How to use Instagram to increase access to your blog

Here’s one of the points you can’t ignore: your Instagram account can be used to increase visits to the blog . Although, as you well know, links to external websites are not added. The social network in question is, and remains, dedicated to the visual. So you can make the most of your photos and videos.

But that doesn’t mean giving up the strategic aspect. That’s right, if you curate some points of your personal or company profile you can increase the clicks towards the publications you leave on the WordPress home page . Some advice? Here’s how to increase blog visits with Instagram.

Add link to Instagram bio

First fundamental step, simple but always effective. Along with your Instagram profile bio you can add an official link . Which will be facing the blog home page, if the diary is located in a subfolder you can enter the specific directory. Or the third level domain if you made this choice during the publication phase. Two examples:


If the main page of your blog coincides with the official address, there is a need for this attention. The important thing is to land on the home page also because you can exploit the solution in different ways. For example? Read on for more information.

How to use the link with Bitly.

First, however, remember that you can track the visits that arrive on the blog thanks to your Instagram channel with a shortened link on Bitly. This tool, in fact, is perfect for monitoring the clicks made on a link.

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Update-your-followers with posts

The solution to increase blog visits through Instagram. We cannot add a direct link to publications when we operate on this social network – just like we do with Facebook or Twitter – but we can publish graphics dedicated to the last article.

The feature limits, for obvious reasons, the power of the Instagram profile when we want to use it to push corporate (or personal) blog publications. But there are virtuous combinations.

Esempio di didascalia che spinge sulla bio.
Example of caption that pushes on the bio.

For example, you can use the caption to advise followers to visit the site to read the latest published work . Maybe with the classic wording “Click link in bio” to warn followers that clicking on the hyperlink can find the linked study.

Swipe up to add links

With Facebook and Twitter I add the links that lead to the blog but not on Instagram. Of course, it is not possible to obtain such a result on the posts but with the stories there is a possibility that bears the name of swipe up.

The solution allows you to insert a link that can be visited with an upward movement of the fingers on the Visual of the stories, in this way you can push your links and get new visits on the blog .

The idea of ​​adding a swipe up on Instagram to increase blog visits must be accompanied by capacity creative department to achieve an interesting combination of visual and copy. With Instagram Stories you can create a great experience but it’s not enough to just take the blog post’s vote or image and recycle it in this form.

Can anyone use the Instagram Swipe Up?

Essential condition: have 10,000 followers . Only in this way can you unlock the function that allows you to insert links on Instagram. Of course, you can get similar results in a different way too, keep reading to learn more about an always interesting topic.

Create targeted-blog advertisements

True, with Instagram you can’t insert links in posts to bring direct traffic to various blog articles. But is this always the case? No, if you use one of the platform’s most effective tools, namely the advertising .

Instagram is connected to Facebook and from this reality you can set up ADV campaigns to sponsor images and videos in order to add a direct link to certain web pages. And it is certainly the best solution to increase visits to the blog.

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How do you-increase the visits of the blog?

These are the solutions, from my point of view, to lend a hand to your personal or business diary through the publications of the various posts on the Instagram profile. But I advise you not to forget what, from my personal point of view, is the added value you can implement.

That is the construction of a brand strong and effective through the visual. For sure Instagram can lend a hand and increase blog visits with this tool is possible, but it also thinks (and above all) to create a visual storytelling path to feed the brand’s narration.

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