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As social media becomes more and more important in everyday life, the creators of the platforms have realized how essential privacy is , preserving trust of its users. Users want to make sure their private information is safe.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms today, has developed a number of protections in their software to keep private information out of the way. from unwanted people . Whether you’re trying to hide your photo collections from your ex, future employers, or any other prying eye.

With a private profile, your Instagram page won’t be viewable by the public and you’ll need to approve followers one at a time, helping you manage who can and cannot see your content. So unless you use it for work, if you are worried about your safety or privacy you should set the private profile.

But if anyone wants to see private profiles on Instagram at all costs ? How can you make sure no one is looking at your private account without your knowledge? There are no easy answers to any of these questions, but that doesn’t mean they’re unsolvable. Let’s see how to make your Instagram profile private and how to see private profiles in secret, also, how to make sure that no one is viewing your account information.

How to make private your Instagram account

We’ve said it over and over again: make sure your social accounts are locked and private , or at the very least, clean and protected from information and compromising images. It is important to make sure your instagram profile is private and secure as what it contains could harm your work or school prospects.

If you’re new to Instagram, or if it’s been a while since you created your account, you may not be sure how to change your privacy settings. Let’s take a look together.

Start by opening Instagram, at the bottom you will find five icons to add photos, see posts and more. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the tab. On iOS, this shows your profile photo taken from Instagram. On Android, this shows a basic profile icon, a silhouette of a person. This will load your profile, along with some additional options.

rendere privato un profilo instagram

From this display, you will see some icons at the top of the screen. On iOS, look for the gear icon in the top right corner, which will take you directly to settings. The design of Android is slightly different, instead of a gear you will find three lines in the upper right corner of the display. it will open a menu from which you can then go to the settings cog.

vedere profili privati instagram

Once in the settings, you will see a long list of options. This is where you will find two-factor authentication, the ability to hide your Instagram story and block users. But above all, the most important option “Private account”, which you will find at the bottom of the settings.

Instagram will warn you that once this change is made, only the people you personally approve will be able to see the contents of your account , while your existing followers will not be affected by this change. If you are trying to get rid of a specific user who is already following you, you will need to block them.

instagram privato

Confirm your selection and that’s it – your account is now private. If at any time you want to make your account public again, follow the previous steps and disable the option for private accounts. You can do it as many times as you want without repercussions : remember that all posts you shared while your account was private will become public as soon as you deactivate the option.

Can I see instagram profiles even if they are private?

Technically yes, there are several ways to see private profiles on instagram.

  • In the legitimate way : Send a message to the person asking to accept the friend request
  • Username / real name search : If you only want to know some information about them without being friends on instagram. (city, work etc.)
  • Using third party apps i
  • Pretending to be someone else

Below is a more in-depth look at how to use each method to your advantage. You can also check out our simple guide on methods to see private profiles on Instagram.

How to see private profiles on instagram

The legitimate way

If you want to see a private Instagram account, the simplest and most legitimate way is to request to follow that person . Typically, even a person with a protected profile will approve people they know, so if this is someone you know, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the request accepted. If the other person accepts, you will be able to see their profile and view all the photos they have uploaded to Instagram.

This is the easiest way to see private Instagram profiles, no matter who they are. Unfortunately, this heavily depends on whether or not you have a pre-existing relationship with that person. If you’re looking to add someone you don’t know, like a celebrity or a friend of a friend, the easiest way to reach them is via Instagram direct messages.

Sending a direct message to the user, a DM, will let him know who is asking to follow his profile. The best way to do this is to tell the user who you are, and why you want to follow them on Instagram. Saying “ I’m a friend of your boyfriend ” or “ We met at your cousin’s birthday party ” may be enough to create a connection between you and the other user. .

Someone might accept your request even if they don’t know you, after all if you bother them they can still remove or block you at any time.

Try to look up their username and real name

This is a quick tip and ultimately, it may not get you far in your quest to find out some information about your crush or old men high school friends, but still worth a try. Open Instagram and search for the user you want. When you find their account, no doubt private, you will only be able to see their username. Highlight that name and copy it to your device’s clipboard, because we’ll be using it in a moment.

