How to use the work tab on a Facebook page

Tab lavoro su pagina Facebook

The Facebook tabs are excellent tools for doing business marketing (find out how to do marketing with the Facebook tabs) and allow each administrator to simplify the social media marketing activities carried out by each company.

Every company can leverage its Facebook page to:

– Show company services;

– Selling company products;

– Launch exclusive offers;

– Create thematic events;

– Post a job advertisement;

In the latter case, you can choose two alternatives: publish a post on the company page or configure the work tab.

In fact, as already mentioned on my social profiles, this new tool has also been released in Italy that allows you to publish a job advertisement on one or more Facebook pages.

Work tab: how to activate it on a Facebook page

To activate the job tab, simply access the Facebook page settings, click on templates and tabs, and scroll to the section of the same name.

In this way, the tab will be placed within the menu of the company page and can be used by all those companies that need to hire new staff.

If we had selected the option “use default tabs”, this option must be removed as it will not allow administrators to use the work tab to search for one or more professionals to be included in the company structure.

Job tab: how to configure it to search for new staff

Once the job tab is activated, you need to configure it.

The first step is to choose the ideal position within the menu.

We can choose to place the tab in the top positions or leave it at the bottom of the list of active tabs on the company page.

In both cases, the position must be managed directly from the Facebook page settings with the classic drag and drop procedure.

Obviously the positioning of the job tab will be conditioned by the orientation of digital strategies (discover the four orientations of digital marketing) and by the purposes of the social media marketing activities implemented by the company itself.

For example, if the company had chosen a sales orientation for commercial purposes on Facebook, the work tab must be placed below all those tabs dedicated to the enhancement of company goods and services.

Once the position of the job tab has been chosen, we can enter all the data relating to future positions to be filled within the company.

Each administrator must:

– Indicate the position to be filled;

– The place where you will have to work;

– The salary (optional choice);

– The type of contract to be signed;

– The description of the duties to be filled;

– Any questions to interact with potential candidates;

In addition, each administrator has the ability to upload a custom image or integrate the cover of the Facebook page.

The job offer can be shared through a simple post or it can be sponsored by leveraging the business tools made available by Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

Job tab: how to manage local job advertisements

So the job tab can also be configured for job advertisements locally.

To do this, it is necessary to invest in advertising by segmenting the audience based on some criteria such as:

– Chronological age;

– Gender;

– Interests;

– Hobby;

– Where he lives;

It is this last criterion that is particularly relevant for choosing potential candidates, given that often the entrepreneurial realities present on Facebook are family-run and do not have the economic and financial capacity to attract talent outside the context in which they operate.

For these reasons, target audience segmentation can be key to streamlining the search process and related hiring.


Each company can post one or more job advertisements on its Facebook page.

Publishing can take place by simply sharing a post or by configuring the job tab.

In this case, each administrator will have to activate it and configure it according to the needs of the same company, as well as leverage the business tools present on Facebook to show the job advertisement only in certain geographical areas.

Only in this way will it be possible to capture the attention of professionals in that area and speed up the personnel selection processes at the same time.

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