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come spiare instagram

Is there a way to spy on my children’s instagram account ? Yes, find out how to protect your children from cyberbullies, criminals, scammers etc …

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps, it allows users to share photos taken on the spot or uploading images from your gallery, brings together aspiring photographers, artists and companies wishing to promote their brand.

However, this social network also presents many dangers . Vulnerable people can easily be offended, targeted, duped, and receiving inappropriate messages. It is especially dangerous for small children, adolescents, and the disabled, who could be easily exposed to inappropriate images or be contacted by malicious people. Anyone can send you anything via chat and you cannot do anything to avoid it. Ok, so is there a way to spy on my children’s instagram account or a particularly vulnerable family member to check that everything is ok? Follow our tips and we’ll tell you how.

Why do people spy on someone’s instagram account?

1. To protect young children and vulnerable relatives

Kids are very attracted to Instagram, they use it to keep in touch with friends outside of school and with relatives who live far away, to stay up to date on entertainment news and get in touch with groups of people with their own interests, however this category of users due to lack of experience, are more prone to be targeted by virtual predators and cyberbullies, their protection and parental task, so it is natural for them to access the account instgaram of the children and keep the situation under control.

2. To discover a betrayal

Extra-marital affairs and flirting online are quite common nowadays, and social media like Instagram make it easy to connect with other people without getting caught, if not spy on your partner’s Instagram account, you will never find out what he or she is hiding from you.

3. To steal personal information

You should be aware that some people may try to spy on your account to steal personal information such as your identity and banking information, so be very careful about what you put online .

Is it possible to spy on someone’s instagram account?

Most teenagers use instagram to follow their influencers and share their photos. It is common to see selfies on Instagram, and many users aim to have a large number of followers, which is why they are very active and regularly share new photos and videos that they shoot themselves. Therefore, it is understandable that parents want to monitor their children’s Instagram account to keep them safe.

Many keep track of someone’s account, but looking at their activities and their friends list isn’t enough. No one is able to spy on someone’s instagram account without the help of a special tool.

For this there are spy apps for instagram . One of them is PanSpy. It is a spy app that is used to track Instagram messages, record keystrokes and capture screen.

This spy app for Instagram also allows you to spy on WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook chat messages, Snapchat, and more. In addition, it gives you the ability to track cell phone activity – you can record calls, messages, emails, documents, calendar, photos, videos, apps and more.

With PanSpy, you are able to:

  • See all direct sent or received on Instagram
  • Capture your phone screen
  • See all photos and videos sent and received

How to spy on someone’s instagram account with PanSpy

PanSpy supports a variety of Android devices including Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Oppo, Sony, LG and supports Android from version 5.0 onwards.

The main features are:

  • Track cell phone activity : Call log, message, email, document, calendar, photo, video, app and more
  • Track location : GPS, WiFi
  • Moni tora the social apps : WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and more

Here are the steps you can follow to spy on someone’s instagram account.

Create an account on PanSpy

Go to the PanSpy website, click Sign up, enter your email and create an account. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account, then follow the installation wizard to complete the setup procedure. (the site is in English but it is easy to understand with basic knowledge).

come spiare instagram
how to spy on instagram

Install and configure the application

There are currently versions available: Premium Edition and Ultimate Edition . Just select the subscription you need based on the services. Once you have successfully subscribed to the service, you will get a download link to download and configure the PanSpy app. Download and install the app on the target device. Log in to your account and follow the instructions to set up and authorize the app to access your phone data.

Start spying on instagram account

After completing the setup process on the target device, go back to your computer’s Control Panel to start tracking Instagram and any other activity that takes place on the phone.

come spiare l'account instagram di qualcuno

How to protect your instagram account

Create a strong password

The best way to protect your account is to create a strong password with combinations of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

Enable two-factor authentication

You can add a level of protection for your account by enabling two-factor authentication in your Instagram settings.

Remember to log out

Make sure you log out of your account every time you finish using Instagram.

Keep personal information private

Do not share your sensitive personal information in your photos, captions or other public spaces.

Do not install unknown applications

There are many spy apps that allow you to track your device remotely, so be very careful who you lend your phone to and don’t install any unknown apps. Make sure to regularly check if any suspicious or unknown apps are installed on your phone and uninstall them if you find them.

Disclaimer : All apps or tools mentioned in this article must be used for legal purposes only. Before trying any of them, follow the Terms and Use and the End User License Agreement. Any consequences of improper use will be borne by the end user.

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