How to schedule Instagram Stories

Programming stories on Instagram , especially if you are – or want to become – a social media manager , is a necessity, but how to choose among the many programs available? In this article I present the best tools to program stories on Instagram in my opinion, but then you will have to find the best one for you, on the other hand the choice of one tool rather than another is very subjective (with the same performance of the instrument.

Why you need a tool to program Instagram stories

You know better than me that life as a social media manager – especially freelance – isn’t that simple. You have to follow different customers and you don’t always have the opportunity to create fresh and real-time content like Instagram stories would require, which go to support the editorial plan created for the month, so the only thing to do is schedule.

Also, last but not least, the social media manager usually uses instagram from a pc , for convenience and to have tools to program Instagram stories directly desktop is a really big help, don’t you agree?

But let’s get to the point, here are my favorite tools for scheduling Instagram stories!

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Storrito, a wonderful tool for scheduling Instagram stories – Stickers included –

One of the main problems in programming the stories on Ig is the fact that you cannot insert stickers, emojis and GIFs and therefore not be able to stimulate interactions with users through this really powerful tool (especially after darkening likes).

Well, with Storrito, you can!

Storrito: toll per programmare le stories su Instamgra

I have fallen in love with this tool since it came out, but I have only recently had the opportunity to try it and I must say that it has not disappointed my expectations.

Its graphics are not as fascinating as those of some tools that we will see later, but what I can tell you is that it has an internal editor that allows you to insert the different Instagram Stickers directly from your PC, with the exception of the product tags (but we hope they will include this feature soon!).

Onlypult: one of the most effective tools for programming Instagram stories

Onlypult is a tool I have already talked about in the article “ How to upload photos to Instagram from pc ” and in my Instagram course because it is absolutely what I prefer and what I use for my clients.

Onlypul t was one of the first tools to allow the publication of stories automatically, also for post scheduling it is really an excellent tool.

Onlypult: toll per programmare le storie su Instagram

Like the tools that I will present to you later, Onlypult allows you to program the stories but these are pre-set contents, perhaps created on Canva or Easil ( tools for creating free graphics ).

Unfortunately it doesn’t have a free version, but I pay the subscription every year with great satisfaction.

Planoly, to program stories directly from mobile

If Onlypult is a tool to be used on a desktop (it has recently released the app, but it still isn’t perfect), Planoly also has a mobile version.

Planoly is a very simple tool for scheduling Instagram posts, and it also allows you to schedule stories, the difference here is that automatic publication is a bit more cumbersome. In fact, once the stories have been programmed, the day they should be published sends a notification to your smartphone, which once opened will allow you to publish the stories manually, adding the stickers we need.

Planoly: toll per programmare le storie su Instagram

Why is it useful if it doesn’t publish automatically? For the following reasons:

  • You must not have the photos or videos available on your smartphone to publish in the stories
  • You must not remember every day to have to publish them because the notification reminds you
  • You can add Instagram stickers on the stories, even if you have programmed them

The only disadvantage is that on the days when you will have to publish the stories, you will have to dedicate a couple of minutes to their publication as soon as get the notification.

Later: one of the best programming tools

Later is also a great tool for scheduling Instagram stories, but it has limitations. Like Planoly, stories are published via notification and not automatically as with Onlypult, and stories cannot be programmed from mobile, but only from desktop.

It still remains a great tool, especially because of the detailed graphs related to the profile statistics.

Later: toll per programmare le storie su Instagram


Well, now you know my favorite tools for programming stories on Instagram, but if you know others and want to recommend what you use, please write it in the comments, I’m always happy to discover and test new tools to improve my work !

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I migliori tool per programmare le storie su Instagram

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