How to transition on Tik Tok

How to transition to Tik Tok? Let’s find out together in a few simple steps how to create incredible effects to make your videos even more creative, whimsical and sparkling to be able to depopulate on the social media of the moment. You will immediately realize how simple and easy it is to manage.

Don’t wait any longer, because if you have just opened an account on Tik Tok or are thinking of doing so, it is essential to make super videos to increase visibility. So, don’t stay there yet sitting and doubtful wondering how to make the transition on Tik Tok. Let’s move, we turn… engine, action!

The transition on Tik Tok. Why are videos important?

We are sure that many of you, especially the social natives, are already enough or very knowledgeable on the subject. However, it seems right to take a moment to better understand all what we are talking about now. So if it is clear to everyone that the most used media, if not the only one, on Tik Tok is video, then what is a transition?

This is the first question to ask, before how to transition on Tik Tok.

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Today Tik Tok has grown so much that it has conquered a huge space in the liquid and ever-changing world of social media. The idea behind it was to take a step beyond Instagram, making users even more involved and protagonists. This is demonstrated by the challenges, the most used marketing tool on Tik Tok.

Each one with their video challenges other users by re-interpreting the hashtag launched by a brand or an influencer. Whoever knows how to transition Tik Tok wins this game.

If you want to know who already knows how to transition to Tik Tok, just try watching the recommended videos. When filling in your profile information, enter your tastes, hobbies, preferences. Then start doing research using the hashtags related to the topics that interest you most.

At that point, the Tik Tok algorithm will send you the right suggestions. Be a spectator for a while, relax and sharpen your eyes on the most original and surprising clips. Here’s who on the pitch is already a winner with a high engagement rate. Yes, they already know how to transition Tik Tok as an influencer!

Transitions that what are they really?

Of course, before you get to use this tool, there always has to be of the work behind. Just as attention has always been paid to the originality of the photos on Instagram, the same is true for the videos on Tik Tok.

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So for this purpose we never tire of remembering the same basic principles as always. Do not force yourself and do not dwell on it, be yourself but not self-celebrating. Think that from the details the shooting solutions can come that will make everything more unique.

Yes, ok, but what is a transition?

Once you understand the strong link that exists between this tool and the video, here it begins to dissolve the fog. Do you know the filters born with Instagram and then also used on other social networks and apps, such as Face-App? Well, transitions are effects that can be applied to videos and photos.

Precisely for this reason all those who want to be successful on social media today are wondering how to make the transition on Tik Tok.

come fare transition Tik Tok

Obviously, as well as for special effects in the cinema, they are of little or no value if there is no content behind them that people then want to re- share. But giving life to particular optical illusions, we could call them that, represents a real plus on social media.

Why know how to transition to Tik Tok?

Saying it again now may seem obvious but it’s not. The video, or it would be better to say in this case the short clip, is the fundamental means to be able to move and interact within Tik Tok. This, who already knows how to transition Tik Tok, has learned very well.

Whether they are digital native teenagers or influencers over 25 well recommended or capable of themselves, those who make high numbers with Tik Tok videos master the tricks well. Above all, he knows how to evaluate its importance.

Of course, and not just because the fifteen-second clip is the reference media on Tik Tok. It is not just a question of the type of tool but of the modalities of content that can be conveyed through it. How to make the transition on Tik Tok becomes secondary for a single moment compared to the general awareness.

We refer to how much it matters first to stimulate curiosity and the desire to interact of people. Tik Tok’s video puts users and protagonists on the same level for the first time.

come fare transition Tik Tok1

You can then launch challenges to make a hashtag you want to link to popular and in trend. Or you want to create a fashion, like a simple choreography. Or maybe you still want to remove a curiosity through a tutorial or an unboxing, perfect tools for brands to make product placement through well-known faces of the web.

Whatever the way through which the concept of interaction and involvement is realized, those who also know how to transition Tik Tok are destined for success.

Let’s begin to understand the social transition process

The so-called transitions, just to translate the word literally, are nothing more than special effects. But we’re not talking about simple cartoon filters like Instagram. On the other hand, it is a tool capable of putting a range of almost cinematic solutions in the palm of the hand of anyone with a smartphone!

