How to repost a story on Instagram

You are surely wondering how to repost a story on Instagram. It’s true, not everyone knows that it is possible to repost stories.

What are stories? As we will see later, these are contents that, over the years, have almost gone viral thanks to the social phenomenon and, above all, thanks to the Instagram platform.

They can be photos or videos , and can be modified to your liking through the tools offered by the social itself. In fact, stories are one of the most popular types of content in recent years, precisely because they are completely customizable.

Furthermore, being viewable within a few seconds, it is very easy that a user watches hundreds and hundreds of stories without even realizing it. In this sense, Instagram has significantly increased the level of entertainment on the platform, taking up a lot of time in the life of the average user.

On the other hand, there are many people who spend hours and hours of their day on social media, precisely because the level of entertainment is very high. You are always enticed to watch the next story, the next video, or the next live stream.

Also, when others post their stories, you can repost them, then publish them to your liking on your profile. Since it is a very used feature, today we will find out how to repost a story on Instagram.

Why teach you? We will see later that Instagram is a social network also used by companies, and knowing how to repost a story on instagram can be very important for several reasons.

Let’s start from the definition of story.

What are Instagram Stories?

If you are not yet aware of it, Instagram Stories are a tool that has become popular not only thanks to Instagram itself, but initially thanks to Snapchat. The latter, in fact, first implemented them in its social network.

However, it was the power of Instagram that made people famous all over the world, which is why many are wondering how to repost a story on Instagram. They are so fashionable that even adult users create them, having fun with their special effects.

Furthermore, the stories are a way to get noticed by those who enter the social. In fact, when you open the application, you will notice that thumbnails of all the people you follow are shown. By clicking on them, you can view their stories one after the other.

What exactly are stories? Very simple. They are contents in the form of photos or videos, which can be published on your profile.

come ripostare su instagram una storia 4

Their peculiarity is that they last 24 hours. This means that after 1 day, these will no longer be viewable by your followers. This is a way to create scarcity, and entice the user to view as many stories as possible in the space of a day.

Furthermore, they are short-lived, and can be skipped or stop by clicking or swiping the screen. It is precisely the very short duration that captures the user’s attention. It is statistically proven, on the other hand, that human attention can be captured within a few seconds, even less than 5.

The history

So if a story hits you within 5 seconds, you’ll probably stop and watch it. Conversely, it will be very likely that you will skip it. Furthermore, stories are used by influencers to communicate with their fans, and also by famous people to interact with their followers.

This is a very direct way to interact which people really like, because they really feel part of what a particular user is saying.

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Furthermore, in addition to disappearing after 24 hours, the stories can be reposted. Why do this? Let’s see it now!

Why should I know how to repost a story on Instagram?

Knowing how to repost a story on instagram could be very useful in several situations.

First of all, if you have an online business , there is nothing better than posting the stories that other people have tagged you in. Similarly, this also applies if you have a place, such as a restaurant or a pub.

Try to think about how many of your followers are posting stories throughout the day while drinking, eating and having fun. Here, this type of story is very important to the owners of such businesses, especially if they are tagged.

come fare a ripostare una storia su instagram 3

First, these people’s followers will notice their stories. They will likely be invited by the dish or drink they saw, and want to find out more about it. They will notice the tag, and click on it, landing on your profile.

Seeing the your preparations, the style of your profile, the menus and so on, will most likely book a table and, if satisfied, will post a story about you in turn. This creates a chain of stories that will only increase your visibility, better than advertising!


In fact, if you had advertised, you would probably have reached users who are far from the area or not interested, unless you have targeted advertising. However, people will trust a trusted friend much more than an ad they see on social media.

So getting posted in other people’s stories is of paramount importance. Also, if you know how to repost a story on instagram, you can do it and fill your profile with the stories of others.

Who will follow you, he will notice that you have a lot of repost and, therefore, will be more convinced to come and visit you. In fact, many reposts mean many customers. A lot of customers means that your restaurant is working well, both from the point of view of service and the quality of the dishes.

