How to see the followers of a private account

You have “found” on social networks the profile of a person you only know “by sight” and who does not it is very nice. The latter has set her account as private and for this reason you do not have access to her personal information, nor to the people who follow her profile . Yet, you are dying to see if there is any acquaintance among this person’s followers .

This being the case, you would like to know how to see the followers of a private account but, so far, you have only happened to come across sites that recommended methods and procedures that did not work, I guessed it? Well, then, if you want, I can clarify your ideas about the functioning of the private profiles registered on the most popular social platforms and what are the safe and risk-free solutions for privacy that can allow you to view the latter, with the relative details. .

Obviously I don’t promise you “miraculous” solutions, but rest assured that by the end of reading this tutorial you will have a clearer idea of ​​what to do to do and, with a little luck, also the possibility of succeeding in your intent. Come on then! Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and read the next lines. I just have to wish you a good read!


Preliminary information

Profilo privato Instagram

You need to know that the most popular social networks have various settings to protect the privacy of users, which can be changed at will to hide various details of their profile from other people, such as published posts, photos or personal information (usually, when the account is private , these contents and information are not shown to anyone who is not registered as a “friend” or follower of the account in question).

The privacy settings and parameters are basically similar between all social networks; yet, as I will show you in the next chapters, some platforms allow you to hide more information and contents of a profile than others, including the followers . In these cases, therefore, to access the information in question it is necessary to resort to some stratagems which – I warn you – do not always give the desired results.

Don’t trust what you read online: various sites and applications, often upon registration or payment, promise to view all the details of private accounts on the various social networks, but these are mostly scams , as, as I will explain better shortly (and as logical as it is), there is no 100% working solution to access information that the owner of an online account wants to keep private. Therefore, you do not recommend to rely on these solutions.

Always check the reliability of the sites or applications that you intend to use by reading any reviews or searching Google for information about it. That said, ban the chatter and let’s see what you can do – within the limits of what is allowed – to see the followers of private profiles on the various social platforms.

How to see the followers of a private account on Instagram

Creare profilo Instagran

If you are interested in knowing how to see the followers of a private account on Instagram , the photo social network owned by Facebook, let me explain how things are.

Setting up a private account on Instagram also means automatically hiding the identity of your followers from all those who are not approved in turn as followers of the same account.

That being the case, if you are wondering how to find out the followers of a private account , the first of the solutions that you can only apply to send a request to the user you are interested in to become his follower in turn (to do so, just press the Follow button on the account page).

Alternatively, if you want to keep your identity secret and don’t want to let the user know that you intend to follow him, you can create another Instagram account and send the follow request using the new account created.

To do this from app , keep pressed finger on your profile picture placed at the bottom right, then press on the Add account item and, from here, tap on the Create new account item. Then type in a username and create a secure password . Continue, then, by pressing the Complete the registration button and you’re done. See how easy it was?

If you work from computer , connect to the Instagram login page and click on Subscribe item below. Once this is done, type in an e-mail address , a username , a name , a surname and a password in the appropriate fields for compilation. Finally, hit the Next button. If you use the Instagram application available on the Microsoft Store, the instructions to follow are the same as I just listed.

Once you have once you have accessed your new account, you can search for the user you are interested in as I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. For other procedures on creating a new profile on this social network, I refer you to my tutorial on how to register another Instagram account.

I know, I don’t it is the “magic” solution you were waiting for, but it is the only one potentially working, as as imaginable, Instagram does not allow you to easily bypass its security measures (and fortunately, I would say!). As another alternative, you could ask a friend who is already a follower of the private account you want to “spy” on Instagram to lend you his smartphone and look at the list of followers of your interest through it.

How to see the followers of a private account on Facebook

Follower profilo Facebook

Facebook provides its users with numerous valid options to protect the privacy of the profile (I also talked about it in my guide on how make a Facebook profile private). However, among the above options, there is no specific setting that allows you to hide the identity of followers .

