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Instagram is one of the social networks with the highest level of interaction in the world. That of Instagram has been a popularity achieved in a short time, and that continues to expand! With already one million registered users in its first two months, Instagram today boasts 500 million daily active users. Monthly, over one billion active users, with 28 million Italians.

If you are not one of them, don’t worry. You will soon understand how to fix it! How? With a simple guide that will explain how to sign up on instagram. Read on! Before we begin, however, let’s ask ourselves what the success of this platform comes from.

Why does everyone use it? What is different from other social networks?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular and fun social networking service! Although it has existed since 2010, we still perceive it as a very innovative, youthful and modern social network. This is because it is a constantly innovating social network, always in step with the needs of the people who use it. In 2012, Instagram, developed by Kevin Systrom, was bought by Facebook for a billion dollars.

How has Instagram changed over time? Initially, Instagram only allowed you to post photos in 1: 1 format, one at a time. A few years later, Instagram already allowed you to include multiple photos in the same post. But also to post videos, first from 15 seconds, and then from 60. There was also an increase in quality for the photos.

Yes, because now, they can be posted on Instagram and remain of a remarkable quality. Furthermore, through Instagram we can make our photos more beautiful. How? By changing the lights, the colors, and adding some breathtaking effects, such as the timeless black and white. There have been many updates since.

Among the many updates that the Instagram application has offered us over the course of these 10 years, we remember the function of the direct, which allows you to see the video of a user while recording it!

Then the possibility of message on this social network thanks to Direct with which we can interact privately, with people both known and unknown, and also exchange photos and videos.

The stories of Instagram

Since 2015 there is also a feature widely used by users of this incredible platform. Indeed, the most used. I’m talking about Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are posts that are only accessible for 24 hours, and therefore used daily by people who use Instagram. In fact, there are currently more than 500 million people create stories on their profile.

They can be videos, photos, boomerangs, or collages and we can accompany them with the music we like most from the “music” stories section. There are also some functions to use in the stories stories, which allow us to interact more with the followers.

For example, the question box, through followers can ask something or respond to your requests. Or also, the survey section, with which users can analyze the preferences of their followers.

What are the latest updates? Subsequently, users were given the opportunity to create igtv, or videos with a time limit of 10 minutes, or 60 minutes for the most popular accounts.

The latest news from Instagram are the Reels, short videos in vertical format, similar to those of the famous Tik Tok application.

What does Instagram have more than other social networks?


As we can guess from what has been said above, this platform is very much used and loved. But for what reason? What does it have more than all the social arts? The answer is that this application collects the most characterizing and fun aspects of all the other social networks. From stories, to photo filters, to posts.

What inspired Instagram? Facebook is not the only social network that Instagram wanted to emulate from the start. By adding the Reels feature, it has become the “new Tik Tok”.

And that’s not all. Instagram Stories are very similar to those already present for some time, on the popular Snapchat application.

And all the effects that you can apply on photos in Instagram Stories, are exactly like those by Snapchat. So signing up on instagram is like having all the best social networks within reach of a single social network.

Why join Instagram?

As we have guessed, joining Instagram has become the best way to express yourself and gain visibility by sharing your creativity and talent. This application has also become fertile ground for advertising influencers and brands.

Instagram is now a real means to earn, and yes it is moving further and further away from the idea of ​​being simply a pastime. If the world of Instagram has intrigued you enough, here’s how to sign up on Instagram.

How to subscribe to Instagram

Initially, Instagram was an application intended only for iPhones, but since 2012 it has also been available for Android and Windows devices. Then take your smartphone and access the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store, and search Instagram via the appropriate search bar.

Click on the name of the application in the search results and download it by pressing the download button.

What to do once the application is downloaded ? Once the application has been downloaded, start Instagram by pressing its icon. Once the app is open, click on “Sign up” located at the bottom. Well! Now follow the registration procedure for the service.

You can choose whether to register on Instagram using your email address, your mobile number or your Facebook account. Choose the way you prefer, and fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing your Facebook name and password, your e-mail address or your phone number! Well!

Choose your “identification marks”. At this point, you will have to choose how other users will know you on Instagram. Okay, click on “next” and if you want to write your name and surname. Then choose the password. Choose a password that is easy to remember, but not too obvious, that does not contain special characters.

