How to tag on Instagram in 2021?

How to tag on Instagram? Well, surely this is a question that many ask themselves, especially if they have recently registered on the social network.

You must know that Instagram is known not only for being a real virtual place where you can meet, make friends and make sales.

In fact , it has also become famous for its tagging function, which can be used in a variety of ways. Tagging, as we will see shortly, means mentioning a person within its own content.

This allows you not only to increase your own visibility, but also that of others.

Furthermore, this function is used especially when you post content together with other people. If, for example, you post a photo with a friend of yours, you will surely wonder how to tag on Instagram.

By tagging him, in fact, others will also be able to see his name, and will be able to browse his profile.

Obviously, you don’t have to be social networking experts to understand how to tag yourself on Instagram. You will only need a little knowledge of the platform so that you can do it better.

Below, we will explain to you in detail how to tag a person on Instagram.

Only in this way can you do it without too many efforts and without having to waste time searching among the various features of the most popular social network of the moment. In a few minutes, you will know how to tag on Instagram.

Let’s start, however, with the definition of tags!

Tag: what does this mean?

How to tag on Instagram? Well, before learning how to do it, we should understand exactly what the verb to tag means.

First of all, it soon becomes clear that we are not talking about a term that derives from Italian. In fact, the word derives from the English verb “to tag” and from the English name “tag”.

Precisely, a tag would be the highlight of a certain term.

This sense of the word is used mainly in IT field, when you tag some elements that you want to point out before others. In other cases, however, the term tag indicates the signature of the author of a graffiti or a mural.

Finally, in the social field, this term takes on a similar meaning but slightly different. First of all, as in the IT sector, elements are highlighted, in our case the name of the person we want to mention.

In fact, when you tag, you will notice that the The username of whoever has been tagged will be marked with another color, or bold, or both. In some options, however, a tag can be used as a signature in a post.

For example, some users usually sign their own photos by tagging themselves.


In this way, a stranger who sees the content will be tempted to search for that particular profile and possibly start following it.

As you can see, understanding how tagging on Instagram can open many doors. On the one hand, it allows you to connect with your acquaintances. On the other hand, you can make sure to increase your visibility for free and without too much effort.

So, if you still don’t know how to tag a person on Instagram, you just have to keep reading!

How to tag on Instagram within photos?

The first thing you will need to learn to understand how to tag on Instagram will do it inside the photos. Not only because it is the simplest method, but also because it is one of the most used functions. Logically, you must have logged into the app, downloading it and registering using the appropriate procedures.

Now, there are two ways. You will have to decide whether to tag on existing content, or take a new photo. If you already have content, then go to your profile at the bottom right. Click on the desired content, and then on the three dots at the top right.

From there, access the edit section, and you will notice that the “tag the people”. Click on it, and tap the place in the photo where you want to tag. Then, you will notice the word “Who is”, and a search bar at the top.

Type the name of the person to tag, and select it from those suggested. Here you’ve discovered how to tag on Instagram when you already have photo-format content!

come si tagga su instagram 2

Similarly, if you don’t have one, follow these steps:

Go to the home page and, at the top right, click on the + button as if you were to make a story. In the “public” section, you will find a camera icon next to “select multiple items”. Click on it and take the photo. Edit it to your liking, and go ahead.

Then, under the “write a caption” section, you will be offered to tag other people. Click on “tag people” and, as before, you can enter the names of your friends in various places in the photo. In seconds, here’s how to tag someone on Instagram when you don’t have content yet!

How to tag on Instagram Stories

Tell the truth: your intent is not to learn how to tag on Instagram photos, but how to tag on Instagram Stories! On the other hand, you know, stories are one of the most popular tools within social networks.

Lasting only 24 hours, it is possible to share contents even embarrassing without having to ask the problem that everyone sees them forever. Also, you can choose a close circle of friends to prevent unwanted subjects from seeing them!

come si fa a taggare su instagram 3

So, how do you tag on Instagram Stories? Easy!

First, go to your social account. From the Home, click on the (+) button at the top right, and you will be redirected to the content upload page. From Android, you will notice that at the bottom there are the words “Publish, History, Reel, Live”.

Click on History, and the official Instagram camera will open, where you will find numerous effects to better retouch your content. Then, take and edit the photo as you see fit.

Here’s the process!

Now, it’s time to tag! You will notice that, in the upper part, there are several tools, including an icon with a sort of square face. Press it, and a menu with different behavior will open.

You will find the button, “Location”, the “Hashtag” button and many others.

