How to split a photo on Instagram

In recent times, viewing different profiles on Instagram , you have noticed that many users have a “mosaic” style profile, in which a single image has been broken down in order to compose a mosaic and thus have a single larger image on the profile page.

This visual solution struck you a lot, to the point that you started searching the Net for some way to achieve the same effect and make your profile page even more “attractive”, and maybe you would also like to know if there is some way to do a similar thing in Instagram Stories as well. Did I guess? Great, then you’ll be glad to hear you’ve just started reading the guide that’s right for you!

If you take a few minutes of your time free, in fact, I can explain how to divide a photo on Instagram through convenient applications that will be useful for this purpose. In addition, I will show you the dynamics of an Instagram Stories feature that allows you to take a picture with several different “portions” side by side. Then? Are you ready to give your profile a breath of fresh air? Yup? Very well. I wish you a good reading and a lot of fun!


How to divide a photo on Instagram for free

In the next chapters we will see together how to divide a photo on Instagram with some free apps or, in the case of “mosaics” to post in the stories, with the same official app of the social network. Everything is explained below.

Panorama Split for Instagram (Android)

Panorama split

How do you say? Would you like to decompose a photo into a “mosaic” to be displayed on your Instagram profile and are you using a Android device? Then, in this case, you will have to take advantage of some third-party apps since the social network, at the moment, does not have this functionality for its feed. My advice is to use Panorama Split for Instagram . It is a handy and functional app designed to divide images into sections (and to resize photos without cutting them to fit the shape of Instagram posts).

By publishing (in the correct order) the sections obtained from the initial photo on Instagram, you can get the mosaic you want on your profile. The app I’m talking about is free but it contains some banner ads and, if you’re wondering how to split a photo in 3 for Instagram , this should be just the solution you need. that’s right for you (the 3-section grid is in fact the first that the app offers).

To install Panorama Split for Instagram open the relative page of the Play Store (if your smartphone does not have access to Google services, take a look at the alternative stores) and press the Install button at the top. Once the process is complete, start the application, by tapping on the icon of the rectangle divided into 3 with the symbol + that you find on the home screen or in the app menu and then press on the item Grid .

Then authorize the app to access the images saved on your phone, by tapping the button Allow and then click on Gallery to browse the photos in memory. Once you have chosen the one you want to divide (by tapping on its preview ), select the grid pattern you prefer ( 3: 1, 3: 2 , 3: 3 and so on) by pressing on the appropriate items at the bottom of the page.

At this point, click on the check icon at the top right; finally, tap the Save button located at the top right and you’re done. The images obtained from the one you entered will be automatically added to your gallery. To get the mosaic you want on your Instagram profile, just post them in the correct order according to the scheme you have chosen.

The first from to publish, to obtain the desired effect, it will always be the one that occupies the position bottom right of the “overall” image (if you have divided the image into a single row by 3 sections, start ‘image on the right , then publish the central one and finally the one on the left). Most likely, in the gallery of your device, the photos of the portions will be ordered from the oldest to the most recent and you will have to follow this order when publishing.

To post a photo on Instagram, just start the app and tap on the icon of your profile at the bottom right. Then, tap on the + button located at the top right and then click on the Post of the feed item. Then, tap on the preview of the photo you want to insert (you can find them by scrolling the list below), then press twice in a row on the arrow icon at the top of right and finally tap on the check icon. If you need some more “tips” to post a photo on your feed, check out my tutorial on how to post photos on Instagram.

Grid: Grids for Instagram (iOS / iPadOS)


If you have an iPhone, you can contact Grid: Grids for Instagram ; an app that allows you to break down photos into portions to be published on your Instagram profile to compose “mosaics”. The application gives the possibility to exploit various different grid schemes ( 3 , 6 , 9 portions ) and is free.

To install this application on iPhone (or iPad ) visit this App Store page and press the Get / Install button, then proceed to verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or password of the ID Apple (if required). At the end of the download, to start the app, just tap on the appropriate icon on the home screen or in the App Library.

From the main screen of the app, allow it access to all the photos , then select the image you want to break down from the box below and choose the number of tiles into which you want to break it down, using one of the appropriate icons.

To complete your creation, click on Save placed at the top right and press on the numbers placed on the portions of the image, in progressive order, to publish them directly on Instagram . Alternatively, since the images are also saved in the Gallery, you can decide to publish them “manually” at a later time as I indicated at the end of the previous chapter dedicated to Android (the procedure is always the same).

Default function (stories)

Dividere foto storia Instagram

Maybe you didn’t know that, but when you create stories on Instagram (basing the latter not on images in memory but on shots that you take at the moment of creation with your phone’s camera) you have the possibility to set a “grid” for the final image that will be displayed on your story . In each part of this grid you can insert a different shot (you have the possibility to “divide” the image from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 parts).

To take advantage of this function, start the Instagram application, tap the + icon at the top right (next to that of the heart ); finally, click on the History item located on the black bar at the bottom. At this point, click on Layout in the list on the left.

To choose a grid with which to set the ‘image, tap on the icon of the white grid divided into four parts on the left and then click on the icon relating to the scheme you want to use. To take the various shots, press the central button located at the bottom each time. If there is a shot that does not satisfy you and you want to repeat it, just go back with the appropriate virtual button on your smartphone.

Once the procedure is finished, to confirm, press the check button at the bottom (or press the basket icon on the various clicks to repeat them). Finally, click on the Send to> button located at the bottom left, then click on the Share button next to Your Story and, from here , on the Finish button. It didn’t take long, do you agree?

Other solutions to split a photo on Instagram

Griglie per Instagram

The solutions I gave you earlier, for a reason or the other, they were not for you and, therefore, you have not yet managed to divide a photo to make a mosaic as you originally proposed to do? Fear not – there are just several other good applications that can help you make your intent a reality. I’ll list them below.

  • Grids for Instagram (Android) – a very good application similar to the ones I’ve told you about so far. It offers the possibility of creating photo mosaics by breaking down the same image with five different grid schemes (with square portions of equal size to each other). You can save the composition on SD card, in memory or publish it directly on Instagram. The app is free but to unlock additional functions you need to pay 2.09 euros.
  • Grid Post (Android) – another very valid app for breaking down images and publishing the resulting mosaic on Instagram. You have the option to take advantage of five grid schemes and change the portions with colors, filters, text stickers and logos. Also in this case the portions are square, all the same and can be posted directly on Instagram. The “basic” version of the app is free but to remove advertising and get additional features (additional stickers and patterns), the PRO version must be purchased for € 7.49.
  • Reposter Foto Video (iPhone / iPadOS) – the app allows you to create mosaics for Instagram starting from a single photo. You can share images directly from the app that will publish them on your profile. Plus, you can easily repost content shared by the people you follow. The app is free but the “advanced” version with additional features costs $ 2.49 per month.

For other apps, I finally refer you to my tutorial on how to create puzzles for Instagram.

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