When you have done so, select an image from your gallery to use it as a profile photo. Once finished, you will also need to write something about yourself in the bio, but it is not mandatory to fill in this field. Then you will have to choose your username, which must be unique and must not have any spaces or special characters.

Instagram subscribe: what to do once subscribed


Once completed the whole procedure to subscribe to Instagram, a list of recommended profiles will appear, among those you also follow on Facebook, which are in your contacts or the most followed at the moment.

To be updated on the one who posts on Instagram the person you are interested in, whether he is a movie star or your best friend, to view all his posts on your main Instagram screen, you have to press on the “follow” item next to his name. You can’t go wrong!

If you want to subscribe to Instagram from desktop and if you don’t have a mobile phone or prefer to use it only for calls and messages, and not for social networks, there is a way to use Instagram also through the computer.

However, remember that Instagram was designed for smartphones. This is why unfortunately you will not be able to post anything on instagram from your computer. You will only be able to follow your favorite accounts, “like” posts and comment on them. I’m going to tell you how to subscribe to Instagram, through the desktop.

Subscribe to Instagram

The procedure is from a computer, it is similar to that for smartphones. In this case, however, there are no apps to download. The first thing you need to do is search your browser, in the search bar at the top left, for the link to the Instagram homepage.

Now select the “subscribe” link which is positioned on the right side of the main page of the Instagram site, next to the phrase “Don’t have an account?”.

At this point, enter your credentials. Choose whether to sign up through your Facebook profile, or your email, or phone number. Then choose your password.

How to show your profile to the world? Then choose your username and although it is not mandatory to enter them, I recommend that you also write your full name and biography. The latter can be a few lines, but not too long. The biography is used to briefly tell who you are and what you like to those who see your profile.

How to post on Instagram

Now that you finally have an Instagram account, it’s time to learn How to post on your Instagram profile . It takes a few simple steps. You can choose whether to take a photo right now, or even a video, and post it right away on your profile.

Or alternatively you can choose to post a photo that already exists on your phone. If you chose the first option, which is to immediately take and post a photo on instagram, here’s what you need to do.

To take and publish your photo right away, follow these steps. First, log into Instagram and then go to take photos who is an icon in the toolbar at the bottom. Then click the snap tool, which is in the form of a small blue circle at the bottom center.

Now take the picture! And choose whether to edit it with instagram effects or filters. If you like it without effects, go directly to the “next” item at the top and right.

What to add to your post? Now choose whether to write a caption for your beautiful post. The caption can be but a sentence related to the photo or simply what we are thinking at that moment in any case it is a very important way of communicating.

So that as many people as possible can find your photo, I recommend adding ashtags to your caption.

How to subscribe on Instagram: what are the hashtags


Hashtags are keywords followed by a hashtag symbol, which summarize your post, to direct people interested in that type of photo to it. It can also be composed of letters or numbers, but not spaces and special characters.

The hashtag comes from Twitter, but as we know it is also widely used on Instagram and Facebook. In summary, they are hyperlinks that act as labels. When we write our ashtags with the hash before the word, they turn blue. You can add one, but also more than one.

How to geotag a photo? You can choose whether to geotag your post, by selecting the place where the photo was taken, pressing on top of your photo and choosing the place, that is, by locating it. To add the location, remember to activate the location, on your smartphone. When you pose the photo, your followers will see the geotag at the top left, in light blue, under the nickname, and they will know where you took it.

What does it mean to tag someone? When you decide to post the photo, you choose whether to tag another account in your photo. Tagging someone means associating a linkable profile with an image or video, in this case, posted on Instagram.

For example, if you took the photo with a friend of yours, tag it by pressing a point a your choice in the photo, and selecting his profile. Well, in this way that those who look at the post will be able to trace the identity of your friend. Now click on share with followers. Or you can also choose whether to share your post directly with someone specific.

How to share a photo from the library

If you don’t want to take a photo at the moment, but in the gallery you have a beautiful photo to show to all your friends, here is the simple procedure you will have to do to publish your photo on your new account. Log in to Instagram and then go to take photo icon in the bottom toolbar.

Now instead of taking the photo as before you have to go to the library. You will find the library icon at the bottom left, press it and select the photo you plan to post by tapping it. Then go to “next”, also in this case you have to choose whether or not to put the effects of Instagram.

After adding the description and location, go to share and share your photo with your followers, or in direct.

Good! Now you know how to subscribe to Instagram, and how to use it! You just have to enjoy your new app!


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