That being the case, you can, in any case, view users who follow a private Facebook profile in an” instant “way. To do this from the app available on Android and iOS / iPadOS, once you have started the latter, search for the account you are interested in by typing its name in the appropriate search bar which is displayed after pressed on the magnifying glass icon located at the top right.

Then, click on the Follower item located under the profile picture and that’s it. If you are working as a browser (or from the Windows application), repeat these same steps by typing the name of the user with the private profile in the search bar at the top left and then click on the number displayed next to the Follower item. That’s all!

The situation is different for friends , who can be hidden instead. For more information, read my guide on how to see friends on Facebook.

How to see the followers of a private account on Twitter

Creare profilo Twitter

Also Twitter , like Instagram, it allows you to hide the identity of the followers of private profiles registered on its servers. Therefore, similarly to what I showed you previously, also in this case the solutions you have available are those of making a direct request to become a follower, in turn, of the user you are interested in or , alternatively, send this request from a other profile created at hoc.

In the first case, to ask a user to follow him from the Twitter app for Android, iOS / iPadOS, Windows 10 or macOS, press the Follow button that you find on the profile page of your interest. The same goes if you prefer to act as a browser

If, on the other hand, you prefer create a secondary account so as not to reveal your identity, click on your profile photo in the app , then on the icon with the two photos and on the voice to create a new account . Next, type in a name , a e-mail address that you can have access to or a phone number and the date of birth , in the appropriate fields, and continue by pressing the Next button twice in a row.

To conclude the procedure, tap the Subscribe button. Therefore, verify your identity by typing in the appropriate field the 6-digit code that should have been delivered to your e-mail box or via SMS and click on the Next button.

Create a password of at least 8 characters and tap the Next button again. Then take a photo to insert as a profile image (or press on the Skip for now item, to skip the step) and enter a bio in the field appropriate. Then tap the Skip for now button again. Great, you just did everything there was to do!

How do you say? Do you use the browser variant of the social network or the computer application? In this case, log out of your current account by pressing the button at the bottom left and selecting the appropriate menu item. Then, on the initial login screen, click on the Sign Up button. Then proceed as seen for the app.

As soon as you have accessed your new account, you can proceed to send a request to follow the user you are interested in see the followers following the instructions I indicated above.

How to see the followers of a private account on TikTok

Creare profilo TikTok

Do you want to know if the private profiles of TikTok , the social network of short amateur video clips, do they work differently from those we’ve seen so far? Unfortunately, I must inform you that, even in this case, to view the followers of a user who has made their profile private, you will have to proceed by making a request with your profile or with another one created for the occasion. .

If you choose to adopt the first method, from the TikTok app for Android or iPhone and iPad, press on the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom of the main page, and type the name of the user you are looking for. Once you have found it, click on the Follow button under the picture of the profile.

Do you use TikTok on a browser or on the application that can be installed on Windows ? In this case, search for the user using the search bar at the top and then, after you have opened the profile page you are interested in, click on the Follow button .

If you intend to create a new profile from TikTok’s app for mobile devices, log out of your current account , by going to Me , pressing the button and selecting the appropriate menu item. Then, from the login page, click on Use phone or email .

Select, then the date of birth and click on the Next button. Once this is done, type an email address or a telephone number (just tap on the Email item or the Telephone item at the top to choose the account verification method that suits you best) and then press the Next button again.

Continue by completing the CAPTCHA and create a password of at least 8 characters. At this point, type a username and, to finish, tap the Register button. If, on the other hand, you prefer to create a new TikTok account from your browser or computer application, on the login page click on the Use phone or email button.

Then proceed by typing your date of birth and your telephone number (if you want to register with an e-mail address press on Register with e-mail ). Finally, click on the Send code button located at the bottom and type in the 6-digit code that should have arrived via SMS or email, depending on your choice.

Once these steps are completed, click on the Next button, type a username and click on the button Register . Were you able to log in with the account you just created? Yup? Excellent then immediately search for the user whose followers you want to view and send him a request as I indicated above.

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