How to see stories on Instagram without being seen

To see Instagram stories without being seen satisfied with previews

Let’s start with a little trick that you can use, such as seeing only the preview of the story. Unfortunately for you, in this way you will only be able to view the stories in which users have used photos in their entirety, for videos, you will not have the same luck. you could use is to watch the story close to the deadline. Yes, as you well know, after 24 you can no longer see the stories, well if you can no longer see them, you will not even be able to check who has seen them. So you who want to remain anonymous, you are safe.

The history that comes before or after incognito

How to see stories on Instagram without being seen? We have a very tactical method in store for you. Do you want to know how? The trick of using the story that comes before and after requires a lot of attention and doesn’t allow you to see the story in full, just the initial and final input.

You don’t have to directly select the story you are interested in, but choose the one that comes immediately before or immediately after, and hold your finger on the screen to pause it. Then proceed with a stipe up from left to right, so that you can see the preview of the publication you are interested in. A perfect method for stories that don’t include videos, just images. In the case of movies, unfortunately you will not be able to see them in a complete way.

How to see the stories on Instagram without being seen after looking at the story

What if you want to cancel the view after you have looked at the story? Thing? did you think it couldn’t be done? Actually you can.

Why don’t you use airplane mode?

There are not a few people exactly like you, who at the very thought of having to install a new application become perplexed and doubtful, this is why I would like to propose an alternative.

Airplane mode is your chance towards how to see Instagram stories without opening. But I warn you, you will only be able to see the first, because without connection to the network you will not be able to go on with the visualization. But if that’s okay with you, go ahead.


Do you want to set the airplane mode on your smartphone and use the Instagram application in a very simple way?

The first thing you need to do is start the Instagram application, update the content feed so you can see the new stories and new posts. At this point, proceed by accessing the system settings of your smartphone device and then enable the airplane mode , this is an extremely simple action.

Log in to Instagram again, then click on the stories you want to view, remember that you will only be able to see the first one for each user and to see the others you have to reactivate the connection internet and exit airplane mode.

PC Windows 10

The Mic rosoft has decided that from PCs running Windows 10 onwards it is possible to access the store and download applications just like mobile devices. To use the airplane mode method on this device, simply unplug the ethernet network cable or disable Wi-Fi, or even enable offline mode.

Then tap the preview of the stories related to the Instagram profile you want to secretly view.

But if what you want is to look at all the stories you can do is choose among the apps that I will tell you below.

To see stories on Instagram without them seeing you: use a fake account

come vedere le storie su instagram profilo privato 5

I know, it is certainly not orthodox as a method, maybe someone will turn up their nose because they don’t feel like having a fake profile. Do you know that there are not a few people who decide to open their fake profile? Yes, you got it right, there are many more fake profiles on the photographic social network than you imagine.

You just need to think that it is a practice that starts from the VIPs that in a very sincere way, they claim to have a fake profile to publish photos without espousal and leave room for spontaneity that I lose a little.

To go back for a few minutes to when no one knew them they decided to have a fake profile and if you have the habit of wanting to watch other people’s stories without them knowing, why shouldn’t you do you too?

How to see stories on Instagram without being seen: apps

How to see the stories on Instagram without being seen using the applications? Let’s see some of them.

Reshare Story

So let’s start with an app compatible only with Apple devices. Reshare Story is a completely free app, the answer for those who want to know how to see Instagram stories without opening.

Start the App Store and download Reshare Story, then after the download start and log in by entering your Instagram credentials. Type the username of the person whose stories you want to see and then click on the stories to see them. Your every view will remain completely anonymous.

Story Saver by InShot

Here is an app compatible with mobile devices Android. Access the official Android store and then proceed to search for Inshot’s Story Saver, then proceed with the download. In a few seconds the path will be completed and you will have the app on your smartphone and at this point simply by swiping your finger over it you can start it and then proceed with accessing the IG account.

The winning feature is the really simple to use interface that allows you to search for the account to check and download its contents.

Remember that both for this app and the one described above, compatible with iOS, for use you will need to log into Instagram.


Stogram is an application that you can use to answer your question how to see stories on Instagram without opening, if you have a Windows 10 PC or a Mac. It is in fact an app designed for the desktop and it does not make much sense to use it in the mobile versions, so we have already given you two alternatives.

To use it you will obviously have to download and install it, then when the download is complete, just type in the search bar the name of the person you are interested in and that’s it.

You can decide to view posts and stories directly or alternatively save them on your pc, which seems to be the preferred way.

Chrome extension IG Stories

Here it is, we all expected the Chrome extension, extremely simple to use. What do you need to do to use them? First you will need to download it directly from the Chrome Web Store. To use the service, after installation, simply browse the Instagram site and log in. You just have to click on the icon in the toolbar and choose the item “Go to IG Stories”.

In this way, here is a new screen where there will be the stories shared by your contacts . To view them without showing your name, all you have to do is press the eye icon and eventually download the image to your device.

Simple right? Don’t forget that this same extension has several features that could prove to be very interesting, so even if you’re not trying to figure out how to see Instagram stories without being seen, it’s worth a try.

How to see stories on Instagram without being seen: online

come vedere le storie su instagram senza essere visti 3

In short, you have followed us with a lot of interest and we are now almost at the end of this short guide on how it is possible to see the stories on the photographic social network without being seen, but perhaps there are questions that we have not yet answered. We have described the applications that you can use, but if you really don’t feel like taking up space on your device, you can also act online.

What we are talking about is a service that it can also be used by those who do not have an account on the social network because they are never asked for login credentials to your profile.

The stories that you can view are those of public profiles and not private ones . So if you were looking for the answer to how to see Instagram stories from a private profile, well you can’t.

Storiesing is nothing but a very simple tool to use. Its interface is so basic, as to seem rudimentary, careless, but this does not mean that it is not effective. How to use it?

You will have to access the official website and in the appropriate field write the username you are interested in, then tap on Search, a new page will open on the profile and in this way you will be able to see the stories posted by that person. A tap on the download button to save the stories on the device.

How to see stories on Instagram without opening them: if not of is a follower

come vedere le storie su instagram senza aprirle 4

how to see stories on instagram without opening them if you are not a follower of the person whose content we want to view. Actually, even if you have no problem making the person visualize the fact that you have seen her story, you could, considering that there are no restrictions on this.

So this means that all the solutions I have described to you so far can be applied even if you are not a follower.

The important thing is to know them the username so that you can proceed with the search. Another really important aspect is that the profile is public.

How do you say? Did you want to know how to see the Instagram stories of a private profile? You have only one chance, that of becoming a follower and then proceeding exactly as we have described so far.

After all we have done a good job so far right?

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