How to use hashtags on Instagram

If you’ve come here surely it’s because you want to know how to use hashtags on Instagram in the correct way or because you love posting photos and stories but you have some problems with their use. Did I guess?

Having become famous with Twitter, hashtags reached the peak of their popularity with the well-known social network with the colored polaroid becoming indispensable for obtaining success with photos and videos and thus increasing the number of followers.

Hashtags are fundamental tools for cataloging social content and growing communities. For a brand or a company they can represent valuable sources of growth and success, obviously if used appropriately . On the contrary, if inserted improperly they risk making a real fool turning into a total disaster.

On Instagram, you have certainly noticed, that their use is very widespread. However, as I anticipated above, not everyone knows how to use them best and above all correctly. If you are among them do not despair, in this article I will show you in an easy and quick way how to use them in the best way.

Esempio corretto di utilizzo hashtag
Correct example of using hashtag @foggiareporter

In this simple guide that I am about to propose you will find out what they are, what they are for, why it is important to insert them and above all how to find the best hashtags so as not to overshadow your photos in the colorful and lively world of Instagram.

Well, I don’t want to confuse you. Let’s start with the basics, ready? Give me a few minutes of your time, make yourself comfortable and welcome to the world of the much loved ones words preceded by the hash (#).

Table of contents

What are hashtags on Instagram for

The first question to be addressed concerns the function of these particular hashs which have now become very famous not only on Instagram but also on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Have you ever wondered “ What are hashtags for? “. Most likely you have never asked yourself this question, by now their use on Instagram is taken for granted that it is not worth spending time thinking about it.

This time, however, I invite you to deepen the question, you will discover important features that you never imagined. To start I tell you right away that hashtags are very important to give that extra edge to your content posted on Instagram, they can even help you increase your followers and receive more likes.

Hashtags, in fact, have the “power” to increase the audience on your Instagram profile by cataloging the contents and thus allowing users to find photos and videos similar to their search.

If you plan to post a photo on Instagram there are small steps you need to consider before entering the perfect hashtags for your content. It goes without saying that every post you publish on your Instagram profile should be accompanied by a description and similar hashtags.

If you still don’t understand their function or the idea of ​​inserting many hashtags (#) under yours content doesn’t make you jump for joy, keep following me and you’ll change your mind.

Why using hashtags on Instagram

Using hashtags on Instagram is very important if done right and it can bring many benefits to your social content. Hashtags are essential for organizing content on Instagram.

With hashtags, in fact, your photos can reach a large audience that will have clicked on the hashtag you entered. I’ll give you an example. If I am looking for #positano before leaving for my vacation and you have posted a photo of the beautiful destination in Campania using the hashtag #positano there is a very good chance that I will see your photo! aria-describedby = “caption-attachment-2983” class = “wp-caption aligncenter”> esempio hashtag

Hashtag Example

Esempio corretto di utilizzo hashtag

If I like the photo I’ll leave you a like and if I’m curious I can click on your name and visit your Instagram profile . I’m not finished, if your gallery convinces me and I think you are a valid profile to follow and keep an eye on, I can even start following you.

What have you achieved? A like for your content and a new person among your followers. Seen? As I told you, hashtags can be really important to draw the attention of Instagram users and grow your virtual community.

As you may have understood, hashtags help the process of optimization of a post and the discovery of content by users, you just have to get to work and look for the ones that fit perfectly under your Instagram posts (photos and videos).

In summary, therefore, hashtags allow you to:

  • Catalog correctly a photo
  • Increase the organic reach of the post
  • Reach more people and get potential new followers
  • Enrich the description of your photo
  • Increase engagement and effort of your content

The correct way to use hashtags on Instagram

To allow users to easily find your content in the colorful and varied jungle of Instagram you will need to be very careful in choosing the hashtags to insert and in the correct way to use them for your content.

I’ll give you a practical example to allow you to better understand what I’m talking about. If you decide to post a photo of your faithful four-legged friend you should opt for hashtags like #dog #pet #puppy #dog etc. It makes no sense to insert hashtags that do not concern the categories that interest your photo unless you want to use out of context hashtags to spam, I advise against it.

The first thing to do to insert the hashtags correctly is:

  • Open a new post to share (upload photos or videos)
  • Insert the hashtag or hashtags in the caption of your content by typing hash (#) followed by the label (tag)
  • Press the Share
  • button

These are the three simple steps you need to take to correctly enter your hashtags but be careful. There are some important rules you need to know in order to use them correctly and not make mistakes. Here’s what you need to avoid when posting hashtags on Instagram:

  • Spaces
  • Accents
  • Special characters

Making the most of hashtags: studying your opponents

To find the most interesting hashtags to use to sponsor your content on Instagram, you need to study your opponents well.

The world of social media is an ocean of sharks, everyone is constantly posting content to be able to emerge, to get noticed, to grab likes and to increase the number of followers. Well, you don’t have to be intimidated. In an ocean of sharks you need to be able to swim without difficulty and fear.

The first useful thing you will need to do when you are about to post new content is to analyze and identify the hashtags that your Instagram audience and your competitors use. Look at the most popular hashtags and how they are used by your opponents to promote their social content.

By observing in detail how your opponents move, if we can define them so, you will certainly be able to understand the easiest and most profitable way to get success by publishing your posts.

Try these simple steps to study the hashtags your opponents use:

  • Open Instagram from your mobile or PC
  • Look for your possible competitors
  • Analyze their posts
  • Click on the hashtags
  • Analyze the most popular posts that match those hashtags

In this way you will be able to study how a single hashtag is used for a given photo, their affinity and the reaction of users. Now it’s your turn, test yourself and experiment!

How to find the best hashtags for Instagram

If while you are reading this article you have already given yourself to the desperate search of the most popular and captivating hashtags to use for your next photo but you don’t know where to start, no problem.

There is a very interesting tool that I recommend you try to find the best hashtags to use for your next photos on Instagram: I’m talking about Inflact, an Instagram BOT that provides a handy tool for creating hashtags.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and, above all , you have never heard of BOTs, so I suggest you take a read of my article on the subject. You will surely find interesting ideas that will help you become an influencer.

Just type in a keyword and the system will generate all possible perfect and related hashtags for that single word. I’ll give you an example: you want to publish the photo of your last vacation in Rome:

  • Write “Rome” in the search band
  • Click on Generate Hashtags
  • This will open a list of possible hashtags to use
  • Copy and paste those that you prefer in the caption of your photo


As you will have understood, using hashtags is not a simple habit, if done with conscience , carefully and correctly allow you to grow your Instagram profile .

Using a lot of hashtags can give you important results but be careful, using them unconsciously and improperly risks making you make a fool or get the opposite results of what you were hoping for.

If you have read this short and simple guide carefully you will have no problems. Experiment, play and have fun using hashtags but always remember the few but important rules I showed you in the previous paragraphs.

Take a cue from my tips and let yourself be overwhelmed by the vast world of Instagram hashtags. Study your content and find the perfect hashtags to make it circulate as much as possible on Instagram. I just have to send you a warm good luck, indeed I correct myself: #inboccaallupo!

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