Paste that username into Google or any other search engine. You can also take a photo that you know is theirs and put it in a reverse image search to see if they have used it on a different, possibly unsecured, social media site.

If you want to make your search more specific, you can use citations in your search query. You can add locations to further narrow the field. For example, if you are looking for John Smith and you know that he lives in ABC, Florida and attended XYZ High School, you can search for: “John Smith” XYZ High School ABC Florida.

Using third party sites

Searching on Google how to see private Instagram profiles will lead to endless results of solutions and guides (including this article) But it will also refer you to different websites with suspicious names that advertise the ability to see private profiles in a few simple steps.

These sites have names like “WatchInsta”, “Instaspy” and “Private Instaviewer” and they all seem to promise the same thing: use the own website to access private Instagram accounts without additional steps, payments or requirements. Some even promise complete anonymity or chat rooms where you can discuss the app with other users.

Unfortunately, after testing some of the first and second page results via Google, DO NOT absolutely recommend using these sites. Despite the promise of “free” results, they often ask you to fill out a survey or sweepstakes that require a credit card or other form of payment to complete.

Some sites also appear to be connected to each other, showing a name but then showing the name of another site when the survey request is loaded. Stay away from these sites; are nothing more than problems for your Internet security.

If you have tried to add the person on Instagram with a friendly message and yet they do not accept your request, it is still an option, even if it is not recommended the only way that remains is to use a fake account.

The rules

It is important that you remember that fake accounts are contrary to Instagram’s terms of service. But how does Instagram distinguish a fake account from a real one? Generally he does not notice it, the only way he has to find out is through the reports of other users. In particular, if reported, identity theft can result in the permanent ban of the account.

Here are some ways to see private profiles on instagram using a fake profile

  • Select a female profile photo – Choosing to use a female identity on Instagram makes the account less predatory than a male account.
  • Add real photos – You can also make your account private.
  • I send a DM – If the private Instagram account you want to follow doesn’t approve your request, send a DM to that person. Explain that you would like to follow it and your reasons.

A less legitimate way

There are several ways to get the accessing a private Instagram profile, using social engineering techniques and deception.

We strongly advise against these methods . It is unethical in most cases and will most likely be illegal, but it depends on your intentions, if you are a parent who intends to control their children you will be forgiven. But remember pretending to be someone else online, it’s akin to committing fraud.

Create a lookalike account

Think about it. What is the type of account that a person approves immediately, without even thinking about it? The answer is: a friend. People unfollow and create new accounts all the time; Seeing their friend’s account “Francesco” asking for follow again might be a little annoying, but it will be approved.

You can take photos of your friend directly from instagram if they have a public profile, or from other accounts on other social media, like facebook or Tiktok

Now create a profile or two for these doppelgangers. You won’t be able to use the same username, but you can use a very similar one. Use similar characters, replacing 0 with O and so on.

Note that this is a serious violation of the rules and you may lose access to your Instagram account altogether. One way to avoid this is to take advantage of a loophole in Instagram rules. It is forbidden to copy a person’s account and impersonate it.

But the only person who can complain about this is the person himself. To prove that they are the original user, they must show the issued ID of their account. The key to this is that most people don’t use their own names , so they can’t prove who they are. Once you are approved, change your username and photos. “Francesco” disappears and “Larry_il_canarino” takes his place.

A lookalike account, if used correctly, will have a very good chance of being approved.


The only legitimate way to see a private Instagram profile is to request to follow that person from your real account. Once the user has approved your request to follow him, you will be able to see, like and comment on his posts on Instagram. You can also send a private message to the account owner to explain why you want to follow them. Or you can do both, making sure the user knows exactly who you are and why you want to see their profile.

If you’re looking for unethical – and possibly illegal – ways to see a private Instagram account, you can always go the way of creating a fake profile and attempting to deceive.

We strongly advise against doing so , as this is a serious breach of trust with the other user and furthermore Fake accounts can be easily spotted while browsing content.

Overall, contacting the person you want to follow is your best bet.

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