at risk.

This was our guide on how to record Instagram videos, we hope as usual that you have answered all your questions and if you have any more, don’t forget to stay up to date on our channels.


Come registrare video su Instagram

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How to record video on Instagram, how to record a video on Instagram and how to record video from Instagram in simple steps.


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