How to use social media to organize and promote an event

Organizing and promoting events with social media is an essential point of a broader strategy devoted to social media marketing. I’m talking about using tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the visibility needed to turn an event into a success.

Sounds easy, right? I throw a few posts on the Facebook wall and wait for someone to arrive. Then suddenly I discover that it doesn’t work like that, because social must be managed in order to attract attention. You don’t have to shout to get noticed but become a pole of interest.

It’s no coincidence that this is the inbound marketing perspective, getting people to get to you because they’re interested in that moment. So enough with digital flyers and newsboys 2.0. To organize and promote events on social networks you need a strategy . What does this mean? How can you organize the work? Here is a starting point divided into steps.

Create-a-social media desk

First point: identify people and roles to manage what to do before, during and after the event. From promotion to flow management, you need to make sure everyone is able to do their job. And when you have to organize social coverage of the event don’t forget to create a real desk (a desk) with computer, charger, cables, adapters …

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Choose the right hashtag for your campaign

What do you need to do to allow your event to spread and gain visibility on social media? Choose a hashtag that is easy to identify, unique, without smudging. This way you can dedicate yourself to sharing this label to allow your fans and followers to be recognizable the moment they mention your business. What are the parameters to be respected? The hashtag must be:

  • Recognizable.
  • Simple.
  • Short.
  • Unique.
  • Clear.
  • Not offensive.

That’s right, not offensive. When choosing your hashtag for an event, make sure that word (perhaps an acronym) doesn’t have a meaning you ignore. And that could be the reason for an endless defeat. So, before you make a decision do a thorough check. And then spread everywhere (social covers, website, blog , newsletter) the official hashtags.

Align every-point-of-your-online presence

To organize and promote events with social media you must also focus on details, such as the organization of graphics on the site and on social networks. Then these steps are not so secondary because they help good online communication. Take possession of Photoshop (but also Canva if you prefer) and start drawing the banner , the Facebook and Twitter covers.

Of course, don’t forget the creatives of organic and sponsored posts. Here they are: have you already thought about doing some advertising on social networks ? You can’t expect to get it all with organic reach, invest in Facebook Ads and other channels if needed.

Work on a strategy of influencer marketing

Do you know what it takes to spread your hashtag and, subsequently, the name of the event? A good influencer marketing strategy, with the involvement of the right people to ensure that the brand spread with the help of people with a following. You can work on different points, perhaps with the help of the speakers who may be willing to share their participation.

What you actually need to do is digital PR work. By identifying the right contacts and journalists to involve, perhaps with a tool like Buzzsumo that makes the difference. Then you have to create the contents to feed the people involved and spread, share, carry out a path of inclusion. Influencers are not mere tools , they must become spokespersons.

Of ambassadors. because this is the idea behind influencer marketing and social media. A tip: don’t necessarily look at the great testimonial, let the micro-influencers do a good job of community. It is not enough to have large numbers to be an excellent testimonial for your event, work above all on the quality of the interaction.

Create an event on Facebook and feed it

As always happens in these cases, the first thing you do is create the event on Facebook to notify what you do, how you move, what path you have decided to take. What usually happens? The event is abandoned, useless as few things in this world. My suggestion: use this resource to feed your audience , share useful content and not the usual call to action is usually used for purchase. Remember that you can also do live broadcasts on a Facebook event (keep reading).

Define a strategy for live-video

One of the most important points for organizing and promoting social events: harnessing the power of videos. but not just the ones you record and use later to create interesting content, today you have the chance to engage people who can’t be there.

Never forget the power of coexistence, of giving everyone the opportunity to be there. How? You have several possibilities , first of all you can take advantage of the Facebook direct which have a great impact on the visibility on the board. Then there are those of Instagram without forgetting YouTube.

come usare storie in evidenza instagram
Highlight the Instagram stories.

In this balance you can also insert the Instagram Stories which are a visual mix of images and videos: you can highlight them (as you can see above) and create focuses to deepen certain points. You are spoiled for choice, but decide and define your moves : maybe you can dedicate a complete live broadcast to YouTube and specific episodes to other social networks.

Monitor what people-say about the event

Things are going well, users are expressing themselves on social media and you are using the platforms in the right way. Namely to spread and promote your business. But don’t forget to monitor what happens in online discussions: maybe there may be criticisms moving on Twitter, complaints. You need to be prepared to define what it looks like:

  • Critical.
  • Neutral.
  • Positive.

And make decisions. Maybe thank, stem, dampen, re-share and dilute. How does all this happen? With a social desk that is always ready and a series of tools that must never fail: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Mention and other social media listening tools.

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How to organize and promote events with social media

The question is clear and comes back with arrogance: how to use social media to organize a successful event? The synthesis is this and it concerns the primordial aspect of the universe 2.0: you have to create relationships. You must make sure that users find in your presence on social platforms a tool to find information, and to let emotions find expression.

A good social media marketer must join the points in question and not speak only to a part of the public: informing and exciting are two sides of the same coin when working on promoting online events. Do you agree? Have you already found yourself in this situation? Update me with your considerations for organizing and promoting social events.

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