How to tell if he likes you from Instagram

A person you like is subscribed to Instagram and, every day, you don’t other than pining for love for the latter, in the hope that the feeling is mutual. Fortunately, there is already a solid friendship between you, but you would really like to remove all doubts and know if there is something more. In short, you would like to understand if there is sentimental interest on both sides; however, before taking the “big step” and addressing the issue with an open heart, you would like to “test the ground better” through the popular photographic social network.

How do you say? That’s exactly how things are and, therefore, you wonder how to tell if he likes you from Instagram ? If so, don’t worry, I’m here to help. In fact, in this tutorial of mine, I will provide you with several useful tips in this regard, aimed precisely at evaluating and interpreting different “signals”. In this way, in fact, you will be able to assume or not a possible interest, in order to decide whether to declare your feelings, in the hope that your hypotheses turn out to be correct.

That said, I guess you’ll be eager to get started now, aren’t you? In this case I suggest you take just a few minutes of free time, to devote to carefully reading this guide of mine. You will see that, by implementing the advice I am about to offer you, you will be able, in one way or another, to get a little clearer idea of ​​what the other person’s feelings are. I wish you a good read and, above all, I wish you good luck for everything!


Preliminary information


Before explaining how to understand if he likes you from Instagram I have to clarify some fundamental issues.

First of all, if you wonder how to understand if a girl likes you from Instagram or how to understand if a guy likes you from Instagram , you have to take into account that, for obvious reasons, there is no way that will allow you to know with absolute certainty.

In particular, it is important to always keep in mind that any virtual interactions or other signals of attention received within any social network by a girl or a boy may not be representative of a sincere and real sentimental interest in yours. comparisons.

However, even if there is no official solution that will allow you to get a certain answer, there are solutions that you can put in act, to suppose it in a transversal way. I refer to the possibility of analyzing the “signals” that this person could possibly send you, interacting with you through social networks: in this specific case, Instagram.

That said, in the next chapters of this tutorial I will explain in detail how to use Instagram to evaluate the interactions received from a person in order to presume if, potentially, there is an interest in you . Obviously, don’t forget that these may still not be enough to guarantee your full safety and, therefore, before taking action, I suggest you not to rush to conclusions , to avoid making a false step.

Finally remember: in case a person interests you and you have doubts about the reciprocity of their feelings, the best thing you can do is to speak directly, to heart open, with the latter, in order to deepen the nature of your relationship. All clear? Yup? Okay, then let’s get started.

How to understand if he likes you on Instagram

case, the time has come to explain, in more detail, which types of interactions I recommend you evaluate, to understand if a person likes you through Instagram .

In particular, in the next chapters I will give you some advice regarding what I believe are the” signals “to keep an eye on: these are ways of doing that, in some cases, could be representative of an interest in you. Read on to find out more.

Check who’s following you

Vedere chi ti segue su Instagram

The first thing I recommend you to evaluate to understand if a boy or a girl likes you on Instagram is to see if he follows you on the well-known photographic social network.

Having said that, to start, and, therefore, to see the ‘list of followers on Instagram, first log into your account via the smartphone app or connect to the official website of the social network.

Now , go to the section of your profile (the thumbnail of your profile picture ) and, in the next screen that is shown to you, click on the item Follower . At this point, use the search engine, or scroll through the list that is shown to you, to find the names of those who follow you and to see if the person of your interest is following you.

Check the likes received

Controllare i mi piace ricevuti

You think you like a boy or a girl on Instagram but you are not sure? If so, you might see if this person frequently “likes” to the content you post: the presence of this data is definitely a clear indication that this person likes you to follow you on Instagram and appreciates the photos or videos you post in the Feed .

Furthermore, if this interaction is very frequent, for example if this person likes all the posts you publish, it could also be a signal that there is a greater interest in you and, therefore, that you should talk to each other to learn more about the nature of your relationship.

Having said that, see that liking your Instagram posts is very simple. All you have to do, in fact, is to identify, in the Instagram app or through the official website of the social network, the contents you have published on your Feed in the Post sections >, but also Reels or IGTV , if I had also published this last type of content.

Now, click on the multimedia content of your interest and then press the Likes item, in order to see, in the next screen, the list of all the people who have you put “like” . Also in this case you can search directly for the name of a person (from Android and iOS ), or scroll through the list of likes, to individually evaluate all the names of those who liked the content you posted.

Control who views your stories


Another tip I want to give you, to try to deduce if someone likes you through Instagram is to control who watches your stories.

Also in this case, in fact, if a person looks at all the multimedia contents you publish in this section of the social network, he is certainly interested in what you share and, in some cases, such constancy in following you could be, in the eventuality, one of the signs of interest.

Therefore, after publishing a story on Instagram, swipe down from your smartphone, or click on Viewed (from Web ) in order to see, in both cases, the section Views , which shows the list of people who have viewed your story. So check if the person you think has an interest in you is among them.

Check your private messages

Controllare i messaggi privati

The frequency in sending private messages could be a signal relating to a person’s interest in you.

In this regard, via the Instagram app for smartphones but also from Web , you can check the history of all private messages received in the well-known photographic social network, in order to have a complete picture of the situation and, in doing so, evaluate who writes to you the most frequently.

Having said that, to do this, all you have to do is click on the airplane icon located in the upper right part of the photo social network. Once this is done, in the section dedicated to private messages, scroll through the list of the same, or use the search engine to locate the chat with the person you are thinking about.

Then press on his name, to see the history of messages sent and received, in order to evaluate whether, said between the lines or more explicitly, there is a signal of interest from that person.

More tips to understand if he likes you from Instagram


As mentioned, understanding if a person likes you is not at all easy and to have certainty it is necessary that there is a clear signal , spoken orally or in writing, that leaves no room for interpretation .

In the absence of an explicit declaration, it is possible to evaluate whether a person likes you via Instagram based on other elements as well, such as the way in which they write to you . In this regard, you will find below some examples of what I refer to.

  • Replies quickly : When you chat on Instagram, does this girl or boy always respond quickly to your messages? In this case, the simplest reason is that he is interested in establishing a dialogue with you and he has the opportunity to respond immediately. In addition to the other signals, however, the reason could also be due to the fact that he has an interest in you.
  • Use lots of emojis: in text conversations, a signal of interest it could be represented by emojis, which are often used in informal contexts. In particular, the frequent use of some of these, such as heart-shaped emojis or kiss-shaped , could be an indication that those uses them is interested in you.
  • Looks for you often: Does this person often write to you on Instagram via private messages and, on those occasions, does he insistently ask you to see each other? In this case it is either a friendship, or a love interest.
  • He asks you personal questions : in conclusion, pay attention to the text of the messages you receive from this person , to understand if she is interested in you. If she often asks you very personal questions, asking you, for example if you are single or if you are already in a relationship, it could be because she is interested in you. If so, perhaps you should go out together to investigate the matter in person and clear up any doubts. Good luck!
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