How to take polls on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the media field, even though we are now quite old. But the secret of this platform is to be able to renew itself, to keep up with the times, without ever appearing aged and obsolete. One of the novelties that many have appreciated, and which many, including influencers, use is the possibility of carrying out surveys to be submitted to users. Today we will find out how to do polls on Instagram.

Surely you will have seen an interactive box among the stories of some famous people, but also of private users. A question is asked, and you can choose between two options; this is the ‘Poll’ feature that is so used on Instagram.

But how do you insert it into your own stories? How effective are they? Can they be useful for increasing interactions with your profile? If you are asking yourself all these questions, then make yourself comfortable, because you are in the right place!

Pay attention to what you read, because following our instructions you will be able to understand how to take polls on Instagram! Well, let’s start!

How to poll on Instagram: what are the stickers


As we anticipated, Instagram tries to keep up with the times, and adds news to each update.

An option that has aroused a lot of appreciation is the possibility of inserting Music in the stories; Instagram offers a huge range of songs to choose from, and also a way to enter scrolling text.

The old but still current Place and Time options have remained pretty much the same. Other widely used stickers are those related to the possibility of being asked a question, through a special box in which followers can write what they want.

Other very useful stickers are the Quizzes, which work precisely as you imagine, there are options to choose from, and once you have chosen your answer, you will be shown whether or not it is correct.

Polls on Instagram: where are the stickers

Along with all these stickers, there is our main topic, which is the poll option. But where do all these options lie? And above all, where is the sticker for doing polls on Instagram? The stickers can only be used in the stories, that is, those contents lasting 24 hours that can be created by swiping with your finger to the right on the Home screen.

From here, you can take a photo, shoot a video or upload an image directly from the phone gallery. After performing this action, various icons will appear at the top.

Starting from the top left, there is the icon for ‘Cancel’, by clicking here you can go back and take another photo or video; then you will find the icon of a smiley face with two stars that indicates the ‘Filters’ option; below is the icon to insert a link (to Swipe Up) and the icon to save the content you are going to publish (the arrow pointing down).

Finally we come to the icon that interests us, the one inherent to the stickers, which is very recognizable as it is depicted just as if it were a sticker. Then there are the icons for drawing, coloring and tracing lines and the one for writing text and choosing the font.

How to do polls on Instagram


Well, we’ve just seen how many stickers we have, and how to find them. Let’s go now to see specifically how to do a survey on Instagram. Let’s start with the simplest thing, that is to take a photo, shoot a video or choose a content from your phone’s gallery.

The content chosen must be inherent to the survey you are going to do, or you can opt for a single color screen, which will totally draw attention to the survey.

One once you have chosen which background to use, you will have to go to the icon at the top right which depicts a sticker. Here you will see all the useful options to decorate your story, and you can choose more than one. Then, you can accompany your survey with an emoj, a gif, or some music. Well, click on ‘Survey’ and choose which question to ask.

You have no length limit for the question, while the two preset answer options, namely ‘YES’ and ‘NO’, can be changed. You can choose which answers to select, but remember that they have a limit of 22 characters.

Once you are sure of the question and the answers, and when you are satisfied with the result, you can click on the ‘icon at the top right that indicates’ Done’. This way your poll will appear well defined, and you can choose where to place it.

We advise you to put the poll prominently and reachable, in fact by making it too small people could not vote, as well as, putting it at the bottom, other users would not be able to click on it, hampered by the ‘Reply with a message’ option that appears in every story right at the bottom.

The publication of the survey

Well, now that everything is ready, you can finally publish your survey on Instagram! You simply have to click on ‘Send to’ and decide who to share your survey with.

You can choose to make it public by entering the content in the ‘Your story’ section; in addition, you could also share the content among Facebook stories, and once you choose this option, the publication will take place automatically every time you publish something on Facebook.

You can also decide to make your story visible with the survey only to a group of people chosen by you, and enclosed in a list called ‘Close friends’; selecting this option, the story will be published but can only be seen by the friends you choose.

This list can be updated at any time, don’t worry. and again, another option is to share your story to a single user, or to several different users, by sending them the story via private message.

Just find the name of the user and click on the ‘Submit’ button, which is to the right of the account name.

In short, you have a very wide range to decide on. Once you have chosen the publishing option, just click on ‘Share’, but here Instagram gives you the last chance to go back, in fact, instead of the word ‘Share’ it will appear ‘Cancel’, while at the bottom you will find the ‘Finish’ button.

By clicking on it, your story will finally be published, and you will have created a poll on Instagram!

