How to secure your Instagram account (and avoid losing access forever!)

Would you like to know how to secure your Instagram account to avoid losing access due to blocking or hacking?

If you’ve ever heard the terrified stories of your friends who have been hacked or blocked for phishing, risking no longer being able to access their account, then you know that prevention is better than cure.

Unpleasant events can often occur that lead to account blocking.

You need to know that there are some very easy steps you can take to avoid hacking attempts or minimize their damage should they unfortunately happen.

And that’s what we’re going to see together in the next few lines.

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How to secure your Instagram account from Hacker

I still don’t have a clear idea why small Instagram accounts can be targeted by hackers.

They probably shoot in the heap looking for valuable profiles to resell.

That’s for sure, if you have an account of 10k or more with which you’ve already started collaborations or some kind of monetization, then it’s easier to fall under the crosshairs of hackers trying to get the password to ransom your account.

Do you think it might be impossible?

And instead it happened to the travel blogger couple Giulia and Donato, who suffered an attack in which their account was stolen, and were then asked for a ransom of about $ 500 for the return.

In these cases, Instagram’s assistance is not very present, and it took weeks before they were able to recover it, complete with work that went up in smoke.

It must be said that these phantom hackers who perform such gestures are also poorly informed about the Instagram market.

An account like @ _dgtravel_ that collaborates with the best resorts in the world and famous brands, was worth much more than $ 500 dollars!

They have deepened their experience on their blog themselves.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and that’s what I decided to do in this article. Show you how to secure your Instagram account from hacker attacks and prevent them from stealing your profile.

These are two simple steps that you can do right away, but they can really make your day better.

1/2) Change the account password

Sometimes a hack happens at least you expect it, other times … no!

I’ve had more than once to open my wall and feed some weird photos of dudes I never started following.

I go to the list of people followed and actually they are there, people of dubious origin and probably never seen before.

Here, this can be a sweet first warning that someone has compromised your Instagram account.

In this case, as in many others, the very first thing to do is change the password and replace it with a super secure one.

What features should a really strong password have?

To secure your Instagram account, you really determine the password you choose.

Avoid combinations that are too trivial or easily deducible, like your name or date of birth. Alternate more or less random words, which still make sense to you, enter at least one capital letter, a number and a symbol.

I usually also insert two capital letters within the sentence and alternate unlikely things with random number combinations.

This will make it much less easy to find your password.

Another thing you absolutely must do in case you find yourself with strange guys in Followers , is to immediately stop following them and block them.

We don’t know how they got there so better protect yourself.

Note: to change the password on Instagram just go to Settings >> Security >> Password .

2/2) Enable two-factor authentication

To increase the difficulty of accessing your account, you can activate two-factor authentication. This procedure involves two tools used simultaneously to access your account.

So, in addition to the password, you will also have to enter a six-digit code that will be sent to you either on your mobile number or through an authentication app (such as Google Authenticator ) that you have appropriately downloaded and configured at the beginning of the procedure.

I recommend that you activate two-factor authentication immediately, as soon as you finish reading these words.

Travel bloggers Giulia and Donato ( do you remember? I told you about it before! ) also suffered a hacker attack due to the fact that they had not activated this double security system.

Just go to your profile and click on Settings >> Security >> Two-Factor Authentication .

You can choose whether to use an app or your mobile number. Either way, it will be really quick and easy to activate it and receive the two-digit security code every time you log in.

In case someone guesses your password, they will still not be able to access your account because they will also have to enter the security code that you will receive on your mobile phone.

Whenever you automatically receive codes, even if you haven’t tried to log into your account, change your password as someone else may be logging in for you.

Now let’s see how to protect ourselves from another very common form of corruption of an Instagram account, phishing.

Before we proceed, I want to tell you something.

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How to secure your Instagram account from Pishing blocking

Pishing is a very common block in this period that is spreading a lot. In this case, it is Instagram itself that denies access to your account because it identifies suspicious activity.

I learned about the causes and how to fix it in this article.

Now, instead, I want to tell you how to prevent this type of block by securing your Instagram account.

1/2) Revoke access to the profile for all connected external apps

One of the main causes of the block for pishing is the connection of the profile to external apps.

Yes, Reports or other applications to see who unfollows you are also causing this problem.

Instagram detects that there are suspicious logins and blocks the account until you have completed an authentication procedure that certifies ownership of the profile.

Some girls and boys have gotten stuck for weeks, fearful of not being able to log into their account.

To avoid all this in advance, before you get the suspicious warning, remove access to all connected external apps.

Since you may not remember how many apps you’ve linked to your Instagram profile over time, the easiest thing to do is change your password and that’s it!

2/2) Update the account contact information

Even if you take the precaution mentioned above, you may still encounter phishing. At this point, Instagram must verify that the owner of the account is really you and to do so it will send you a verification code or to the email linked to your account or your mobile number.

Do you have any idea which email is linked to the account?

Here, a good way to defend your Instagram profile is to always keep the associated contact information up to date, i.e. mobile number and email.

This will allow you to save the day when everything seems lost.

It may happen that you created your account a long time ago, you accidentally entered an old email, which you don’t remember the accesses, or worse, that no longer exists.

At this point, you may have a hard time recovering the security code.

For this, go immediately to Settings >> Account >> Personal Information and immediately update your email address and mobile number.

Which of these procedures have you already activated to secure your Instagram account?

I hope you’ve tried one of these methods at least once. If you’ve never done this, I recommend that you grab your mobile right now and run them all.

It will take a few minutes, but I assure you it will lift you from the despair and fear of losing your Instagram account forever.

Unfortunately, the Instagram assistance, due to the high number of users and requests, cannot always be present and you have to be really lucky to be able to get an answer.

I am of the opinion that it is always better to avoid these unpleasant moments and take those small actions that can make us live social life with serenity.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

See you next time.

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