We have given an example for the restaurant sector, but the same what is true for any type of activity on social media, online or physical.

But now let’s see how to repost a story on instagram!

How to repost a story on Instagram when you are tagged

The first method we want to show you to find out how to repost a story on instagram is to do it after receiving a tag. In fact, it is possible to tag, or to mention, other people within their own stories.

In this way, those who view the content will be able to click on the name of the person mentioned and go to visit their profile. This is very important if you want to let other people know about your friend, a local or any structure.

Also, this is to allow the other user to make a repost of the story. This, in fact, is the most used method when it comes to how to repost stories on Instagram.

The system works like this:

  • You make the story, and tag a person, a local or any other type of user
  • The user will receive a notification on their profile
  • Then, they will have to go to the messages section, given that the notification will pop up there
  • It will be shown in the chat that you have tagged it in a story
  • You will find a button that says “add to your story”
  • By clicking there, the user will be on the Instagram Stories camera with your content
  • They can decide whether to edit it or leave it as it is
  • Once satisfied with the result, they will have to click on the next button> send to> my story

Here in a few seconds you have discovered how to repost a story on Instagram. Obviously, here we talked in the third person, that is when you tag a friend, but the process will be the same for you.

You will receive a notification, click on “add to your history ”, and that’s it! Finding out how to repost a story on Instagram has never been easier!

How to repost a story on Instagram without being tagged

If you have an Android phone, you should know that it is possible to find out how a story is posted on Instagram even if you have not been tagged by the user concerned. This process is very common among users, especially when they want to show other people’s content on their profile.

However, we recommend that you always ask permission from the people who posted the content. On the other hand, it is a sort of violation of the privacy of others. Instagram, in fact, is very restrictive on this, so you have to be careful about the actions that are performed on the social network.

However, we will illustrate, for information purposes, how to repost a story on instagram without the need for the other person to mention you. Yes, it is just as you are thinking, you have to take a screenshot!

Attention, however, because the screenshot on instagram it’s a double-edged sword. There are tons of users, especially iOS, who have third-party apps that let them know how many people have taken screenshots of their stories.

This is why we say that you have to be very careful: you could make a bad impression and pay the consequences later! If you can, then, try to figure out if that particular user has an iOS or an Android, so as to circumvent the problem.

Here’s the screen!

Now, however, let’s move on to the screen. You will need to make sure, for best results, that the photo is unnamed and without the words “send a message” that appears at the bottom of the screen. How to do it? Very easy.

You may have noticed that when you stop a story by holding your finger on it, both the username and everything else will disappear from the display. The right time, then, is to take a screenshot when you have your finger on the content.

You will have to use two hands, one to hold the story still, and the other to take the screenshot. Generally, to capture an image, just press the keypad lock key plus the button to reduce the volume. If you prefer, you can also use the other methods depending on the device you have.

The important thing for learn how to repost a story on instagram without a tag, and make sure there are no other writings. So, prepare your fingers, and get ready to repost!

Once you have captured the image, in fact, you just have to load it as a simple story, modify it to your liking and publish it.

How do I repost a story on Instagram through the app?

You should know that there are a myriad of apps other than instagram that allow you to repost stories. How to repost a story on Instagram through them? Very simple!

One of the most popular is undoubtedly Repost Story, an application that allows you to re-publish the stories of others in a few steps.

Go to the Play Store, download and install it (it will take a few minutes depending on your connection). Once the operation is complete, open it and log in using the same credentials you use for Instagram.

In this way, your account will be linked and you can synchronize everything in the best way. However, always pay attention to privacy, because we are still talking about a third-party application that has nothing to do with Instagram.

In any case, once inside the application, just search for the photo you intend to repost. Then, open it and view it.

You will find a button that says Save. Click on it, and the application will automatically save the content inside your device. In this way, you will avoid the classic screen, and you will prevent the risk that someone can find out.

In any case, however, it is possible that the user will see your story when you publish it, and may contact you to report you or have it removed, so always be careful.


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