How to schedule a video on TikTok

After hearing about it and having a peek about what it is from a friend’s profile, you have decided to download the app that everyone is talking about and that in recent years has collected numerous members in any part of the world. What am I talking about? Obviously from TikTok, the social network with the musical note icon that drives kids crazy and not only.

I’ll tell you the truth, even at first I was reluctant to sign up but after a while – driven by curiosity – I could not resist becoming part of a social world that alternates ballets, moments of leisure and hilarious clips with interesting video pills and tutorials on anything. In short, if you are here it is because by now you too have joined the chat and popular platform that allows you to publish short videos, POVs, challenges and various ballets with the latest hits.

If that’s the case, you have most likely already experienced – or at least tried to experiment – duets, the “Ask me a question” function, how to change the speed of videos to be published and how to make a video in reverse. However, if you have landed on this page, there is still something that escapes you and that you are unable to put into practice, it concerns the “Video Program” function.

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. In fact, in this article I will explain how to program a video on TikTok in simple and quick steps. You will see it will only take you a few seconds and you will be able to complete your goal. Don’t worry, keep reading the article and follow my directions. You will see, everything will be much clearer to you at the end. Happy reading!

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Why schedule a video on TikTok

As you surely know, TikTok allows you to post videos whenever you want. For some time now the well-known platform has introduced a new and above all useful function that I am sure will be useful for your contents as a real tiktoker .

By setting the date and time you can quickly and easily choose when to publish your next video on TikTok. Why should you program it? There can be several reasons for deciding to postpone the publication of content on social networks, in this specific case on TikTok.

First of all, the control of data on interactions with your followers. If you have a Creator account you can monitor how your activity on the platform is doing. Users with a Creator or Business account, in fact, have the ability to access the Analytics section . In this section you will be able to receive information on the most effective videos you have published and on the activity of your followers.

Furthermore, by scheduling videos in advance you will not have to reduce yourself to the last minute risking not to be able to publish content for your followers. In short, in this way you will be able to have everything under control. I’ll give you an example: if you made a video on vacation but want to publish it only after returning home, select the date and time with the function to schedule videos. On the day chosen at the set time, your content will be automatically published. Fantastic isn’t it?

How to program a video on TikTok

At the moment it is possible to program videos on TikTok from the computer through the browser that you usually use to surf the net. If you have decided to schedule video content for your TikTok profile, here’s what you need to do:

  • Connect to the official TikTok page
  • Login to the platform with your credentials
  • Now click on the speech bubble icon top right
  • Select the video to upload
  • Enter the caption , the hashtags and the cover of the video
  • Now activate the option Program video at the bottom of the screen
  • At this point choose date and now of publication
  • To conclude the operation click on Programma

Perfect! You succeeded, now your video has been scheduled and will be available to TikTok users on the day you have selected at the chosen time. As I told you, the operation to program a video is really a breeze. I bet you found it easier than you imagined! Come on, you just have to get involved and start experimenting with the “Video Program” function.


In this guide you I explained, step by step, how to schedule videos on TikTok . As you will have noticed by reading a few lines above, this is a very simple operation that does not require who knows what effort or time available.

If you have prepared super interesting content that you are looking forward to share with your followers but you do not want to publish them immediately, I suggest you consider the possibility of programming them by choosing from the appropriate table the day and time of publication.

For any doubt or if any passage of the tutorial does not appear very clear, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m here at your disposal to clear your mind and give you a hand!

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