How to take advantage of links in Instagram bio? 5 tips for you!

The bio of Instagram is a fundamental part of the profile, even if for many it is a minor detail, it is, instead, an important strategic detail especially for profiles with less than 10,000 followers , because it is the only way to insert a link on IG .

For a company profile or professional having the possibility to share one or more links on Instagram is a detail of utmost importance, in fact it represents together with the Call to Action A Call to action (translation: call to action) or CTA is an instruction to the public aimed at causing a immediate response. In CTAs, an imperative verb such as … is usually used, one of the most important actions a user can perform towards a brand in Social Media Marketing .

Have you ever thought about the importance of the link in the Instagram bio ?

Let’s see immediately how to use the link in bio of Instagram in a strategic way, to increase traffic to your website, sell a product and / or service or get registered the user to your newsletter to immediately boost your strategy Social Media Marketing !

Bio performing

A performing bio must tell a story, convey the essence of the brand, through a simple, clear and direct communication accompanied by a relevant and performing Call to Action , which must push the user to perform a conversion and matching perfectly with the brand’s tone of voice .

How do you write a proper bio for IG?

Both a long bio and a bulleted list are fine, written maintaining the correct tone of voice of the brand and remembering that it can have a maximum 150 characters total, including the emoticon and the CTA .

In fact, the Call to Action represents the call to action that the brand makes to the user, guiding him to the link to click.

Link in bio

If you work in the digital world, are a fan of social media or follow a influencer , you will surely have heard of link in bio during the Social Media Marketing campaigns or Influencer Marketing : this is because, as we said earlier, the link in the bio of Instagram is a strategic and performing tool, if used well.

First of all I’ll explain how to insert the link in your IG bio : to do this you will need to enter the selected Instagram profile and opt for Edit Profile , where you will find written Website : in this section you will have to insert the URL that you have decided to share as a link .

How to choose which URL to share?

The URL to be shared in the link of the bio of Instagram must be chosen strategically, in fact its task is to land the user on an ad hoc page or a specific channel in which to make your lead .

For this reason the URL to be shared in the link , must be chosen according to the objectives set in your Social Media strategy Marketing , evaluating the results you want to achieve.

The objectives are the basis from which to start to define a correct business strategy, both online and offline, in fact if we do not have in mind the result we want to achieve we could not even evaluate the progress of the tactics in place: at each goal corresponds to an action that leads to the result.

If you want to increase the Brand Awareness it is useful to opt for a direct link to the blog , to keep the relationship with the user alive through valuable content, by subscribing to the newsletter.

If you want to initiate a conversion such as purchasing a product and / or service, you need to create a CTA suitable for inviting the lead to take the agreed action, in this case the purchase.

If, on the other hand, you want to make the user perform the action of reading a new article on the blog or watching a new video on Youtube also the Call to Action will have to accompany the lead to perform that one and only specific action.

It is important that the user has a simple and effective path, called customer journey .

In carrying out the predetermined action, clearly delineating the inputs in the bio with an essential and clear copy and a simple and persuasive Call to Action that invites you to click on the link in the bio.

But, once the user clicks on the link in the bio, where does it go?

Landing Page Landing Page (translation: landing page) means a page specially created with the aim of converting visitors to the site in leads (contacts) or customers, often after having …

An option is represented by the landing page , created ad hoc with all the most important links in the communication strategy of your company, which tell the business, the brand and products and / or services.

It is a performing and effective solution, in fact by inserting the link of the landing page directly in the Instagram bio , you will “land” users on the dedicated page on your website, thus offering them the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter or make a purchase.


Linktree is a tool, available both in the free version and in the paid version, which allows you to group all the links in a single solution, in an intuitive and efficient way even for the user , in fact allows you to surf both desktop and mobile effectively, making the user experience performing.


Feedlink is a tool, available both in the free version and in the paid version, which optimizes links for both desktop and mobile browsing, resulting completely responsive , in this way you can insert more links in your bio.

In addition, it allows you to control how many clicks each link has received, thus allowing you to monitor the traffic on your website, on its landing pages or on the newsletter.

Lnk bio

Lnk bio is a tool, available both in the paid version and in the free version, which allows you to insert an unlimited number of links in this option as well, offering an excellent user experience .

In addition, it allows you to create pages with attractive and elegant graphics.

I hope this guide to making the most of links in bio is useful to you: what do you think? Were you aware of the importance of the Instagram bio and how to make the most of it for your brand?

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