How to use the QR code of a Facebook page

Usare il codice Qr di una pagina Facebook

Growing a Facebook page is never easy, especially when you do not have large economic resources to allocate to social media marketing activities, but in some cases you can adopt alternative solutions that guarantee good results in the medium and long term.

Most of these solutions have a digital origin, i.e. they arise from digital marketing policies, while the other measures can also be applied in integrated marketing strategies where online and offline mix perfectly.

Integrated marketing represents the new challenge of marketing 4.0, as companies must be able to communicate with their customers in order to create a fluid experience consistent with company values.

This concept, increasingly widespread in hyper-technological companies, must also be applied in social media marketing, and especially on Facebook where company pages represent the ideal tool for perfecting integrated communication initiatives.

For this reason, anyone who administers a Facebook page can create a QR code to be used on traditional media and thus ensure strategic continuity between offline and online activities.

Qr code of a Facebook page: how to create it

To generate the QR code of a Facebook page, you need to access one of the many platforms on the web, such as, and follow the instructions for creating the code.

Since many administrators have found it difficult to generate their own Qr code, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is implementing a new feature that will allow you to create the code directly from your Facebook page.

With this novelty, still in the testing phase, it will be sufficient to log into your company page, click on publication tools and then on Qr code to generate a Pdf file to be kept in the company archives.

This file contains a series of print formats that can be adapted to different traditional marketing initiatives, so as to ensure growth of the same page and its community.

Facebook page QR code: how to use it

In order to obtain more than satisfactory results, it is necessary to encourage the use of the QR code by customers or potential buyers (discover the different types of customers in the field of business marketing).

With their smartphone, each user will have the opportunity to scan the QR code of the Facebook page and perform one of the following actions:

– Like the page;

– Send messages;

– Receive exclusive offers (find out how to set up a shop on Facebook);

– See the products or services offered (marketing with Facebook tabs);

– Leave a review;

Therefore, for the user to perform one of the actions listed above, it is necessary not only to highlight the Qr code, but also to offer concrete benefits such as to guarantee a growth in the overall loyalty rate towards the corporate brand .

QR code of a Facebook page: how to integrate it into traditional activities

The integration process also involves publishing the Qr code on:

– Business card;

– Restaurant menu;

– Advertising totems;

– Advertising posters;

– Advertising posters;

In all these cases, the company must highlight the benefits offered and must identify an attractive and above all persuasive call to action.

Only in this way, will it be possible to achieve the objectives set in the strategic phase and guarantee, at the same time, a growth in followers and interactions on the Facebook page.

If you want to achieve several objectives, those involved in marketing and corporate communication will have the duty to associate each objective with certain advertising initiatives.

For example, if we wanted to increase the number of likes and reviews on our restaurant’s Facebook page, each of us could opt for two solutions:

1) Publication of the QR code, with its call to action, on the business card to increase followers;

2) Publication of the Qr code, with its call to action, on the restaurant menu to increase reviews;


With the QR codes of Facebook pages, integrated marketing strategies can be implemented to ensure a unique experience over time.

Qr codes can be created with ad hoc platforms or generated directly from your Facebook page, although in the latter case the novelty is still being tested.

In both cases, the Qr code will have to be generated to achieve the company objectives and, at the same time, favor the social media marketing activities implemented on the Mark Zuckerberg platform.

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