How to recover permanently deleted instagram account

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Did you accidentally delete your instagram account and don’t know how to fix it? don’t worry, in this short guide you will find out how to recover a permanently deleted instagram account

I accidentally deleted my Instagram account how can I recover it?

Before explaining how to recover your Instagram account, let’s take a look at some general things, then I’ll explain how to recover a permanently deleted instagram account

Instagram is a social media platform, where you can enter contact with people around the world by following them on Instagram or via message. This platform was developed to share videos and images. It is similar to Facebook and Twitter; you need to create an account and set up your profile to use Instagram. You will have a personal profile and news feed, which will be based on your interests and the people you follow.

Anything you post on your Instagram account will be shown on your profile. What you post can be seen by anyone. In case you have activated your account protection, your posts can only be seen by your followers.

How to recover an Instagram account that was deleted by mistake?

If you deleted your account , but now you want to recover it, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to the login page on Instagram.
  • Type the username you were using for your Instagram and click “ Get help signing in ” after the Sign In button.
  • You will be taken to a new page. There you will find “ Login problems “.
  • In most cases, that screen won’t help you. To get adequate help, click on “ I need more help “. This click will take you to a new screen.
  • Here you must enter the email address you used when registering on Instagram. They will also ask you to provide a contact email.
  • Next, you need to say what type of account you had. A business account or a personal account. Here, you can say that it was your personal account, even if it was a business account, the important thing is that there is at least one photo of you, in a few steps you will understand why
  • The next thing you need to do is click on “ my account has been hacked “. You will get a box titled “ Any additional details “, it’s not mandatory. Then, you can skip this step without any problem.
  • After completing all the above steps, you can click on “ Request Support “.
  • After completing this procedure, you will receive an email to your address after a short time
  • In the email you will receive from Instagram , you will be asked to fill in a few things to verify that you are indeed the owner of the account. you will be asked to take a picture of yourself holding a sheet of paper with your account name and the verification code provided by them written on it
  • Make sure your account has at least one photo of you in which you can be clearly identified. It is necessary because, the Instagram help center says “ Please note that if this account does not include any of your photos, it is used to represent something or someone else, we will not be able to help you until we have received a photo that meets these requirements i ”.
  • Read the email and fill out the verification document according to the instructions provided.

These steps will help you easily recover your Instagram account.

Please note that there is a difference between a deleted account and a disabled account . A disabled account can be easily recovered and you will receive a message when you try to log in, you just need to follow the instructions from the community guidelines and you will be easily reconnected to your account.

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