How to sell with Instagram abroad

To understand how to sell with Instagram abroad it is first of all good to know that the development and potential of this platform are constantly growing, since the first day of online debut.

As we all know, in 2012 it was acquired by Facebook undergoing several changes that over time have made this channel an excellent sales tool, through the constant development of new updates.

Among the most significant innovations introduced by Instagram to make the platform more and more a sales channel we find:

  • in November 2013 the first sponsored photo
  • in October 2014 the first video ad
  • in March 2015 the first clickable ad and the carousel format
  • in September 2015 ads available globally
  • May 2016 launch of video ads carousel and dynamic ads with product catalog
  • August 2016 introduction of the stories
  • November 2016 shopping section
  • January 2017 introduction of ads stories
  • June 2018 collection ads and IGTV launch
  • March 2019 checkout shopping

The users on Instagram

Graph extracted from Statista

As the graph shows, the number of users on Instagram in the world follows a positive growth trend that is expected to be destined to improve also in the coming years.

This data becomes even more important if we have to choose to include or exclude Instagram as a channel to invest in the budget for sale abroad.

Among the points in favor of choosing Instagram as a sales channel abroad, there are two important factors:

  • large number of users who use the platform, with continuous growth
  • possibility to create personalized audiences through the data collected on their profile, so as to optimize advertising campaigns by inserting an audience in target with the objectives

How to sell with Instagram abroad through 8 steps

To find out how to sell with Instagram abroad , you must first have a business account and create a product catalog.

Once this step has been completed, you can summarize in 8 main points the steps to follow before investing your advertising budget:

  1. have a clear idea of ​​which products to sell
  2. have a site in the language of the country in which you want to sell
  3. have the same language for checkout and payment pages
  4. implement the facebook pixel throughout the target site of our campaigns
  5. connect the Instagram Business page to the Facebook page
  6. have a well-curated Instagram page
  7. analyze the activity of competitors in the markets we want to test
  8. find balance in creativity

Products to sell

To know how to sell your products abroad with Instagram , it is first of all essential to understand which of all those available are the most suitable products for sale abroad.

To understand this, it is important to make a careful choice that includes in the decision-making phase a reasoning especially on this:

  • the convenience of shipping the product
  • the shipping costs of the different types of products

The language of the site

Having a site with the same language as the country in which you would like to sell is another fundamental step to improve the conversion rate and increase the percentage of possible buyers.

In fact, in cases where you aim at a country where several languages ​​are spoken, setting only one of these would not be a advisable choice, if you do not want to give up all that slice of the public that does not speak the same language as the majority. .

The checkout and payment pages

The checkout pages are an element of the sales funnel to which particular attention must be paid, in fact, setting the same language present during the payment phase is essential in order not to incur a high rate of abandonment of the cart. it would meet if the user were to see a different language in the final purchase phase.

Regarding the payment methods, it is important to offer the user a multitude of choices, so as to facilitate the number of sales, which are usually often lower when at the checkout stage there are few options to finalize the purchase.

The Facebook pixel

Having the Facebook pixel connected to the site is one of the fundamental steps to be able to track the results of the campaigns and to be able to optimize our strategy more and more.

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The link of the Instagram Business page to the Facebook page

To sell with Instagram, the Instagram page must be connected to the Facebook page, so special attention should be paid to setting up this connection which must be done through the Facebook Business Manager.

Having a well-curated Instagram page

Creating an editorial plan that includes the creation of stories, posts in the feed, live and IGTV and a well-curated feed is essential for brand reputation.

In fact, there are always cases in which a user who sees the advertising campaign chooses to click on the profile name to view its contents, and in these cases the reputation of the brand also built through its feed, is essential to increase the number of conversions.

The analysis of competitor

To understand how to best move when creating an advertising campaign in a particular country, it is essential to make a preliminary analysis through which to investigate competitors in order to have a view of their creativity and communication.


Creativity is an essential part in the process of creating campaigns and to find the right balance you need to carefully evaluate the language and style of the market you are targeting, thus creating an optimized ad able to capture the user.

Some of the main elements that can determine the success of a campaign are summarized in:

  • great creativity in posts
  • interaction with followers
  • correct tone of voice to capture the user
  • ability to eliminate clear commercial intent

What campaign objectives can you have with Instagram?

Using Instagram can be useful for achieving several goals including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic to the site
  • Video views
  • Online conversions
  • Contact generation

In addition, with Instagram it is possible to optimize campaigns more and more through the creation of personalized audiences , which can now be created not only through website but also through Facebook and Instagram by inserting users who have viewed a video or saved a post in the campaigns, to give just a few examples.

Setting up campaigns to sell with Instagram abroad

After following the initial 8 steps for selling with Instagram abroad , when creating campaigns it is good to consider:

  • choose the campaign objective (brand awareness, traffic etc.)
  • create a placement-optimized ad that captures the user
  • select suitable countries for our product or service (making the right considerations regarding logistics, prices or competitors)
  • to run campaigns for an initial period of five or seven days (a minimum period to have results that can be analyzed)

Once the advertising campaign on Instagram has been created, we arrive at the moment of analysis, a phase in which it will be possible to test the cold audience and compare the results obtained in the different countries included in the campaign created, so as to select the most convenient countries in terms of costs and results.

Once you have decided which countries to include in your strategy, you can continue with conversion and traffic to increase the audience on e-commerce or to generate contacts (mailing lists, requests for quotes etc. ) up to the next step dedicated to the activation of retargeting and remarketing campaigns.

Testing a bit of everything at this stage, without taking anything for granted is essential and it is for this reason that it is advisable not to exclude other channels such as Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network from the tests carried out.


Creating advertising campaigns on Instagram can undoubtedly be a great way to see how our brand, service or product is perceived in individual countries, but to find out how to sell with Instagram abroad , following the steps reported so far is undoubtedly essential.

However, the essential element that appears clear after all the considerations made is how carrying out tests is essential because only through these will it be possible to make wise choices regarding the selection of countries in which to invest.

What do you think? How do you envisage your strategy for selling with Instagram abroad? Tell us about it in the comments.

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