You can create, in the same final 15-second sequence, a video with continuous changes of clothes. Or you can duet with your own clone, literally doubled by itself via the app! At first glance, all this may seem futile, just like everything that is part of the latest generation social universe. On the other hand, those who had, as today’s adult, the foresight and the ability to invest in the engagement of the youngest, understood that there is much more in all these contents. It is not for the special effects per se but for how a vocabulary that knows how to aggregate children has been intercepted or stimulated. A mode of expression in which you can easily recognize yourself to find yourself or do more. Tik Tok has also become a sort of place for sharing a newfound social, political and environmental consciousness. The consciousness of a generation that wants to be heard also and above all like this. Like the Muslim teenager who told about the segregation climate of his minority in China using a make-up tutorial.

How to transition to Tik Tok

Well, if you’ve come this far, you’re really less than a step away from acquiring all the simple but fundamental information you were looking for. It seemed important to clarify the context and the right Vocabulary necessary to give you more confidence in what Tik Tok really is. At this point, it’s time to learn everything about how Tik Tok transitions are done.

We are confident that with the interesting premises made on the world of Tik Tok, and having known now what Transitions are, you will all have downloaded by now… the Musical Note. We refer of course to the symbol of the app!

Very well, open it, once installed, and start signing up by creating your account. We take this opportunity to remind everyone how important it is to write a lot of information on tastes and passions, as well as do research with hashtags. The more you say about yourself, the more suggestions you have on popular videos to take notes from. This is the first real way to learn, even on how to make the transition on Tik Tok!

How to transition Tik Tok for photos

Sure, the short video is always the go-to tool when it comes to Tik Tok. But the photos remain the basis and are very very important. Let us remember that in many ways, Tik Tok owes much of his inspiration to Instagram. So the Chinese giant has not only inherited the type of video format of the IG stories.

He owes a lot to him too. regarding the use of the static image, that is the photos.

Furthermore, it seems even more correct to start by showing how to make the transition on Tik Tok in the photos, because it is the simplest step. Not that there is anything difficult about the videos, at all! But let’s proceed in order.

Once logged into the app, then select the key with the plus symbol in the center. Easy, it’s in the menu bar, located in turn at the bottom of the Tik Tok screen. At this point, you can tap the Upload command, that is Upload , also at the bottom of the screen.

Well, from here you have three choices. You can open the M / V tab, or Photo Template or any . Each will give you access to a slide show type to choose from.

How to make the transition on social for photos. From the slide-show to the final result

Very well, arrived this far, let’s continue and conclude the our journey to find out how to transition to Tik Tok for photographs.

Once you have selected the type of slide show template you want to apply, you have a maximum range of ten photos you can upload. Having carefully chosen the ten photos you wish to upload from your mobile phone gallery, you can confirm them by pressing Ok Next at the top, on the right side.

If you select the Sequence command when uploading, you can select the photos for your slide together.

So here is the sequence ready that, with the adequate knowledge of how to make the transition on Tik Tok, you can edit. Now you can apply stickers, filters, effects, which can be inserted through the Trans item, or text from the corresponding menus, just like the Instagram stories.

When you are sure that the result matches your imagination satisfactorily, proceed with Save , then Next and finally Publish . Always accompany with a short description , and let it be really short, the inevitable hashtag and maybe someone’s tag. And that’s it!

The videos of Tik Tok. Let’s find out the transition steps

Then follow the next easy steps to understand how to do it. If the reference technology is always that of smartphones, you will also realize that many procedures are similar to each other.

Start opening the Tik Tok application and return to the bottom menu the now familiar plus button, which of course means Add. Once you have done this, decide what you want to do. If you upload a clip from the gallery, then an Upload, or start a new, unedited recording.

So let’s get to the heart of what concerns the transition , going to the editing interface at this point.

How to transition to Tik Tok for videos. Conclusion

Within this command you can get both music and effects, special and basic, and finally the transition filters. In case of loading from the gallery, proceed with Next. If you have made an unedited recording, you will choose the tick symbol.

Now you can select what you want for your super Tik Tok video from the Effects item, then tap on Trans to edit. At the end Save, then select Next and now … Publish!

How to make the transition on Tik Tok for your video is no longer a secret!

Whether you are just curious who want to try to grow for themselves, social media managers or entrepreneurs who want to know how to move independently on social media, now you know everything there is to know. You have all the tools to know how to transition to Tik Tok.

We leave you to your creativity, talent and enthusiasm. Be original!

If the topic intrigued you, you can find out something interesting here.


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