Select the badge that says “@mention”. You can then type the username of the person you want to mention in the story. As you type, you’ll find hints below to help you locate your friend even faster.

Once the user has been selected, you can click again on the writing with the mention to change its colors. In a few seconds, you will have learned how to tag on Instagram Stories and how to do it in a personalized way!

Some users are also usually minimize the mentions on the stories as much as possible, so as to tag but not make others click on the username. If you are jealous of your partner, for example, tag him, make the text as small as possible and position it at the bottom.

Since there is a “message” button when viewing the story, no one will be able to click on it!

I want to mention someone in the comments. How do you tag a person on Instagram?

Now that you know how to tag Instagram Stories and Instagram photos, you are ready to find out how he tags himself on Instagram in the comments section. In a nutshell, it is possible to mention your follower or a person you follow within any comment you make on the platform.

What is the usefulness of this function? Simple. Imagine a situation where you see an interesting video, or content that someone you know might like. Your goal is to relate to others, so you may want to show that content to your friend.

To do this, just tag it in the comments. A notification will then be sent to the mentioned user, who will redirect him directly under the content, if he does not belong to a private profile. In fact, in the event that the owner of the content has a non-public profile and your friend does not follow him, he must necessarily follow him before being able to view it.

Also, many giveaways are organized by tags in the comments. Post owners invite people to tag 2, 3, 4, or 5 friends under a post. Then they randomly draw one of the comments, and both who wrote the comment and the tagged friends win a prize (usually guides, ebooks, food products or similar).


This approach is very convenient because:

  • A comment takes less than a minute to write
  • Friends may find the content interesting
  • Post owner gets a lot of exposure
  • Post owner makes people happy by making them win for free
  • People, happy with the win, will surely make stories or posts with the product they have won, giving even more visibility to the owners of the post

But then, how do you tag on Instagram within the comments? Very easy: go under the content you are interested in, and click on the icon similar to a comic. Enter your comment and, when you want to mention someone, insert the symbol “ @ ” before their username.

Once you have entered the “ @ “, Suggestions will already appear showing you the accounts you have the most connection with.

Can you control the tags to increase privacy?

Instagram has thought of everything. On the other hand, we are talking about one of the big social networks, with over a billion downloads around the world. Precisely for this reason, in addition to explaining how to tag on Instagram, it is also right to show you how to check your tags and those of others.

In fact, sometimes it may happen that someone tags you without even knowing you, perhaps to participate in a contest or simply to spam. For example, there are many fake profiles that, by uploading content, decide to tag hundreds of people.

You, receiving the notification, will most likely be tempted to view the tag. Once the content is opened, the owner will receive more and more visibility. Furthermore, if you are not very familiar with these things, you could also fall into scams.

There are many users who , after receiving tags or messages, they are invited to click on questionable links. Then you find yourself either with viruses within your operating system, or victims of phishing activities.


With phishing, we mean the theft of sensitive data such as name, surname, card numbers credit and much more. This is why in addition to knowing how to tag a person on Instagram, it is important to know how to control your privacy in this regard.

Then, go to your profile by clicking the icon in bottom right of the main screen when you open the application. Go to settings and then to Privacy.

From there, you will notice the presence of the mentions button, where you can decide who is able to tag you. By setting “everyone”, anyone will be able to mention you under a post or in a story, if they know your nickname.

In these cases you will receive a notification, and you can decide whether to approve or minus the tag. With “people you follow”, however, only those who have you as a follower will be able to tag you.

With anyone, however, you will be almost invisible, as even knowing your username they will not be able to mention you in any way.


And here we are at the end of this little guide on how to tag on Instagram and how to protect your privacy when it comes to tags and mentions. Nowadays, the term taggare, as well as the term hashtag, are used in everyday life, and have now become words of the Italian language, as well as international.

D ‘ on the other hand, these are features common not only to Instagram, but also to platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and everything that includes the term social within it. Making the most of them, tags represent very powerful tools that can increase visibility and encourage sharing of content.

Even in restaurants you will often find “tag our dishes in your stories ”, or similar phrases, as it helps entrepreneurs to sponsor their businesses. In this sense, we are talking about sponsorships much more effective than a simple advertising billboard posted on some wall.

This is why jobs like food bloggers are also born, people who photograph other people’s dishes mentioning the premises and, of course, getting paid to do so. Logically, these are both social and photography savvy individuals.

Do you want to find out more about the world of social networks? Well then check out the rest of our blog, or visit our social channels!


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