How to understand if an Instagram account is deactivated

A person you have always followed with interest, seems to have almost “disappeared” from Instagram : in fact, it has been a long time since you interacted with the content you publish and didn’t post anything on your account. In addition, it has also been a long time since the last message you exchanged privately. For these reasons, you think there is something strange and therefore, you are starting to suspect that he has decided to deactivate his account, taking a break from the social network.

How do you say? This is exactly how things are but, since you have several doubts about it, are you wondering how to understand if an Instagram account is deactivated ? If so, don’t worry, I’m here to help you shed some light on the matter. In the next chapters of this tutorial, in fact, I will provide you with several useful solutions to help you get this information.

If, therefore, you are now impatient to learn more and can’t wait to get started, I suggest you sit down comfortably and take just a few minutes of free time, so that you can calmly read the information I am about to give you. You will see that, with a little luck, you will be able to reach your goal. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and good luck for everything.


Preliminary information


Before I explain how to tell if an Instagram account is disabled , let me give you some useful preliminary information about it.

Let’s start by saying that, as easily understood, there is no official solution that allows you to know if a person has deactivated his Instagram account; however this information is easy to find, since there are several methods to deduce it more or less reliably.

All you have to do, such as I will explain in detail in the next chapters of this guide, is to put into practice some simple checks within the photographic social network, in order to identify the profile of the user that you suspect has deactivated his account and see if it is still active. p>

Furthermore, if the person you are “investigating” is a famous person, searching the Internet you will almost certainly find information relating to his Instagram account and state of the same.

Now, however, stop chatting. If you need more information on how to proceed in all the cases mentioned, read on: I’m about to give you all the information you need.

How to understand if a person has deactivated the Instagram account

As just mentioned, to understand if a person has voluntarily deactivated his Instagram account in a temporary, you can first of all carry out simple checks by acting directly through the well-known photographic social network owned by Facebook. There are, in fact, several operations that you can perform to clarify your doubts, and you will find them all listed below.

Search for the profile on Instagram

Cercare il profilo su Instagram

The first solution you can put in act, if you want to understand if a person has deactivated his Instagram account, is to use the search engine of the social network, in order to immediately verify the absence of a match (which could confirm your suspicions).

You can search on Instagram via the social network app for Android and iOS, but you can also act as a PC via the official Instagram site. To do this, use the Instagram search engine (marked with the magnifying glass icon on mobile devices and the search bar on the Web version of the social network) to to type the name of the user of your interest.

Once this is done, if the account in question has been actually disabled, you shouldn’t see it in the results. In some cases you may still be able to identify a deactivated profile but, by pressing on its name , you should see the words User not found , that Instagrammer or or, again, you may see the words Sorry, this page is not available .

In these specific cases, it is clear that the Instagram account no longer exists; however, it is not possible to know for sure if the account has been temporarily disabled or if the owner has decided to permanently delete it.

Check the private messages

Instagram messaggi privati

In case you do not if you were able to find the profile of the user you want, or if you do not remember their username , you can implement an alternative strategy to check if the owner of the account has decided to deactivate his Instagram profile.

Through private messages of the photographic social network, you can in fact find the profile of the user of your interest, in case there had previously been a private conversation between you.

Therefore, log in to your Instagram account via the app of the social network for smartphones or connect to your profile from Web . Now, press on the airplane icon , to see the section dedicated to private messages and locate the conversation previously started with the person of your interest, in order to press on the his name and see the history of messages sent and received.

At this point, if the user has deactivated his account, you should see error messages. First, his name may have been replaced by Instagrammer . Then, pressing on his username (if still visible), you should see some error messages, such as User not found or Sorry, this page is not available .

If this happens it means that the Instagram account in question no longer exists and, therefore, the owner of the account may have chose to delete it or to temporarily deactivate it from the photographic social network.

Check other social networks

Come collegare account Instagram a TikTok

You cannot find the link of the profile of the user of your interest on Instagram or you have no idea what is your username ? Don’t worry because I’m about to provide you with another alternative solution useful to understand if a person has deactivated their Instagram account.

In fact, using other social networks you can try to trace a person’s Instagram account: for example, if you know that the latter often shares Instagram content on other social networks, such as Facebook or TikTok , you can try to search, through the latter, the information relating to your Instagram profile, such as the URL of your account or, more simply, your username .

Once you have found this information, all you have to do is follow the instructions I have already given you: looking, in fact, his username in the Instagram search engine or by connecting to his profile via the URL , you can in fact see if the account is still active or if you are shown any error messages.

In the latter case, the account may no longer exist because it is temporarily disabled or deleted.

Search for information on the Internet

Account Google smartphone/tablet

Is the person you think disabled their account famous , or is their profile of some public interest? In that case you can try doing a Internet search , in order to understand if any news site has written an article about it.

Usually, in fact, the deactivation of the account of a social network, such as Instagram, by a particularly famous person is news and therefore, someone else may have noticed the deactivation of the profile and may have written about it news.

In this regard, all you have to do is search Google, typing the name of the person in the search engine. After that, click on the News section, to see the latest news related to the person of your interest. In the event that this had decided to deactivate his profile or delete it, you could, in fact, find articles that mention it.

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