How to do a survey on Instagram: the results


Finally your poll is visible on Instagram, but then what? How do you see the results of the survey?

This is also a very simple operation to perform, and very interesting, you can do it in real time, that is, you can view the progress of the survey live, looking at the results from time to time.

First enter Instagram, and once on the Home screen, press the icon at the top left, which contains your Instagram profile picture. Now, look for the story containing your poll, and once you find it, you can even vote for yourself one of the two options you have made available.

This will give you a first view of the percentages of the survey, in fact, instead of the answers, the percentages of voters for one or the other option will appear.

While, to see in detail how many voted in the survey, you will have to go to the word ‘Views’, which you usually consult to see how many people have seen your story.

In this case, before the list of accounts that have opened your story, we will be the ‘Poll Results’ section.

Here you will find how many votes an answer received and how many another, while at the top right you will find ‘View votes’. By clicking on it, you will find in detail all the users who voted, and you will see which preference they made.

A preview of the participants can be found under the Results section, ì; in fact, under the word ‘Votes’, there will be a list of people who have voted in your poll. Finally, instagram gives you the opportunity to make the results of the polls public by clicking on the ‘Share the results’ box.

Clicking on the box will open another story, the same as the one you did for your survey. Here, however, there will already be the sticker of the polls, which will show the two percentages of the answers. This story can be further modified with other stickers, with questions, quizzes, in short, the one you like best!

Once you have also modified this story, you just have to share it with the rest of your followers, choosing from the options mentioned above of Sharing in your stories, among close friends, or as a private message.

Remember that polls, being included in the stories, have a duration of 24 hours, after which, the story will no longer be available and followers will no longer be able to vote. Furthermore, after 24 hours, the statistics with the number of voters and the detailed names of the participants will no longer be visible.

Well, that’s all you need to know to make a poll on Instagram at its best!

Polls on Instagram, because it is important to know how to do them


We have seen how to take a poll on Instagram and what are the ways to see who voted and what they are state your options. But all this, what is it for? Well, there are so many reasons to survey your stories, but let’s go see some.

  • Involve followers: if you are a novice influencer, or a brand that has recently opened an Instagram profile, polls are the function that best suits you. In fact, by making stories with surveys, you can make your followers very involved, giving them the opportunity to express preferences or judgments.
  • Play with friends: Surveys aren’t just for famous people or product brands, they can also be used by ordinary people. With surveys you can also entertain friends, perhaps by creating quizzes, games, asking them to express preferences. This way, you can create a recreational and interactive moment with your followers, and it’s a very fun way to pass the time.
  • Increase profile visits : polls are a great tool for attracting new people to your profile. In fact, by creating engaging surveys, your followers could easily decide to direct other people to your stories, to give them a way to participate as well. This will increase the visits to your profile, and if the surveys are appreciated by new visitors, you can be sure that they will start following you, waiting for new surveys to participate in.

How you see, the reasons for knowing how to do a poll on Instagram are many. They are undoubtedly fun, and create a connection between the participants, who feel called to express their preference.

It can be an excellent marketing strategy, but also a way to get to know well your followers, to find out what content they prefer, or what topics they would like to see covered on your profile.

Polls on Instagram: some examples

We finally made you want to take a poll on Instagram but you don’t know what to talk about ? Well, you can do any kind of survey, there are no limits, but here you will find some useful ideas to get off to a good start.

First of all, if you already have a well established profile, which deals with specific topics, you can take advantage of the polls to see the approval rating of your content, making polls available to your audience.

You can use polls as Quizzes, testing your followers. You can ask them what is the right release date for a movie, or what news is there or is false. Or, you can enter a song via the ‘Music’ sticker and ask them to choose between two singers. Let’s see how many people guess!

If you are a brand, or an influencer who sponsors products, you can use surveys to advertise! By comparing two products, you can submit a survey to followers where they are asked which of the two is their favorite.

You can compare two sweaters, two lipsticks, two pieces of furniture, in short , whatever you like best. When your followers have made their choice, you will have advertised the products, and attracted new customers.

You can also use the surveys for purely personal use; you can ask your followers for an opinion on a garment to buy, on a haircut, on a movie to watch. This way all your followers will feel involved, and in some way able to influence the choices you make.

Well, we’ve come to the end of this article where we talked about how to do it. a survey on Instagram. Now that you know everything, it doesn’t have the most excuses, it’s time to make a story and submit a survey to your followers. If you have other curiosities or doubts, you can find lots of other articles by clicking here!

See you soon!


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