How to schedule instagram posts: step by step guide

It’s 2020. Knowing how to schedule Instagram posts in advance is no longer an option, it’s essential.

Whether you are managing a company account, a account creator or building your brand on a regular basis, knowing how to schedule Instagram posts is one of the best ways to optimize your time and creativity.

In this article you will we will walk you through a step by step guide, explaining the best practices for all three types of Instagram accounts, so that you can focus on your specific case.

5 advantages when scheduling instagram posts

1. Save valuable time

You are a very busy person. Instead of stopping what you are doing to create your next post every single day, knowing how to schedule instagram posts would allow you to organize your posts for the next few weeks.

You will be able to create posts and optimize descriptions in your free time, then upload everything to your planner and relax, the posts will be published even if you are offline and when most of your followers are on instagram.

2. Refine the aesthetics of posts

On Instagram, more than any other social media platform, brands live and die based on their appearance. Whether you’re an influencer or a cutting-edge tech startup, the color, composition and tone of your posts should look authentic and recognizable at a glance and unique.

Sure, it’s easier to said than done.

Assembling multiple posts in a single session will simplify brand consistency. And seeing the posts in your planner will help you figure out if there is anything to change in your posts before they go public and damage your engagement.

3 . Ease and speed

Call me an old millennial, but sometimes working on a computer is easier and faster. Especially when you take 57 photos but only 2 completely satisfy you.

Post scheduling in advance allows you to drag and drop photos and videos directly from the desktop to the calendar. also you will see the photos much better in a bigger screen.

4. Get more followers

Every time you post on Instagram you are increasing the visibility of your brand. For both existing and upcoming followers. by optimizing the times your post will reach the majority of your followers and therefore it will be more likely to enter the instagram explorer page.

Programming your posts will simplify your hashtag strategy, you will have much more time to find the best instagram hashtags to attract new followers

5. Increase your engagement

Don’t ignore your followers, give them what they want

One of the easiest ways to get more likes on Instagram is post when your followers are online. Of course, if your analytics tell you your followers are in Hanoi or Cape Town, their morning commute may not be the most convenient time to be on Instagram for you.

So Finally, let’s take a look at how to schedule Instagram posts. In this case I’ll show you how the hootsuite scheduler works

How to schedule instagram posts if you have a corporate account

If you are a reseller, local business, brand, organization or service provider , you probably already have a corporate account on Instagram.

1. Sign up for a social media management platform

A tool like Hootsuite will allow you to schedule instagram posts and manage all your social media accounts in one easy-to-use dashboard

if you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up here

2. Add your instagram account on the platform

If you are using Hootsuite, it is quite easy to connect your Instagram account.

  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner
  • Click Manage social networks
  • Click + Private network in the corner at the bottom left of the dashboard to add Instagram
  • Click Instagram in the list, then click Connect with Instagram
  • Enter your credentials account
come programmare i post instagram

Please note that to enable direct publishing, you must also add your account’s Facebook page to Hootsuite.

3. compose your posts

Now comes the fun part.

  • Click on new post and select Instagram from the list
  • Upload your photo or video
  • Write your compelling description
  • Add the hashtag and mentions
  • Preview of your post in the right pane
come programmare i post instagram

4. Schedule your post

When you click Schedule for Later (instead of Publish Now), you can choose the time and date for your post to be published.

come programmare i post instagram

Hootsuite automatically suggests the optimal time, but you can know your audience’s habits using the your Instagram analytics

Check out our full article on the best times to post on instagram

How to schedule instagram posts if you have an account creator

Are you a public figure, content creator, artist or influencer? Instagram recently introduced this new type of account to help users who are looking to manage their followers more effectively.

Account creators have specific tools designed for influencers (for example, a multi-level inbox), as well as more detailed analytics to help you dig deeper into what works and what doesn’t work in your instagram strategy.

When it comes to scheduling posts for the creator account will need to use the Facebook Creator Studio. the Instagram API cannot be used by third-party platforms. Only corporate accounts have this privilege.

1. Switch to creator account

Whether you have a business or personal account, switching to a creator account is very simple.

In the Instagram app on your phone:

  • Starting from your profile, click on the three lines at the top right
  • Go to Settings
  • Selectaccount
  • Click on switch to professional account
  • Select Account creator and follow the instructions

You can choose your category (eg Chef, author, model, etc.). Note that while it is technically optional to link your creator account to a Facebook page, you cannot use Creator Studio without having a page.

2. connect your instagram account to creator studio

Now go to Instagram Creator Studio and enter your login information.

come programmare i post instagram

3. Create your post

Click the create post button in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

Then select where you want to post: on your Instagram or IGTV feed .

Next, upload your photo, video or carousel ; write your caption; and add your hashtags.

Before choosing your hashtags I suggest you read the complete list of hashtags banned from instagram

4. schedule your pst

When you press schedule in the lower right corner, you can choose the date and time you want your post to be published .

You can preview your upcoming posts in the dashboard and make any necessary changes.

What is the difference between Instagram programming and Instagram automation?

Instagram scheduling is when you prepare your posts in advance. The automation of Instagram and when you pay to receive likes and comments from bots in order to increase your organic followers

what others do not tell you however is that besides being quite expensive it is also useless

in fact the likes will come from low value accounts with a few dozen followers and the comments will be stardard for each post, this means that no brand will want to work with you , and you’ll lose your credibility in front of your followers after reading a series of “keep up the good work!” on every single post.

but if you really want to give your account a boost to enter the explore page more easily, the best strategy of 2020 is to use engagement groups

Best practices for scheduling instagram posts

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity

Yes, the miracle of Instagram post scheduling means you can now post every 30 minutes. But should you?

The short answer is “maybe”. The long answer is “maybe, if you can maintain consistent quality at that pace over the long term. But big engagement rates have more to do with consistency than frequency. “

Remember that the instagram algorithm rewards relationships: if your followers interact with your content, the algorithm will show them more.

Don’t plan too far in advance

We’re all for efficiency but when it comes to social media scheduling, going much further than a week can start to increase the risk of something going sideways. (There is always a risk that there will be another royal baby announcement drowning your product launch.)

Our advice: Schedule 1-2 weeks to release but stay ready to edit something if you have important announcements to make

Write once, edit twice (or three times)

Most importantly for large teams, a internal multi-level approval system is ideal for preventing a full blown gaffe or crisis.

And even if you work alone, make sure to take a fresh look at your copy before it actually goes public.

Use analytics wisely

The best part of programming of Instagram posts is that it frees you up the time to take a look at the big picture. What makes you like you the most? What is not working instead? Maybe you could even run some A / B testing, and see what your followers like best.

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