How to upload photos to Instagram from pc: free and non-free tools

Often you need to upload photos to Instagram from your pc , especially if like me you are a social media manager.

If in a previous article on how to use Instagram from a pc I showed you all the things you actually do from the desktop version of the social network, in this article we are going to see how you can upload photos to post on your feed directly from your pc, but through external tools, which will make your life much easier.

Upload photos to Instagram from pc: the tools

The tools that I will present to you below are both paid and free (I will specify this tool by tool) and they all work more or less the same way, but it will be up to and see which of these meets the most. your needs.


Planoly is a tool that allows you to schedule posts on Instagram, but not only that, it also allows you to schedule stories (in case you need it).

Uploading photos to Instagram using this tool is very easy , you can prepare the graphics in advance thanks to platforms like Canva , and upload them in one go within Planoly. By doing so, you will be able to see in advance the visual impact that the photos will have on your feed based on the order you decide.

In my youtube channel you will also find a tutorial video on the use of this tool, which I propose here again.

The advantage of Planoly is that it also exists in an app version, so you can upload photos to Instagram from your PC , but then check their publication directly from your smartphone (or use the autopost function).

The tool is free for one account only.

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that this is by far my favorite programming tool and like Planoly gives you the ability to upload photos to Instagram directly from your PC.

For me who manage several Instagram accounts for different customers, Onlypult is definitely a precious help in my daily work and since they have renewed the platform, the statistics part has also improved a lot.

This tool is paid only, but with advantageous rates compared to many other solutions, it has recently been possible to connect the Facebook page.


Postpickr is an all-Italian tool for programming on social networks, which from this year allows you to program not only posts for the Instagram feed, but also stories (the two previous tools also have this function).

The graphics are clean and the tool is easy to use , especially useful if you need to post the same content on multiple platforms.

Postpickr also offers the possibility to use it for free with a single account.


If you are not looking for a programming tool, but just want to upload photos to Instagram directly from the app, but via the desktop, then you might be interested in this emulator : BlueStack .

I used it for a while, mainly to be able to interact with my followers even from a PC, but then I abandoned it because it often crashed my Mac (maybe with your computer it doesn’t happen).

I’ll point it out anyway, because this too is a absolutely free tool, and offers you the Instagram app exactly as it appears on your smartphone.

Upload photos to Instagram from your browser

Yes, you can also upload photos to Instagram from your PC using only your browser. Of course, it’s not as easy as using a tool made on purpose, but it’s functional.

To find out how, you can read the tutorial-article , where I explain how.


These are just some of the many online tools that allow you to upload photos to Instagram from your PC, I proposed them to you because I tested them all in person and for my work.

What am I best with? Definitely Planoly and Onlypult, in equal measure in terms of programming.

Now, however, I’m curious to know which tool you use or which one you will choose from those listed here!

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